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In today’s keynote, Apple showcased videos about the metal refining processes of both the stainless steel Apple Watch and aluminum Apple Watch Sport, but omitted the solid gold Apple Watch Edition video, which appeared on Apple’s website following the event.

Narrated by Jony Ive, the video provides an overview of the gold refining process, which yields a compound up to twice as hard as standard gold. The custom alloys of yellow and rose gold using precise amounts of silver, copper, and palladium to produce a specific hue of each color of gold.

The Apple Watch case, as well as the Digital Crown and the strap’s clasps, are crafted out of highly compressed and precisely milled ingots to produce dense, pore-free components of the Watch, which are hand-polished by highly skilled jewelry artisans.

Apple Watch Edition will be available in April at select Apple retail stores at a starting price of $10,000.

  • I wanted to get the stainless steel model but I’m not spending $600 for a watch. Might have to go with the sport model then.

  • Shredded

    LOL $10 000 What’s the refresh cycle on these products? If one year then wow LMAO

  • Tim

    Man John Ivy will sell you anything, he will tell you about the molecular composition of a brick and you would buy it.

    • Lee


    • @dongiuj

      After listening to him talk the thing I want to buy is something to break my fall when I go into a comatose deep sleep from the way he talks….zzzzzzz

      • AlanAudio

        I’m English and although my accent is a little different from Jony’s, it’s superficially similar.

        It may not appeal to you, but whenever I’m in the US, people will frequently comment on how much they like my accent. They seem to appreciate my low pitched, less hurried and somewhat softer way of speaking and find it a very refreshing change from what they are used to. I’m often told that my way of speaking makes them want to listen, rather than having to listen whether they want to or not.

        From a UK perspective, Tim Cook has a very pleasant way of speaking and his manners, values and principles seem very well aligned with UK values too. I find the combination of Cook and Ive to be a very compelling proposition and it gives me tremendous confidence in the company.

    • richard bryant

      Yeah he could sell ice to an Eskimo.