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Apple’s subscription-based music-streaming service based on Beats technology will not include a free tier supported by advertising akin to iTunes Radio, Re/code reported Friday morning.

This doesn’t exclude the possibility of a time-limited trial for new customers, the publication added. According to unnamed sources who have talked to Apple executives, led by SVP Eddy Cue and Beats Music co-founder Jimmy Iovine, the music business “needs to get behind a paywall.”

Exclusivity is the name of the game.

“Sources say Apple would like to make a splash by getting high-profile artists to distribute their music with Apple before it makes its way to other services,” reads the report.

Apple’s timing couldn’t have been better.

Back in November, a Sony Music exec said the company was re-evaluating support for free streaming music. In the same vein, Warner Music Group CEO Stephen Cooper made it clear that his is growing less interested in ad-supported freemium music services.

“We continue to believe that the long-term sustainability of the freemium model is predicated on high levels of conversion from ad-supported free to paid subscription,” he said, adding Warner was pleased that two of the world’s top streaming services have taken steps to “convert segments of their massive customer bases into paying subscribers.”

According to the rumors, Apple has the launch of the service from the first quarter of 2015 back to Apple’s summer developers conference, when the service should be announced in a beta form.

As for price points, most checks seem to indicate that Apple will undercut Rdio and Spotify, which cost ten bucks per month, with a more affordable price point of eight bucks per month, which works out to $96 on an annual basis.

The service should launch as part of the iOS 8.4 software update and is said to be integrated tightly with the stock iOS Music app, offering users curated playlists, cloud-based libraries and recommendations based on their musical tastes.

Source: Re/code

  • Fanboy 

    It makes sense, why would Apple offer 2 free music services (iTunes Radio and this new service). Those who dont want to pay can use iTunes Radio, while other can use this premium service if they are willing to pay.

    • iPhoneWINS

      eh i will not be paying for it

      • Fanboy 

        How can you say you wont be paying for something that hasnt been announced yet? lol. Personally though for my needs im fine with iTunes Radio and Match, I dont see myself paying for anything unless it completely blows my mind. I guess we’ll see.

    • I love iTunes Match as well and could never imagine not having it. That is easily the best $25 I put towards my iPhone each year.

      I just have too many music files (24,918 to be exact) and 90% of that is lossless.
      I do use the bday hack for Spotify but I have never been a big fan of MP3 quality. That is what I really want to see, a service that offers lossless quality music. I have the internet speed to handle it and most LTE could easily handle it too. I see the problem though as we are still paying for Data plans and most would go way over their monthly allowance.

      That is a conversation for another day, but remember when we used to pay for texts and phone calls? I have always assumed that data will someday be a thing of the past too.

    • Paymon John Vafa

      dude ill have a heart attack if they stop itunes match

      I doubt they will stop though b/c we already have “locker service” agreements for this. I think apple only pays out when someone streams their music from the cloud but when they download its like re-obtaining their file like “drop box”.

  • The question is when it’s announced will I be looking at another “Sorry we don’t want your money because you don’t live in the US” webpage? Google Music is now just as good if not better than iTunes Match and with no iTunes Radio available in my country I can safely say that I won’t be renewing my iTunes Match subscription…

  • Dante Arellano

    Have some one think this service just moving the same shitte over and over again they should promote new artist and new music it just like the cable or the satelite service just commercial and the same thing over and over again