9to5mac is out with a report detailing how Apple plans to allow customers to try on the Apple Watch in its retail stores around the globe, when the wearable will be put out on tables starting April 10.

Given the jewelry nature of the Apple Watch, it won’t be like walking into an Apple Store to try out an iPhone or iPad. According to the well-connected publication, starting on April 10th, Apple will allocate 15 minutes per customer for a guided and directed in-store try-on experience, using 10 try-on stations.

Customers are said to be able to walk-in, and won’t be required to have an appointment, however may want to depending on how busy the store is.

Apple employees will be given more training in the next few days on how to sell the Apple Watch. Each Apple Store is being provided with one table with 10 surrounding Apple Watch try-on stations. Stores with more traffic will receive more tables to meet demand.

We saw these tables during Apple’s “Spring Forward” media event last week:


Furthermore, Apple Stores will have four “zones” to help sell the Apple Watch, says 9to5mac:

  1. First zone is for trying on the Apple Watch.
  2. Second zone is for sales, with one line to help customers who know exactly what they want. Another line will help the undecided pick the right band and case.
  3. Third zone is for answering questions about features.
  4. Fourth zone is for selling the Apple Watch Edition, which ranges in price from $10,000 to $17,000, and will be available on a limited basis.

Apple announced it will launch the Apple Watch in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom, and the US when shipments begin on April 24. Pre-orders and the in-store previews will begin on April 10. 

While it won’t begin putting out the new Apple Watch tables until April 9 or April 10, Apple has begun putting in-store banners for the new wearable to raise awareness.

Source: 9to5mac

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