The 2015 line of iPhones that are expected to launch this fall will feature the Force Touch input that is found on the Apple Watch, according to AppleInsider.

The Apple rumor publication, citing its own sources, says the next-generation handsets are internally codenamed “N71” for the 4.7-inch model and “N66” for the 5.5-inch version. They’re said to keep the “iPhone 6s” naming convention like the iPhone 5s, and like with every “S” model release, will retain the same design as the previous version.

The Force Touch technology is featured on the Apple Watch due to launch in April, shown by Apple as a handy feature that relies on a bunch of tiny electrodes around the Watch’s display that recognize the difference between a tap and a press, thereby providing the user with quick access to contextually specific controls.

An iDownloadBlog poll in January showed 59 percent of readers want the technology featured on the next Apple handset.

If Apple were to implement Force Touch on the iPhone 6s line, it would need to rework the iOS user interface and introduce new tools so that developers could define custom options for when the screen is pressed. Typically “S” model releases are accompanied with big software changes.

One of AppleInsider’s sources “who has recently proven extremely knowledgable regarding Apple’s forward-looking plans” said the company toyed with putting Force Touch in the iPhone 6 last year, but “calibration” issues led to the feature being pulled from the device during its development cycle.

Furthermore, the publication says Apple has ditched plans for a dual-camera system on the next-generation handset like rumors have suggested.

Source: AppleInsider

  • Linton Findlay

    It makes sense on the apple watch, but it’s pretty pointless on a large screen. Will be interesting to see how it will be used. I want them to fix the ugly ass Antena lines and protruding camera

    • Virus

      Same also a different textured back plate it’s too slippery

    • DevXav

      I disagree..

      It’s very useful on a large screen, specially considering the future “no physical button” tendency..

      If a screen sensor detects someone is also pressing, it’s possible to do trigger countless features Apple itself and also from developers.

      In my opinion, the future of the phones is having absolutely NO front buttons. Only a pure front screen and nothing else.

      Force touch could easily provide that.

      • Flex Muscles

        By future do you mean what android has had literally for years?
        I have an iphone six now, but it really is astonishing how outdated the OS is. I’ve been using it since December, and it feels like a blackberry or a palm pilot. How has apple fallen so far behind?

      • Guest

        Why do you have an iPhone 6?

      • asdlb4

        Why do you have an iPhone 6 then?

      • Alberto Espinal

        He is just trolling, he ain’t got S*

      • Flex Muscles

        work, actually.

      • waqass

        ignorant 😛 driodhole

      • Don’t feed the troll

      • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

        iphone “six” huh? You don’t own one. Don’t lie.

      • You didn’t understand the comment… He is talking about buttons for sound and lock/unlock. Not just home button. On Android phones, sound button and lock/unlock are still physical. With Force Touch, we can easily think about remove all buttons.

      • Sleaka J

        He said NO front buttons, not NO hardware buttons on the front.

        Typical Fandroid bullshit comment. Android has 3 on-screen buttons on the front. Since you’re fanboyism has made you blind, here’s a hint: They’re at the bottom.

        Clearly you can’t read properly, maybe it’s you that’s fallen behind.

      • Flex Muscles

        You’re an idiot. Read what he said again, and reconsider what onscreen buttons are. Go read a book or something. Wow.

      • Sleaka J

        Press hard, press soft, press quickly, press slowly. You get the same result.

        They… Are… Still… Buttons.

        Force Touch brings a whole new level to touching the
        screen. Android has NOT been doing that for years.

      • ravinigga

        You know iPhone have only 3 buttons android more. And the home button have more than four functions not like android one button one function.

      • Richard Häggblom

        The home button has 5 functions but 6 if u add some sort of function to triple press 🙂 1 press = go back, long press = Siri, double press = app switcher, touch = Touch ID, double touch= reachability and then there’s triple press= assistive functions, like I got grayscale mode 🙂 saves battery and is much more pleasant at night with low brightness 🙂

      • DevXav

        Well, looks like you did not understand my comment.

        I am talking about NO physical buttons at all.. Android devices are not there yet my friend..

        I prefer using Apple devices because my personal choice is based on high quality, durability and stability. but I am not some kind of fanboy and, my answer to your question is:

        Yes, why the hell not?

        Android is out there now, being used by lots of people and yes, influencing the future of smartphones just as Apple did by releasing the First iPhone and changing the whole idea about it…

      • raulortiz318

        It’s interesting. When iPhone 6 was

      • DevXav

        You have a point there!
        But, lets think a while on a device with Force Touch and no bezels:

        Force Touch can now easily detect where your hand is making pressure on the bezel side and the system could simply readjust the screen pixels, positioning it away from your hand on a comfortably enough that you would not lose screen space on all 4 sides, but now only in 1 side of the screen, no matter if you are holding it with your left or right hand..

        So lets say it’s a new future where bezels are created by the operational system repositioning pixels and not physically anymore.

      • Aaron Hysell

        They will never do away with the home button, it is there main feature, hit the home button to back out of anything! They might, but I dought it!

      • Gary LE

        So will the HOME BUTTON BE EXTINCT with force touch in the future?

      • DevXav

        In my opinion, yes..

  • QuarterSwede

    I see it being used to open alternate menus (think right clicking). In Reeder, for instance, instead of swiping from the right to left to invoke it you’d force press the screen. Not too useful but nice for powerusers.

    • It can already tell you’re holding your press in the same spot, no difference to it detecting you are pressing your screen harder than a tap. But progress is progress, suppose it’s fine if Apple feels like adding it, rather see them focus on battery power. But we have no control over what they do, let’s just hope they do it properly.

      • Rowan09

        You mean adding a 3000mAh battery in the 6+ and keeping the same if not better battery on the 6 (HD screen to non-HD) over the 5s wasn’t focusing on battery power?

      • They didn’t make the phone bigger so they could have more battery power. So no. And I personally hate bigger phones than the 5s so I would have rather had it that they made the phones bigger instead of focusing on making 0.01mm heigh phones so they would be able to add a bigger battery into a more manageable size phone since I don’t have a man purse nor baggy pants. But hey I know Apple doesn’t read these comments, I was just venting =P

      • Rowan09

        Of course that’s one of the reasons. It’s no science to what’s making battery life on phones better and that’s in part to larger size phones which means a larger battery.

      • At least we can agree on that, an angel just got its wings ;]

      • QuarterSwede

        More often then not that leads to a text selection. A force touch could still be slightly useful. Knowing Apple they’ll make it do something that actually makes a ton of sense and be something you couldn’t quickly do before.

      • We’ll see. Nothing I can do about it if it turns out something that I don’t agree with. I’ll just stay pessimistic and think, things could be(come) worse.

  • Hot12345

    I see that the iphone 6 plus has RAM issues, because its stutters and lags. Anyone here also the same problem?

    • Haven’t noticed it really, what apps/games you are experiencing from?

      • Hot12345

        If you open safari and have 5 to 9 tabs of links, press on the tab switcher, you see stutter, lag

    • Adrayven

      Nope. Runs flawless. Though, I don’t leave 50 apps open. I close apps when I’m done, unless they are my mail or chat apps.

      • Hot12345

        If you open safari and have 5 to 9 tabs of links, press on the tab switcher, you see stutter, lagg

      • You wouldn’t even have to close apps yourself, iOS handles that itself just fine.

    • Sleaka J

      I stutter and lag, but my phone doesn’t.

  • n0ahcruz3

    I hope they remove the freaking protrusion of the camera. I still can’t get over it, it’s an eye sore. And i freaking hope they fix the shifting of the Front camera! Wtf!

    • Sleaka J

      First world problems.

    • Since their first version of a new model always has flaws, I always stick to their ‘s’ models (though not by first choice at first, but now I do) which is always their fixed version of their latest model.

  • Rupinder

    It better have a sapphire screen then, because I highly doubt force touch will work with glass screen protectors that everyone used nowadays.

  • urrl

    If I tap and hold without pressing the home button my jail broken iPhone 6+ goes to sleep. If I double tap the screen same thing. I can double tap it awake. Not sure how Apples Force Touch differs. The only time I use a hard button is to completely shut down.

  • Ian Leon

    I can’t tell if I want force touch or not until I use it.

  • Tom

    iphone 6 is a scam with dual core no sd card look at samsung galaxy s7 with octa core ram 4 gigs and htc m9 snapdragon s10

  • @dongiuj

    So it looks like smartphones companies have almost reached their innovative limits. Everyone is copying each other with design and features.

    • Cameron

      your first line doesnt explain the second line, or the other way round. Someone has to be innovating before someone else is copying.

      Force touch not present yet in any phone as far as i know.

  • Nick

    nothing new, there’s already a 3 yr old patent from Sony, simply type in your favorite search engine