Android Wear accepting iPhone call Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh 001

Back in February, Cydia developer Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh, the brains behind jailbreak tweaks like DoubleTapToSleep and SpotlightSiri, showed off proof-of-concept which lets the stock iOS Messages app notification to be sent directly to a flagship Android Wear device, Motorola’s Moto 360.

He’s been since exploring ways to add more functionality to the app and this morning posted a new intriguing video depicting an Android Wear watch accepting an incoming call from an iPhone.

The solution involves a little bit of software trickery. As shown in the clip included below, he had to simulate the gesture to answer the incoming iPhone call on Android Watch, no jailbreak required.

Answering iPhone calls with Android Wear was made possible using ANCS. Although an iPhone featured in the video is jailbroken, jailbreak is not required for the iPhone calling functionality on Android Wear.

And due to the nature of the API used, this also means that iOS 8’s Actionable Notifications are supported as well.

It’s important to keep in mind that this is an unofficial solution so Apple may choose to break Mohammad’s app at any time (I’ll be surprised if they don’t).

Google on its part is said to be working on an iPhone app that will bring full Android Wear compatibility to iOS.

Source: Twitter

  • Alberto Espinal

    And then you talk from the watch or the phone?

    • Zen Kaojarern

      the phone apparently. Android wear does not currently support phone call (i think).

    • ɑղժɾҽա

      You talk from the phone. Android Wear does not support voice calling.

  • Chang in Charge

    Cool. Cool cool cool.

  • Dudu

    Waiting for this!! *-*

  • Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh

    Just a note, Apple can’t break this, it’s an official solution they provided.

    • Chris

      How do you install / add this to the iphone? Is there a public release?

    • Jeffrey

      Are you really the guy behind this? When will it be available? I want to buy a Moto 360 so bad but it doesn’t (yet) have iOS support!

    • Easy.Yves.Saint

      The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. It’s quite refreshingly juxtaposed. I’ve obviously made an assumption based on your name. Sorry if I have misstepped. Or is this irony?

  • Brent Shelton

    It’s a shame that it’d take so much work for Android Wear to work with the iPhone. Apple Watch brings some nice features (and plenty of useless ones), but the ability to reply to texts/emails from the watch, see/answer incoming phone calls, get navigation updates, and standard notifications is all I’d really need. Sigh.

    Would get the 360 in a second if he released this to the public!

  • makedonii

    i dunno, this guy has a couple of tweaks on his youtube chanel but no release yet. il get excited when his tweaks get released