Before I even begin talking about CortexDevTeam’s Stratos, let’s address the elephant in the room. Let’s address the fact that the tweak looks and functions very much like Auxo legacy edition.

Indeed, Stratos takes many cues from Auxo of old, but that’s one of the tweak’s most appealing assets. There are some, even after two successful iterations, who never quite came around to Auxo 2 and its sequel. For those people, Stratos is a jailbreak tweak that’s been highly anticipated for quite some time.

But that’s not to say that Stratos is a mere carbon copy of Auxo and nothing more. The tweak brings a few of its own innovations to the table as well.

After installing Stratos, you’ll need to head over to its preferences in order to disable the tweak’s kill-switch. From there, a whole host of configuration options open up for you to play with.

At its most basic form of functionality, Stratos is an App Switcher replacement that you can invoke by sliding up from the bottom of the screen. It essentially replaces the Control Center gesture while not on the Lock screen.

Once Stratos has been invoked, you’ll see an interface that looks a lot like Auxo legacy—the four card view with previews of each running app pinned near the bottom of the screen. Users can page through each list of cards, or page backwards to access Control Center and media controls. There are fundamental design differences and animation differences between the two tweaks, but functionality remains largely familiar.

Stratos Control Center

Apps can be dismissed from the Stratos interface by performing a swipe-up gesture on the card previews. A tap and hold on any of the cards closes all applications. One thing that stood out to me was the animation that occurs when closing all apps. The animation is clunky, abrupt, and lacks the polish of something that a3tweaks would have worked on. I caught myself whispering out loud that “there is no way that a3tweaks would have shipped something like that.” And while that’s true, it’s not a total knock against the CortexDevTeam or its designers. It just accentuates the insane amount of polish heaped on tweaks by the former group, who, in the minds of some, let that quality obsession turn into a hinderance instead of a help.

As previously stated, Stratos does have its own characteristic and innovations, which are all configurable by means of the tweak’s preferences. Beneath the kill-switch, you’ll find settings for Background Style—a way to change the background color of the App Switcher—background height, parallax mode, and more.

Stratos Preferences

Users also have the option of showing the currently opened app in the switcher, and can toggle on Home button activation—a switch that allows users to make the double press of the Home button invoke Stratos instead of the stock App Switcher.

One of the primary innovations of Stratos that I enjoy is the QuickLaunch feature. Enabled via a switch in the preferences, QuickLaunch lets you launch apps from Stratos’ interface by simply swiping up on the app after invoking the App Switcher in one fluid motion. It’s not something that’s easily describable, so I recommend that you watch my video above for a demonstration of QuickLaunch in action.

Stratos contains additional options for paging, and the ability to customize the order of the appearance of Control Center and Media controls. You can also request that the Stratos switcher automatically open to media controls when media is playing.

The Page per third of screen setting is an option that’s particularly useful. Depending on where you swipe up from the bottom of the screen, the Stratos interface will load a different page based on the page order you have established. For example, by swiping up on the left side of the screen, I can go directly to Control Center; middle, media controls; right, App Switcher. It’s a great way to get right where you want to go without needless swipes.

My main gripe with Stratos thus far is its instability. In my short time with the tweak, I’ve been met with quite a few crashes here and there. That said, in the early stages of Stratos’ public existence, I think that such a thing is largely inevitable. Although I never personally experienced it, some people reported that Auxo’s early moments were met with opportunities for improvement in this area as well.

Stratos background colors

The bottom line is that Stratos is taking core functionality—App Switching—and replacing it with a gesture based method with a whole new look, interface, and feel. There are bound to be significant challenges to keep it stable across the many devices that it will need to support. Based off my interactions with lead programmer, Ethan Arbuckle, I’m confident that the CortexDevTeam can and will increase the tweak’s stability as they continue to iterate.

If you’re looking for an Auxo legacy-like experience on iOS 8, then Stratos is a jailbreak tweak that’s a no-brainer. Obviously, you’re not going to get anywhere near the amount of insane levels of polish brought to you by the original Auxo, but Stratos features enough Auxo-inspired flair to take you back in time.

Stratos is being submitted to Cydia today, and once it’s available, you’ll be able to purchase it for $1.99. What do you think about Stratos? Are you excited that it’s almost here? Share your thoughts and opinions about this highly anticipated tweak in the comments below.

  • Carlos André Velozo Trufini

    Looking forward to try it.

  • Damian


  • Tavish

    Looks pretty neat. Excited to try it out. Quick question, does it work well along side Tage or does it replace it?

    • Carlos André Velozo Trufini

      Yeah, I’ld like to know if it work well along side Auxo 2 either…

    • They seem to play pretty well together.

  • Philip Lafaurie

    Jeff, the reason you would set up just a few or just one task switcher page is because you can use it as a quick switch to your recent 4 apps and then you can combine the real multi-task mode (double pressing the home button) to close or switch to older apps. I personally don’t use the multi-task menu for apps that are older than 2 or 3, If I need to open an app that I used days ago I rather use quicklaunch.

    • Good point. I guess, though, the way that I envision it, Stratos replaces the App Switcher completely.

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    Hope it’s not as glitchy as auxo. Given up on auxo, ccquickpro works much better IMO

    • Eric Castro

      me too I given up on Auxo 3 …… it went less buggy but they never got around the lag which renders the tweak unusable.

  • 9to5Slavery

    CCQuick Pro is less glitchy compared to auxo. I love the design of Auxo though.

  • Blip dude

    How does it look like in Landscape mode?? I use the iPhone 6 Plus in landscape mode A LOT and I’ve yet to see a videos that shows how smooth it is on Landscape mode?? If it works great than I can finally say I found and Auxo replacement because Auxo 3 is so horrible in Landscape mode not the iPhone 6 Plus.

    • You won’t like it, as as far as I can tell, there is no landscape support. It simply reverts to the Control Center.

      • ProSzakal Aszakal

        So the tweak is not fully compatible with iphone 6 plus, that is important message for owner of 6 plus

  • Jansen

    Will this be launched today?

  • David Fabian

    This appears to function so much better than the stock switcher. I’ve never been a fan of the home button double tap routine. And thinking from a non-power user perspective (my guess anyway), the swipe up gesture is somewhat more discoverable than the double tap, or at least quicker.

    • ProSzakal Aszakal

      the point of double tap is that this always work (hardware), swipe up gesture is software and not always can respond in some situation.

  • M L

    Any experiance with using boiprotect or biolockdown with it? Does it still blur the protected apps?

  • Jay H

    In the control center part where you can choose the the 3 different parts to swipe up on. In the middle there is a brightness control. Then below that there is a flashlight on the left and a broom or something next to that. What do all those icons do? Then the last one on the right looks like a remote? can you choose and pick what icons you want added? Thanks man.

  • regkilla

    iOS 8 only. Again?

  • McBobson

    Works with iOS 7?

  • TonyCr

    So, why do I go to Cydia and see Stratos that was uploaded in January and is free?

    • sharp44MAG .

      That is probably the one on a pirate source. Someone leaked that version. I wouldn’t download it. I am waiting for the official public version to come out.

      • TonyC

        Thanks. That makes sense. I’ll wait until IDB posts the availability.

  • Michele Ruzic

    Agree with you, 90% of stratos is from Auxo and a3tweaks

  • h4nd0fg0d

    Dropped auxo3, felt it was laggy and unnecessary. Can fed do without this also. Really liking Atom as a temporary jelly lock supplement.

  • Damian

    QuickDo has had similar function for years

    • M L

      I search cydia for ‘quick do’ or ‘quickdo’ and nothing came up. Is it by another name?

      • Damian

        It is oN another repo check Clezz website

  • Xeltos

    So if you didn’t mention the word Auxo 4 times in the first 30 seconds i totally never would’ve known where the supposed inspiration came from. My god lol
    I’m a fan of Auxo and have bought it since the original. But did you think about the teams work when you keep mentioning another tweak? Also they don’t take them too seriously because of a joke? They didn’t put in all that time and work for people to compare all day long. I’m pretty sure from the first 3 seconds people got the message.

  • Tedli

    still cant find it in cydia.