MileWiz for Apple Watch teaser 001

Ahead of its wearable release in April, Apple invited select developers to submit their Watch apps for the inclusion in the App Store. We’ve already seen previews of Todoist, we know eBay is working on a bidding Watch app and Nimblebit even created a puzzle game for it.

And now, developer SilverWiz has posted a pair of previews of its two productivity apps for the device: the personal finance app MoneyWiz 2 and the automatic mileage tracking software MileWiz.

“We wanted to allow you to enter transactions on the go, without taking your phone out of your pocket,” developers wrote. “We also wanted to allow you quick access to your accounts balances.”

MoneyWiz presents you with the four basic buttons on the main screen: Expense, Income, Accounts and Settings. To create an expense or income, you’ll first enter the amount, then choose the account, the category and optionally the payee.

The transaction is then posted into MoneyWiz, where you can optionally edit it. Force-touching on any account on the Accounts screen brings up an additional menu with the option to quickly create an income or an expense report.

Here’s a short video demonstration.

The app even includes seven themes that match the color of your Watch.

The MileWiz Watch app will be available free for all MileWiz users and includes several features, among them the ability to see the current status of MileWiz (Paused, Idle or Driving), browse uncategorized trips and categorize them directly from the Watch and enable or disable the Auto-tracking feature.

As you know, the Apple Watch uses Wi-Fi and GPS from your iPhone for network connectivity and location services, respectively.

MoneyWiz 2 is available in the App Store and Mac App Store.

MileWiz is a free download from the App Store.

Source: SilverWiz via John Gibson

  • Fanboy 

    Apple should really release pricing info, so people can start saving up lol

    • Kyle McNulty – Mclovin341

      I’m sure they said the standard apple watch would cost £300 or $300 not sure which

      • Fanboy 

        There’s 3 different types of Apple Watch, all coming in 2 different screen sizes, all with multiple interchangeable bands. I want pricing, not starting price (which is $350 btw).

  • Hydra

    Well, it looks like Moneywiz developers never read the Human Interface Guidelines posted by Apple for Apple Watch. There can’t be more than two buttons in a row due to limited screen size.

    • joey

      That is just a recommendation, and it’s actually 3 not 2. I am more put off by their non-black background colors, which also goes against the HIG which state the background really should be pure black.

      • Hydra

        From the HIG:
        “If you must put more than one button in the same horizontal space, limit the total number of buttons to two.”

        So I guess it is more than recommendation and definitely for two buttons 🙂

        It totally makes sense. We can’t have buttons less than 44 points on iOS devices, the same idea should apply to the watch as well. Too small buttons are impossible to operate with.

      • joey

        Aw thanks for the quote, I could have sworn it was 3. Note that Apple isn’t following their guidelines in several screenshots as visible on the marketing pages. Most have no more than 3 though, I may have seen one with 4 but can’t find it now – it had emoji icons for button titles I believe.

  • iPhoneWINS

    not impressed