One of the things that I learned while visiting Korea last year is that Koreans love using an app called KakaoTalk. Kakao is a messaging app that pretty much everyone in Korea uses. It’s an app that’s instantly recognizable due to the bright, colorful, animated stickers that litter the conversations of passersby.

I’ve always thought that it would be cool if iMessage users could use animated stickers within the Messages app, and now it’s a reality thanks to a new jailbreak tweak called StickerMe. StickerMe takes the stickers available within the Facebook Messenger app, and brings them to an iMessage conversation near you.

To use StickerMe, you will need to have the Facebook Messenger app installed on your device. Launch Facebook Messenger, begin a conversation, and tap the smiley face icon to open the sticker window. From there, you can use the ‘+’ sign in the bottom right-hand corner to download additional sticker packs from the so-called sticker store.

Facebook Messenger Stickers

Once you close the Facebook Messenger app, the Messages app will be auto-killed thanks to StickerMe. This will allow the stickers to make themselves available within iMessage conversations.

If your iMessage recipient happens to have StickerMe installed on their device, then they will be able to view the animated stickers that proliferate the sticker store. Animated stickers can be disabled per conversation by means of the Details button in the upper right-hand corner of each conversation.

iMessages StickerMe

StickerMe’s preferences contain a simple kill-switch and a switch for auto-killing the Messages app. The auto-killing option, as stated earlier, allows the Messages app to pull in the latest sticker changes made via the Facebook Messenger app.


In case you couldn’t tell from my excitement on the video, I really like StickerMe and what it brings to the table. Even though it only works with iMessage, I find that it significantly spices up the Messages app, and makes it feel more modern and fun.

StickerMe can be purchased for $1.49 on the BigBoss repo. What do you think about using stickers in the Messages app? Good idea or bad idea?

  • You just ruined it all for me, Jeff.

    • Him

      yeah, no way im downloading the fb messenger app

    • Jeffrey

      Sorry Sebastien:(

  • This is awesome. The only bad part is that I have so many sticker packs downloaded it’s hard to find them sometimes and if they could somehow manage to get the search feature this would be a killer tweak. I don’t even know if that would be possible, but still a great tweak.

  • nonchalont

    Stickers only show if the other party has sticker me? Or does the recipient only need sticker me to view the animated stickers?

  • Spycer0

    Typo: StickerMe take the stickers… should be takes

  • Rey Garcia

    any known cydia keyboard tweaks that conflict with StickerMe? I have Type Status and Showcase installed and StickerMe is not working. I can tap smile face in message app and can see my stickers if I tap one it does not add in the message.

  • Rondog

    Bad idea that it only works with the messages app, I will get it when it works with other apps like whatsapp, etc. Plus BAD that it only works for jailbroken phones because I have a few friends that aren’t on a jailbreak. TOO BAD, it’s a good idea but too many drawbacks.

    • nonchalont

      I downloaded it, it’s pretty awesome. Stickers work with non-jailbroken devices, just the animations don’t work unless they have stickerme installed. Would be awesome if they could spread to other chat services also. Maybe the dev can do that in a future update. It’s overall a great tweak and how it’s part of iMessage. Great way to spruce up your messages.

  • marco v berlo

    i hope soon will come a tweak to remove that annoying appstore message in cydia.

  • Shingo

    i did not see smiley icon on messages app probs conflict with other tweaks


    yeah i refuse to download fbmessenger. i have the tweak to use fb’s native messages

  • StayClassyColumbus

    For the love of everything holy. How do I get the regular face emoticons back onto my fb messenger???? whoever dreamed up those stupid ass stickers should be banned from being a mile from any electronic device. Forever.