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The smack talk between Apple and Motorola continues, as Motorola president Rick Osterloh called out Apple for “outrageous prices” in an interview published by the BBC on Wednesday.

“We do see a real dichotomy in this marketplace, where you’ve got people like Apple making so much money and charging such outrageous prices. We think that’s not the future,” Osterloh said. “We believe the future is in offering similar experiences and great consumer choice at accessible prices.”

Osterloh’s comments follow a piece on famed Apple designer Jony Ive in the New Yorker, where Ive called out Motorola (not by name) for its design practices with the Moto X smartphone that allows customers to choose the design.

“Their value proposition was ‘Make it whatever you want. You can choose whatever color you want.’ And I believe that’s abdicating your responsibility as a designer,” Ive said.

Last quarter, Apple reported profit of $18 billion.

Source: BBC via 9to5mac

  • Shawn

    I had a moto x. Got it about a month after it came out and it was a good phone. Notice how I’m using past tense, it didn’t last very long with the horrible build quality. I sent it in 5 times before giving up on it when the from camera assembly kept falling back into the phone.

    • TechLove

      Same experience with my moto g. Best budget phone my a*s.


  • So what, now I’m not saying its right but if another company tries to do the same and sell there products for more I guarantee theirs wont sell as much.

    I think that says something about the products.

  • GoodGreenGanja

    It’s completely true, but it seems that people don’t care (myself included).

    “The iPhone 6 seriously left the base model at 16 gigs to scam people into paying the extra $100? God, Apple, you suck.” (Buys the 64gb iPhone 6)

    • BoardDWorld

      Yes, it’s completely obvious there is a “massive” amount of headroom to reduce the iPhone’s price. At least that would hold up on Steve’s promise to reduce the price to make it available to more people when he announce the iPhone 2G.

      Instead, Apple being Apple, they saw it was such a winner & they could simply rape peoples wallets with new generation devices and pass on older generations that rapes it a little less but still sees similar profits.

      I’m very much considering an Xiaomi Mi Note Pro which has insane build quality for $500, thinner, no camera bump and it’s a Sony 13mp IOS sensor. 4GB of faster memory. The copied UI has been very much built on in a good way. 2K display, 24Bit 192 kHz audiophile sound processing. Then accessories; some of the best quality earbuds or headphones at insane prices. I like their $5 health band that monitors your health 24/7 for 30 days and acts as a Bluetooth key to unlock your device.

      • Joey_Z

        I’d love the iPhone to be cheaper, but yet the demand is high and there really isn’t any other iOS alternatives on the market. It is a seller’s market.

      • BoardDWorld

        Yes, software & most importantly services. But I’m still going to taste other waters to see how well it can fit in.

      • Andrew Moulton

        Xiaomi doesn’t maintain a network of retail service centers so enjoy your paperweight when you every drop it.

      • BoardDWorld

        Aliexpress.. I actually just purchase an entirely new 1080p display with housing etc. Supplied and fitted $40..

      • Andrew Moulton

        People who can repair their own phones aren’t a large enough market to go after for the most valuable company in the world. My point is they offer value-added services (which cost money) well beyond the mere cost of the hardware and software that other phone makers provide. The security of being able to walk into a nearby location and walk out the same day with a working phone has value, even if not to you.

      • BoardDWorld

        That might be true in the US if have an Apple store handy, I know many don’t. Both iPhones I purchased new had to be sent away for fault diag by the communications provider it was purchased from; this took 2 weeks but was great in respect I was given a new phone. As for the new display for $30; It arrived in 5 days, fitted the same afternoon for $10. My experience is at this given time where mobile tech is at right now selling my 64GB 5S and buying a Mi3 64GB while gaining an extra $200 has been exceptionally rewarding after 7 years using iPhone. Recently it was updated with features I didn’t dream would come to it having been used to push their new flag ship Mi Note/Pro. Focus peaking & Ubifocus among my favourites.

    • Andrew Moulton

      Well they can get away with premium price points because it’s a premium product. If there was a better phone on the market Apple would have to compete on price. Pretty basic economics.

  • Montgomery Tyler

    for what the iphone can really do, it’s worth the price. My main concern is the freedom to do what i want with the phone.

    • Josh

      Yeah. Problem is that most people use the iPhone just for texting, calling and some candy crush here and there.
      Any other phone can do that.
      In fact, you can buy a brand new MacBook pro for the price of a 128GB iPhone 6.

      • Montgomery Tyler

        then it make sense to get something that just do only that for way lesser price. But if your going to spend the same amount for a iphone 6 for a MacBook then it comes down what you really want

  • Jeffrey

    In other news: AAPL just passed 128,58, which means it would be 900 if it weren’t for the stock split last year!

  • Kr00

    Such hypocracy from the company who charged $3000-$4000 for the first “mobile” phones.

  • jake kneller

    Yes the iPhone’s are expensive but there worth it even for the standered user no the standered user doesn’t have a clue how powerful the device can be but at least they don’t get viruses for the extra price all that being said Motorola is just mad apples phone cost more than there’s and apple sells 3x as many devices as they do

    • Gregg

      You are correct, sir, but, please, for the love of everything decent, spell it right!

      • jake kneller

        Don’t ask this auto correct completely hates me. Anytime a word gets messed up once it always does the word that way .

  • iPhoneWINS

    apple is because they are the market leader…

  • iPhoneWINS

    I love iPhones but only when jailbroken

    • Leo Parker

      Same here. I didn’t buy my iPhone 6+ until I heard the first jailbreak came out.

  • Stephen Hagans

    this isn’t news.. who doesn’t know this already?

  • George

    Apple died once it can die again.

  • nonchalont

    Apple sells quality products. Just like bmw, or Mercedes. Apple = bmw or mercedes of the phone world.

    It’s the experience. They receive premium to invest in a quality experience. Plus their marketing department is awesome!

    • BoardDWorld

      Yeah, but even Euros are being compared to Japanese with the Jap’s taking the top pick. Mazda 3 vs A-Class etc.

  • Matt

    … And the strategy is working
    In a few years they’ll be worth a trillion.

    • Gregg

      Months, not years.

  • igorsky

    “We believe the future is in offering similar experiences and great consumer choice at accessible prices.”

    Kind of amazing to me that highly-paid executives like Rick Osterloh still haven’t figured out that their vision doesn’t apply to Apple because they are not, and never will be, in the same market.

    • Benedict

      Motorola’s sales increased in Q4 2014 by 118%…

  • Zac Bishop

    What’s strange is that they designed the Apple Watch to come in several different colors, materials, and sizes.

    • Rigs101

      I think the difference is that they designed the watch and they didn’t leave it up to the consumer to help design the product like Motorola did I think that’s what he meant

      • Zac Bishop

        And Motorola has put different meterals through intense testing toale sure it does not interfere with WiFi, 4g, and Bluetooth

  • Alberto Espinal

    Ok to be honest Apple is kind of expensive, but their products have a good resale value and wbatever you buy something from Apple be sure that you are going to get most of your money back!

    • BoardDWorld

      They have drastically lost their resale value where I am which is about 50% of the original price.

      • Josh

        An iPhone is like a brand new car. Once opened and used, good luck on selling it for the full price you paid for it. It depreciates 20%. So, that shiny 16GB iPhone 6 you just bought for $710, after opened and used is now worth $568. But how much did Apple pay for it? About $240.

      • Alberto Espinal

        Says who?

      • BoardDWorld

        Odd comment?

  • DeRoth

    This ain’t Motorola …. This is Chinese Lenovo cheap propaganda…

  • Wood1030

    It’s simple economics and marketing really. Apple (and others) can charge whatever the market is willing to pay. If people aren’t willing to continue to pay exorbitant prices for Apple products you can bet prices would come down. Basic supply and demand.
    I do however believe that apple makes a premium product demanding a premium price.

  • moofer

    Meanwhile, they can’t give their sh*t away.

  • Mark Kramer

    Might as well complain that BMW and Mercedes and Rolls Royce charge too much too. What a loser. Can’t afford something? Then don’t buy it. But don’t whine about it.

    • Mike

      Which one would you rather have for the same price? A BMW, Mercedes, and Rolls Royce or a fully loaded BMW, Mercedes, and Rolls Royce? Same thing happens here I can buy the Samsung Note 4 or Moto 6, which have better specs and are the same price than the iphone 6+, but the iphone doesn’t offer anything worth the value while samsung and moto pack their phones to the max.

      • Rowan09

        Better specs on paper, but perform the same if not very similar. Don’t be fooled by inflated specs.

      • Specs usually don’t mean much at all when it comes to phones. Quite often we see inflated specs on phones that in theory should trump an iPhone in benchmarks but more often than not the iPhone will beat them in benchmarks or will lose but still be better in real life usage…

      • Mike

        Yeah, but I rather have a phone that is able to do something that I can turn on and off whenever I like than have a phone that can barely do anything that I can control or use.

      • Specs aren’t only referring to the CPU, GPU and Screen you know? Specs that actually make a difference in experience yet are missing in the iPhone 6+ include:

        – 2GB+ RAM to actually get a true mult-tab web browsing experience on the go without unwanted tab refreshes nor app crashes. With 1GB of RAM the iPhone 6+ fails to offer this immersive experience.
        – IR Blaster for the convenience of a universal remote at no additional cost
        – SD Card slot for the convenience of expanding app/media storage at reasonable price
        – 10MP+ camera to get better lossless digital zoom and 4K recording

        Don’t be fooled by Apple’s “specs don’t matter” reality distortion field. Specs matter to a certain extent.

      • Rowan09

        Who said specs doesn’t matter and since when was 10mp now the standard for cameras? Why is 4K recording such a big deal when they have 5K coming soon? Digital zoom sucks, I’ve used it on an iPhone, Note 4 and S5 and it sucks on all of them. I don’t care about an IR blaster on a phone if I need a universal remote they have them available as an app through wifi. A SD card slot is not needed as well because of cloud storage, etc. I would never say specs doesn’t matter I just said don’t be fooled by inflated specs, we’ve been through this already.

      • Yeah we’ve been through it where you’re too shortsighted and don’t want anything until it comes to Apple devices…

  • Mike

    Never buying a iphone again

    • SoylentGreen

      Every incarnation of the iPhone imo are the most tactile devices ive ever held, apart from maybe the 6 & 6+ Which are too large for my liking but Are still über tactile, Same can be be said for iMacs, I replaced a psu on one not long ago & they are also very tactile, i got that ‘i NEED one of these now’ feeling Apple products emit, most users have not got a clue or really care about their device specs beyond functioning for music, playing a match 3, texting, face-booking, push the boat out and do some actual calling? So as long as it does what they need during the average commute, sorted. That’s how it should be, you do not yearn for things you know nothing about. Also its a major fashion accessory, if mobiles were ‘trumph cards’ the iPhone card would trumph all, its the phone to have, and all the so called cool ppl have one. So in summary they are the no.1 phone to have from a fashionable pov & they look & feel awesome.

  • MKB4k

    The OnePlus One is the best phone and the most affordable.

    • Mike

      Companies need to stop advertising phones so they can make them a lot cheaper!

      • Apple could do that since their brand is already significantly well known. But Apple being Apple, they’ll probably cut back significantly on the advertisement (I think they’ve already done that) and keep the price outrageous.

      • MKB4k

        I think that apple should stop advertising and sell their phone for a cheaper price.

      • MKB4k

        Thats what oneplus does they rely on social media and invites for people to spread the word about them to sell a cheaper phone.

    • KyleVPirate

      I have several unused invites but technical support is most important and this is where Apple wins against OnePlus. I have an account on the forums and OnePlus and Cyanogens invite system as well as the discontinuation of Cyanogemod for Indian users isn’t good.

  • ravinigga

    He is totaly right I spent 899€ on 5s. You think right now that’s is crazy for 64gb. Buy android and get a cheap sd card.
    But my 5s is now 1 years old with almost the latest iOS still on 8.1 jb.

    My is getting faster and faster and battery longer. I buy iOS device because I know I can use it for years apps work perfect and in that years I earned my money back well in 3 months.

    But If I sell it I get a huge profit back.

    The man is right but don’t know why you pay for. Of course specs is low says other phones but open beats that phones.

    In my country many have 4 or 4s. They could buy another but it still works. They can still use the latest apps.

  • Joey_Z

    The grape is pretty sour

  • Mickey

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my 6+. But Ive calling out Motorola for letting consumers choose the color is a little excessive. The design is still the same. I didn’t keep my x very long for other reasons but actually liked the curves in the Moto x and the ability to choose color and materials (wood). Ive & company were certainly abdicating their responsibilities as designers when they forced most consumers to hide it in a case by designing one of the most slippery phones ever combined with a protruding camera, I’m one of the few people I’ve come across that use a 6+ (or 6) naked. I think even Sebastian is using a case now!?

  • #Chan

    Where do those fools think they are going to get money to research stuff? lol. The less money you make the less they have to pour money into research to new technology. Obviously apple id doing it right.