Cydia Expert mode iPhone 6

It’s been a busy week, what with Apple’s big event and all, so you’d be forgiven if you weren’t able to keep up with all of the new jailbreak tweaks. But never fear, as usual we’ve put together a list of this week’s new tweaks so you can rest assured you didn’t miss anything.

Note that for all of the tweaks we’ve covered on iDB, you’ll see a link to our full review.

AlbumShot: creates albums in the Photos app to store your screenshots (free – review)

CallLogPro8: offers tools to help you better manage your call history ($4.99)

Calypso: allows you to access a variety of internal system settings such as nested folders and animation speeds (free)

CCButtonBorder CCBB: customize and theme your Control Center buttons (free)

Extended Networking: allows you to control almost every incoming/outgoing connection to your device ($2.00)

GroupIndicator: displays a custom notification to help you distinguish group messages (free)

Heads Up Display Mode: mirrors your iPhone’s display so that it can reflect in your car’s windshield (free – review)

HiddenConvos: enables you to quickly hide conversations in Messages, automatically enables DND (free – review)

HideFavoritesTab Pro: rearrange and hide tabs in the stock Phone app ($0.99)

Lithium: customize the battery icon in your Status Bar with lightweight themes (free)

Lockinfo 8: the powerful Lock screen customization tweak is back for iOS 8 ($4.99)

TypeTab: moves your cursor to the address bar when creating a new tab in Safari, saving you a tap (free)

SpringboardOrganiser: sort your icons by app name, icon color or most used ($0.99)

WallpaperSettings: customize a variety of wallpaper settings (free)

Have you tried out any of these tweaks? Which one is your favorite?

  • iPodDroid

    Lockinfo 8 has finally been updated?! Sweet!

    • ins0mniac1

      It’s been updated for a while now but been in beta for a long time. It’s rock stable now though. Plus if you own a prior version you’ll get a discount on your upgrade license (or you can try it with a trial license first ). It’s a really nice iOS8 update and well worth the price IMHO.

  • schwarzes_schaf

    i’m still looking for a tweak to change whatsapp and other sounds (like ringer & tones on iOS 7)

    • Elias Chao

      Is this one like PushTone? If so, I’m also waiting for something like this :/

    • ins0mniac1

      same! Been waiting for a tweak to customise notification tones for a long time now. Its strange that no one has developed one for iOS8 yet.

    • jay1029


  • Thomas Hopkins

    I’ll check out springboardorganiser, seems handy

    • Elias Chao

      I don’t think that would be useful on a iPhone 6 Plus. Get the upper icons would be hard.

  • PA Nard

    I just reinstalled CrashReporter, it has been updated recently I guess because its new UI is really neat, easier to use, and have new features, like suggesting the main suspect of a crash!

    • sorrento

      Hi PA Nard,
      What happens if we delete all crashes log files ?
      Does it delete only the report and all from the phone ?!?
      Thks for your help :))

      • PA Nard

        It’s all fine, it is a library of crash log, use them to help developers to pin down bugs by sending the file to them.

      • sorrento

        Thks PA Nard !
        But by deleting the crash log files it didn’t fix anything… You see my iPhone 6 respring by itself every 2 hours or so. I believe it’s from a previous backup and I thought that would fix it. Thks anyway for your answer, I appreciate it :))

  • Noam

    A few months ago if I recall correctly there were a review on a tweak that let you see more from the notifications banner and I can not remember what’s it’s name. Does anyone know the tweak I’m talking about?

  • Bdan593

    Curious is there a tweak for iphone 6 ios 8.1.2 to send a larger video via text?

  • Dev D

    Please anyone!! need a tweak which can connect my Moto 360 to my iPhone 6 plus….thanks!