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We’re now entering the fourth week of straight decline in amount of new jailbreak tweak releases. I’m not sure if there is anything to get too concerned about at this point, but it’s definitely worth noting.

If you haven’t had a chance to get on Cydia this week, I’ve rounded up all the new tweaks that shipped over the last few days, with a short description of each of them. That should give you a quick overview of what was released and what might be of interest to you.

Call Enhancer: allows you to make phone calls anonymously ($0.99 – review)

CleanUp: removes web addresses in ControlCenter when streaming media (free)

DathMessages: customize the color of various aspects of the Messages app ($1.99)

Disable App Switcher Rotation: the name pretty much says it all (free)

FlipBook: brings an autorotate feature to the Facebook app (free)

Harbor: brings an OS X-inspired dock to the iPhone ($2.99 – review)

Keyboard Accio: a quick way to switch keyboards (free)

Messenger+: enables internal settings for Facebook Messenger (free)

MoreThanSMS: allows you to initiate phone calls from the Messages app (free)

MultiIconMover+: move multiple app icons and folders on your iPhone at the same time ($0.99 – review)

NCBrowser 8: browse the web from Notification Center (free – review)

NoWakeOnRinger: disables screen waking when switching the ringer switch (free)

Pasithea: a new jailbreak tweak that saves pasteboard history ($1.99 – review)

Photo Timestamp: adds a timestamp to photos in the Photos app ($1.99 – review)

SaveGram: save Instagram photos and videos to the Photos app (free – review)

SimpleNC: streamlines the look of Notification Center (free – review)

If I had to pick one personal favorite, I would go with MultiIconMover+. It’s actually not a new tweak, but it was recently updated adding even more features.

What are your favorite picks of the week? Make sure to share with everybody in the comments section below.

  • Justice and Malice

    I’m sorry to be “that guy”, but the jailbreak tweaks scene has been absolutely dead for weeks now. Hoping that changes soon.

    • Gabriel Anaya

      I definitely agree with you there

      • jpaul

        I already watched the movies Jupiter Ascending, Seventh Son, Project Almanac, Blackhat, American Sniper, The Boy Next Door, Blackhat, Mortdecai, The Wedding Ringer and Taken 3 on my iPhone 6 from lMOVlESAPP(dot)COM.

      • Paul Edmund

        It cost $20 to use that app. No thanks. Movie Box has been working great.

      • FreeGreezyDoe

        playbox is even better it has every old show/movie from the 90s and new movies too

    • Antzboogie

      Not really because all the tweaks that have come out pretty much are doing an awesome job. Also if everyone actually paid for their tweaks like me and few others maybe the developers would be a little more motivated to make more.

      • Gabriel Anaya

        Not paying for tweaks is kinda sad,expecially considering how most aren’t any more expensive than a bag of chips at the store

      • FreeGreezyDoe

        I don’t pay for chips either fool

      • 9to5Slavery

        stop making your mommie buy it for you.

      • FreeGreezyDoe

        I steal em just like I steal tweaks WESTSIIIDDEEEE

      • Gregg

        One day you’ll get the opportunity to make that one phone call, fool…

      • FreeGreezyDoe

        na bruh im a pro sorry never happening SUCKA

      • gittlopctbi

        I disagree that all the tweaks have been awesome. IMO, most have been boring, many have been tweaks looking for a solution, and others have left me wondering why they made the tweak in the first place.

    • pnh

      And those that are out are not updated much if at all.

    • Chang in Charge

      No way the tweak scene has been vibrant and if less people pirated like Antzboogie said then it would be even crazier. I think this is and is going to continue to be one of the longest waves of consistent tweak releases in JB history. Especially when the watch comes out i expect its going to ramp up again. And considering we have had a jailbreak tool for every update I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone come out with an 8.1.3 tool or we skip the minor point update and see another tool come out for 8.2

    • pauleebe

      We’re kind of reaching the point where almost everything has a tweak, or has been updated for iOS 8.

  • Fanboy 

    You guys just wait until the Apple Watch and iOS 8.2 and watch the increase in tweaks come! 😉 the fact that a lot of the actual processing will be on the iPhone and sent to the Watch i cant wait to see what the community comes up with!

    • Chocolope Jailbreakush

      I agree I’m looking forward to a better version or something similar to Aeternum and all those Watch interfaces trying to find the Jellyfish now.

  • Sheyenne

    I had a majorly frustrating problem with the tweak. The dock would not align correctly, it would fall to the bottom right corner of my iphone 6’s screen. Really would like a fix for that.

  • FanMan Fo Life

    Not a big deal but you have NCBrowser 8 as free and it definitely isnt.

  • Sedat Gul

    He jeff vlc is back

    • Nicholas Huber

      it isn’t coming up in the app store for me, link?

      • Sedat Gul

        have you downloaded it before vlc?

      • Nicholas Huber


      • Sedat Gul

        sorry you can only download on the earlier purchases app store.

      • Nicholas Huber

        is that going to change?

      • Sedat Gul

        VLC for iOS 2.4 is available for people who had installed the app previously. It is still the major update of VLC that was promised, because that is version 2.5 which will appear as a completely new app. Through the normal search in the App Store is the update not to be found, but through previous purchases.

      • Nicholas Huber

        Ah great, more waiting. Thank you though

  • diggitydang

    Anyone know of a tweak that can remove banner ads in the Facebook app? Super annoying!

    • CanadianBatman

      check out flex 2 (4.99) you can remove it via a flex tweak

      • diggitydang

        I’ve got that tweak, but can’t find one that does it. I know I can create my own but don’t know what variable to search for.

      • Robert Adams

        the only way you get banner ads is by using Facebook ++ you have to go through the settings of Facebook ++ and contact them or pay 1.99 to remove the ads. If you ask they’ll remove it for free… or you can just uninstall the tweak

      • diggitydang

        O…….M……..G!!!!!!! Deleted and it’s gone!!! Geez!!!!! Thank you SOOOOOO much!!! I don’t even remember what that tweak did and I couldn’t find the setting (would’ve gladly thrown $2 at them to take the ads off, if I knew what it did). Ah well. I won’t miss those ads. Thanks again!!

    • Robert A. Petersen

      Use the free “Paper” app instead of the Facebook app. It looks and functions nicer anyway.

      • diggitydang

        Turns out, it was Facebook++ doing it, so I’ve just removed that tweak.

  • h4nd0fg0d

    Harbor is the dope shit. Love it muthafckahs.

  • Itzkhaoz

    Anyone know if there’s a tweak to disable the screen rotation on an iPhone 6+? Specifically the rotation when the phone is held upside down, not the landscape/portrait one.

  • h4nd0fg0d

    One and only screen. Period.

    • 9to5Slavery

      What is that tweak on top to display it like that? and how do you get so many icons on the bottom?

      • Carlos Medina

        Springtomize 3 for top display which is called coverflow and springtime for dock as well with the icons minimized.

      • h4nd0fg0d

        Springtomize for top, harbor on bot;!

      • z1n

        Are those just folders at the top with your CC icon in the middle? How do they look opening?

      • h4nd0fg0d

        Just folders with no back ground and the center icon is settings from the 3 4 All glyphs theme version 2. FolderIconsIos8 for the backgroundless folder look.

      • h4nd0fg0d

        Also the blurred strip behind the harbor dock is from ‘Dockshift.’

      • h4nd0fg0d

        BatteryStatusBar at very top also.

    • LeePattison

      What’s your iWidget called thanks

      • h4nd0fg0d

        iWidget by June pack 6 or 7. Whichever has the transparent ones. I have both. It’s the ‘clear horizontal’ one. ;!

    • h4nd0fg0d

      My one screen accomplishes everything. It is a streamlined and perfectly efficient. Clean and perfect imo. Absolutely hate cluttered and messy pages of icons.

  • Guest

    Anyone know a Tweak to bing back the old iOS6 Album view in Music App

    • TonyVee73

      Try Aria. I’m not sure if nits exacly like iOS 6 but it gives you a grid view.

      • Vroon

        Thanks as u said it gives u grid view but I am looking for that old classic floating view (cover-flow)..

    • Guest

      Thanks as u said it gives u grid view but I am looking for that old classic floating view (cover-flow)

  • Vroon

    Anyone know a Tweak to bring back the old iOS6 Album view in Music App

  • Noah

    SaveGram is certinaly not new. The only reason you guys probably covered it was because Instagram updated something which required SaveGram to be updated. If there was no update you probably wouldn’t have it listed here.

    • Carlos Medina

      had it since iOS 7 i believe lol

    • Many tweaks aren’t new but it’s still good for iDB to cover them multiple times because people forget about tweaks. I often see an update to a tweak covered on iDB and I’d have used the tweak in the past but completely forgotten about it…

  • Jason Hue

    Sphereview is an okay tweak. Still some bugs to fix.

  • Mustafa.AFG

    iapcrazy works!!<i have hacked Plants vs zombies 2

  • Mustafa.AFG

    does clash of clans VIP works?