Apple Watch Hey Siri

We’ve always known that Apple Watch will have Siri integration, but some new developments were revealed at Today’s Apple Watch event. While on stage, Kevin Lynch demonstrated Hey Siri functionality, which allows you to invoke Siri by simply raising your wrist and using only your voice. 

As you’re likely aware of, the iPhone features Hey Siri functionality as well, but on the iPhone, you must have you device plugged in to do so. Having Hey Siri available on your wrist makes it much easier to interact with Siri hands-free, and will usher in a a much more convenient way of communicating with the Siri voice assistant software.

Hey Siri on the iPhone is a big battery drainer, because it means that the device is actively listening for the “Hey Siri” command. On the Apple Watch, the device won’t listen unless you raise your wrist. This means that there will be a lot less battery drain while using Hey Siri on the Apple Watch.

What do you think about Hey Siri? Are you excited to find this simple means of hand-free interaction available at will?

  • Vvbreaker

    Now looking forward to see some Cydia tweaks that work with Apple Watch!!

  • Dmaez

    Raise your wrist? Won’t that cause a lot of false positives?

    • it’s always good to raise a wrist. better than raising the flat right hand //:=|

  • Gary le

    I guess this feature is nice since u would have to use two hands if not for “hey siri” to work lol