Italian blog iPhoneItalia has posted a series of screenshots showing the new calling feature currently in beta testing for WhatsApp, the hugely popular communications app owned by Facebook.

WhatsApp has been rolling out the functionality to select users as part of a beta testing program over the past few months, with plans to release it to the public in the near future. Since more texts in the world are being sent through WhatsApp than traditional SMS, the new VOIP calling from WhatsApp could be a very big deal.

The screenshots of the beta app show a clean interface, complete with a contact menu that looks similar to Phone.app on iOS. The call screen has the ability to hang up and answer a call, along with functionality to mute, put the call on speaker, and message the user through text.


WhatsApp currently sits as the biggest instant messaging service in the world, with 700 million users as of January this year. It’s immensely popular in India and surrounding regions. Facebook announced in October 2014, that it would acquire the service for $22 billion, detailing it had no plans to change the app.

A WhatsApp spokesperson confirmed the calling features of the beta to CNET, but wouldn’t offer more details about its release: “We are rolling out a voice calling beta test to a small number of people, but we don’t have anything more to share right now”.


Once the calling service is available for a user – both need the beta to make a call – they will see a phone receiver icon next to the contact’s name in a chat window. BGR India tried the calling feature on Android last month, and found it worked great.

“The calls worked seamlessly on the 3G network with crystal clear audio. In fact, the call quality seemed better than a regular cellular call, and dare we say, almost at par with Apple’s FaceTime Audio call. Even on an Edge network, the feature worked just as fine,” the publication wrote.

Do you use WhatsApp?

You can download the app for free from the iTunes App Store. 

Source: iPhoneItalia

  • Rock

    Can’t wait for 2027 when it finally comes out 🙂

    • Varun Soi


    • Anderson Silva

      Being pretty optimistic, BTW 😛

    • Faisal

      Hahaha. Ive been waiting for iOS 8 extensions since iOS8 came out and no update yet.

      Also, i emailed them to allow export recieved audio or mp3 files in other apps with “open in” feature so i can save them in other apps but they always reply back “its not allowed by Apple”. Dropbox and Telegram have this feature but developers at Whatsapp are idiots. I have to email the file to myself then save it, if only they could allow apps to show in that share sheet, it would be very easy.

  • 9to5Slavery

    YES! I can finally dump vibers poor 3G and LTE calls. Even on wifi it is bad with processing delay. I can also abandon Google hangouts that sh*tty app that turns off my ring toggle like it has a brain.

  • inotgeek

    u can enable it through WAEnhancer8 🙂

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  • Sleaka J

    WhatsApp is virtually non-existent in Australia.

    • Victor

      Then what app are you guys using in Australia?

      • Sleaka J

        Line is kinda popular, but honestly most people here have SMS/MMS included as part of a plan and so we use that. Don’t need an app for that.

      • solai

        Line is worst in sending and receiving message delay.

    • Faisal

      I use it daily and im from Australia, maybe i have to contact people overseas thats why…

  • Sandeep Roy

    I hope they don’t bloat it. Will chew Battery & RAM both.

  • Arjun

    this is what u guys r talking ? 😛

    • iltas

      why my whatspp is not working i ahve installed frm appstore

    • samar pratap

      dude plz give me a call so that it gets activated for me also

      • Harish Singh

        whatsapp me on 8869917889

    • Aditya bedi

      where can i download the beta app from???

      • Ally

        Arjun bhai can you please call for me to activate the feature ?

    • Sanjog Kharel

      bro00 plz call me on+97477660582 im iphone 5s user!!

    • lucadaddabbo

      Which theme do You have for the battery? I’d like to have it too 🙂

  • Iuri Dos Santos Cunha

    Instead of working on this. They should work on pushing out quick reply instead -_-

    • Faisal

      I dont think apple would allow 3rd party app to have quick reply like messages.app

      • Iuri Dos Santos Cunha

        Haven’t they allowed other apps to do it? I forgot which ones but Im sure they have

      • Faisal

        I don’t think so there is any…

      • lucadaddabbo

        As a developer I can say that You can enable buttons like “Mute conversation” or “Mark as read” but Apple does not allow textfields in notifications. Only system apps are allowed to do so, like the Messages app! Sorry about that… I’d also like to be able to use quick reply but unfortunately that’s not possibile 🙁

      • Sanjog Kharel

        helllo friend plz call me on+97477660582 im iphone 5s user!!

      • lucadaddabbo

        Sorry bro, you have to be on beta version to enable calls. Anyway, I have two different phone numbers and calls enabled on both, but it’s not working right now, the phone just shows the call screen but does not actually call. Sorry 🙁

      • Harish Singh

        It also calling

        I am using it

      • lucadaddabbo

        Mine says “calling…” but the other phone does not ring at all. After about 40/50 secs it says “no answer” or something like that. Both phone have WA call enabled and beta version installed. Is there a way I can fix it? I’m on iOS.. Tnx 🙂

  • iltas

    i have whatsapp cant find i ahve call buttoon but i have no beta

  • Alberto Espinal

    Can’t wait!

  • hmmm

  • Adrian

    FaceTime Audio feels just like normal phoning, but the problem is; only Apple devices…

  • Harish Singh

    its working on my device

    whatsapp me on 8869917889 to receive invitation call

    • Armando Gutierrez

      I can’t even sent you a message to whatsapp…

      • Harish Singh

        I m also replying you

    • disqus_cCagPm1rNq

      Do you need whatsapp beta or does it work on normal whatsapp?

    • Still have the invite? which device you have?

      • Harish Singh

        Galaxy grand i9082

      • Ok, cool, Do you still have the invite? can you get me one to try it out?

    • lucadaddabbo

      I’m downloading Cydia package to enable the feature right now… in case that it won’t work, do I have to receive a call while using the beta (I have certificates and resigned beta version) or normal public version? Tnx

    • +886 991-788-9 don’t have whatsapp installed…

      • Harish Singh


    • Harish Singh

      Currently today it is banned frm whatsapp

      New user can just receive the call but not able to call others

    • Sanjog Kharel

      bro00 plz call me on+97477660582 im iphone 5s user!!

  • JulianZH

    Wechat has all those function and better…

  • Maciej Leszczyński

    I find WhatsApp as a batery consuming application. I had it on my iPhone 5S and now on iPhone 6Plus and the battery life while using this app is terrible.

  • lucadaddabbo

    Got it 🙂

    • Ally

      Hi lucadaddabbo,

      how did you make it work. I have the beta version of whatsapp but still no luck there is no call button. Any pointers to make it work ? Thanks a lot

      • lucadaddabbo

        Jailbroken iOS. You have to grab a package from Cydia, but actually i’m not able to call anyone, it says “calling” but the other phone does not ring…

      • Ally

        perhaps we need to wait for the next beta build by whatsapp 🙁

  • @nc0der

    I have tried sending an invite thru my android phone to iphone, it doesnt work, only a beta version of iPhone can enable this feature on your iOS.

    • Ally

      I received a call from an android user on my iphone whatsapp beta version Still no luck 🙁

  • Raed Maqsood

    iphone 6 plus whatsapp call does not working