iOS 8.2 beta stopped signing

Bad news for would-be jailbreakers of iOS 8.2 beta 1 or beta 2—both firmwares are no longer being signed. There seems to be conflicting reports going around about whether or not Apple has killed access to beta 1, beta 2, or both beta firmwares, but I can personally confirm that Apple has shut down access to both.

Why is this significant? It’s significant because iOS 8.2 beta 1 and beta 2 were the only firmwares available that allowed users to jailbreak using PP Jailbreak on Mac or TaiG on Windows.

So what to do now? The only option right now is to wait it out. There are rumors flying around that TaiG may be holding on to an iOS 8.2 jailbreak, and if the past six months are indicative of anything, I’d say that that’s a distinct possibility.

Reports are stating that Apple may drop iOS 8.2 this Monday, so I guess we will see whether or not the TaiG iOS 8.2 jailbreak rumors are true sooner than later.

Obviously, if you’re on iOS 8.1.2, or iOS 8.2 beta 1 or 2, you want to stay right where you are. If you’ve updated to iOS 8.1.3, you’re going to have to wait it out for a while.

What’s your current iOS 8 firmware status? Are you currently jailbroken? Share your experiences down below in the comments section.

  • John Smith

    Sad times just as i was going to Jailbreak… 🙁

    • Waleed

      What you mean ? You can still jailbreak if you are on 8.2 beta 1 or 2
      You just cannot restore to these firmwares anymore 🙁

      • John Smith

        I am on IOS 8.1.3…. 🙁 will wait till the 8.2 JB

      • Buzz { Light:Year; }

        TAIG up tool

      • Varun Soi


      • Sean Arnold

        searched for days to get 8.2 beta 2 finally get it now this

      • Varun Soi


  • Jake Barbour

    lol stopped signing right after jailbreaks…i am on iOS 8.2 beta 2 jailbroken

    • You mean right after it was publicly announced to the masses that it could be Jailbroken. Yep it sucks.

  • 🙁

  • Mats Schønning

    Was just thinking of updating my slow original iPad mini (ios 8.1 jailbroken) Nothing to do now? Just waiting for me? Is the newer software faster for the original iPad mini?

    • Jake Barbour

      It is faster on old devices for me, but some app crashes

  • port87

    crossing fingers that the launch of 8.2 on monday is jailbreakable, probably not, but who knows.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    8.2!!! Woot woot!! Can’t wait to update and break many jailbreak tweaks!

  • MrJohnBlaze

    I spent 2 hours today finding the 8.2 firware and tried like 5 times even tried that changing the host file fix in finder it all makes sense now I downgraded from 8.3 beta 2 to 8.1.3 to try to get ti 8.2 to only find it stopped being signed that same day

  • Nath_12_22

    sad. i bought my iphone from japan and the only way to remove camera sound is thru Jailbreak… 🙁

    • DJMannyD

      Flip the silent/vibrate switch that’s on the side of the phone. Problem solved.

      • vista980622

        Doesn’t work on models sold in japan. Law restrictions.

      • Nath_12_22

        if its that just easy… wont work with japan iphone….

  • LuisFRocha

    8.3 beta 2. Haven’t found anything that will keep mine jail broken for long.

  • Buzz { Light:Year; }

    Use TAIG UPDATE TOOL!!! If you want the beta to jailbreak.

    • Viktor Stutz

      i dont understand chinese and when its not sign how it can be work ?
      can u help buzz ? please

  • Varun Soi

    Now when ios 8.2 official version comes out? And what about jailbreak?

  • Tony Villarreal

    I just jailbreak my Iphone a few days ago, but I’ve been having some issues trying tu unlock with SAM, I saved my activation tickets but nothing works, anyone knows anything about this?

    • Rowan09

      What company and I thought SAM stopped working a while back?

      • Tony Villarreal

        Is locked with Sprint, I use SAM once on 2011 and that was the only program that worked, I tried to used but not anymore.
        I guess I´ll just have to sit and wait for something else

  • Rishi Tripathi

    lol i jailbroke my device 36 hr before …. nd it was successfull.!!!! M happy 🙂

  • $mõkiêlüv3

    Currently jailbroken but the sad news is I’m going to sell my iPhone 6 to get a 6+ and I.m hoping that my phone carrier didnt get any on ios 8.1.3……..fingerz cross 🙂

    • Chocolope Jailbreakush

      same here I think were good though.

    • Rowan09

      My friend had to trade in his 6 for a power button issue and he got one with 8.1.1 so I think you should be good.

      • $mõkiêlüv3

        Live in the Bahamas, they tend to get things late lol

  • Hahahaha. I’m running iOS 8.3 so, no jailbreak. But worth the try: Siri now speaks my mother tongue and I couldn’t wait to try it out (Portuguese).

  • Derick Darcelle

    I’m trying to update the firmware from iOS 8.1.3 on iPhone 5s to iOS 8.2 beta 2 and keep getting an error 3194 (your device is not eligible for this firmware (I selected the firmware file using the left shift and selecting the file by pressing “Check for upgrade” in iTunes. Anybody know why this is happening? I’m using the most current version of iTunes. Possibly I need to use an older version of iTunes?

    And this post would explain the issue I’ve been dealing with since last night. This sux!

    • Ranguana

      I have iOS 8.02 and had the same issue. But I used pp jailbreak without updating through iTunes and worked fine.

    • Derick Darcelle

      Already figured out why it didn’t work about 10 minutes after posting my above post. Apple stopped signing the firmware file for those 2 betas day before or earlier that day. Sucks!

  • Tim Farris

    i had to replace my iPhone after i tried to do the nvram trick well DONT DO IT also i can’t jsilbreak as the jailbreak failed i had to restore and now I’m fu**ed i can’t jailbreak meaning no tethering i live on tethering so I’m screwed till i can get that

  • deamonslayer 13

    i just tried updating to ios 8.2 beta 2 and my ipod touch 5 had to be reset to factory settings! it sucks

  • Anthony Bueno

    When 8.2 is released to the public, will it be jailbroken?

    • Sean Arnold

      i doubt it

  • Wayne Fox


  • gerald

    does anyone know how I can unlock my jailbroken iPhone 4s running ios 8.2 beta 2. urgent help needed

  • Randy vasquez

    i read that we can still use taig firmware update tool but i can find know no one explain how it works

  • Randy vasquez

    you know how to use it

  • gerald

    can i unlock iphone 4s on ios 8.2 beta 2