The latest leak for Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S6 point to the flagship smartphone looking very close to the iPhone 6 that was released by Apple last fall. got its hands on alleged photos of the handset’s parts, showing a metal cassis with rounded sides.

More suspect, the photos also show feature placement of the Galaxy S6 is the same on the iPhone 6 for the headphone jack, speaker, cable connector, and SIM card. There’s also similar antenna breaks, however they’re found on the bottom and top of the device instead of the left and right sides.

The photo leak comes after Korea Times reported the new Galaxy will look a lot like Apple’s handset.

“The Galaxy S6 will make its debut in two versions ― flat and rounded screens,” an executive at a local parts supplier told Korea Times on Tuesday. “It will have a metal build, which will make it look even more like Apple’s latest models.”

Beyond its metal design, it’s being reported the Galaxy S6 will feature a Quad HD display, a 64-bit Exynos processor, upgraded cameras, and a redesigned fingerprint reader. Furthermore, there’s word Samsung could offer a new mobile payments service called Samsung Pay.

Samsung has a lot riding on the release of its next flagship smartphone, as its mobile business has been losing market share to Apple following the release of the iPhone 6. While it’s not clear how accurate the leaks for the Galaxy S6 are, Samsung may find itself in some more legal trouble. It’s hard to deny this thing doesn’t look like the iPhone 6.

Samsung is said to launch the Galaxy S6 at an event on March 1st, a day before the opening of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. More photos of the alleged metal build can be found below.





Source: via Korea Times

  • Straightshoota

    Here we go again. Court lawsuits and Johnny Ive testimony.

    • BoardDWorld

      What’s crazy is people don’t buy Samsung to get an iPhone knock off. They buy it often to differentiate themselves. This is only going to damage their sales even more.

  • ThoseCurves

    is that the only place left on earth to take phone pictures ? damn it

    • Star Lord

      Exactly my thought.

    • danielson

      whoever took the photo needed it to be discreet, since they’re leaking confidential data by doing this.
      and look at the manicured hand. it’s a woman who’s the culprit.
      go after her, Samsung!

      • Gregg

        It’s a guy. Chinese guys just love long fingernails, esp. on the pinky. Supposedly for fighting. Anywho… nice shots in the crapper. A leak in the toilet – imagine…

      • BoardDWorld

        You are correct that men have a long nail on their little finger, this is actually for good luck (it was funny because I actually had a chap break it while doing some service for me, that must be bad luck right?). But the hand in the photo is definitely female. All finger nails are extended & manicured.

      • iPhoneWINS

        could be a tranny

      • deedi

        Picking nose it is the long nail on the pinky for. Freaking disgusting ….

      • Barcelonian

        These comments though hahha im serious i come here to laugh not because of these leaks haha

      • al7oot

        What about the shoes !! It’s look like a woman

      • mersc

        Lol the those are man hands. Gs6 is a big phone, compare it to those maws in pic 3. Also, man’s shoe in pic 3. And most obvious… women don’t pee in mens’ restrooms (urinal).

    • Sure lets take a photo of an unreleased phone out in the open for others to see that they’re breaking the rules. Do you have another discrete place they could have gone without questions being asked?

    • punintended

      I’m afraid there was nowhereelse

    • Osama Muhammed

      OMG that killed me laughing i just noticed LOL!!!!!!!

    • credulousgeek

      My thought bro I died laughing 😀

  • Markus Hudobnik

    If this is true then this is really really sad…

    Let’s all brace ourselves for the horrible commercials.

  • Fanboy 

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA please tell me this isn’t true

  • stniuk

    Could be a Chinese knock off from a no-name but they wouldn’t use metal.

  • ClemTig

    Samsung’s best work yet! People will line up to get it! (If it’s cheap)

    • james smith

      Sam-shit finally got the design right copy your competition

  • Exstinction

    why is he holding a iphone 6 back shell? he can get a new one at apple store

  • Hakiim Mislam

    in the toilet?

  • DroidBricker

    I think he pulled it out of that hole in the floor.

  • Vic O

    I don’t which is worse: the paucity of ideas, or the shamelessness at Samsung …

  • TheShade247

    Why the F*** would this guy take photos in front of toilet, just disgusting

    • Why the F*** would this guy take photos in front of toilet, just disgusting

      As disgusting as it is I’d imagine there’s a very good reason for it! Just theorizing here but these manufacturers usually come down hard on employees if they’re caught trying to leak products so it’s very likely that the toilets are the one private place to take photographs without getting caught…

      • TheShade247

        I’m pretty sure after this incident they’ll depoly security cameras in the bath room lol

      • Ara Rezaee

        You do realize that she could have very easily stand in front of a wall in the toilet or just move her hand to the right so it’ll cover the god damn toilet! I’m not angry though, this was a fitting move. A shit move from Samsung calls for a shit leak…

      • mersc

        It’s a man.

    • Roboter

      Look closer at the pictures again. I think this is a woman and isn’t it a female toilet? ^^ But ya it’s still disgusting.

      • Ara Rezaee

        The hell is a female toilet?! That’s an squat toilet cause you have to squat in order to do your business and its unisex

      • Roboter

        I wasn’t sure about that, I only seen such toilet in some Japanese anime xD So don’t judge me, but the person in that picture is defiantly a woman.

      • Guest

        In the past, in my country this kind of toilet was the standard …. it’s called turkish toilet and is for booth male/female 🙂

  • jake kneller

    I feel this device will be more expensive than previous Galaxy devices and well we’re still gonna have those android fanboys saying apple copied them can’t wait for all the negative things that are gonna follow the release of this phone if these pictures are actually the s6 but that being said I’ll still be picking one up

    • Dan

      How could this be apple copying samsung? Your comment makes no sense.

      • jake kneller

        I didn’t say it was apple copping I was saying that’s what the android fanboys will say it was a joke

      • Dan

        I like android. I don’t say that.

      • jake kneller

        I like android two but in my personal opinion I would rather use apple but once again I did not say to anyone who likes android I was speaking towards android fanboys and yes once again it was a joke can’t you read

  • whodakat

    Why would anyone patronize such a disgusting company? I’d be embarrassed to own one. If you must go Android, buy an LG or Nexus.

    • Ahmed Karoui

      I woud rather go xiaomi 😀

    • jake kneller

      Nexus is certainly the way to go if your planing on upswing android it’s the stock experience and really works better than samsungs lay overs and app replacements

  • Khan Rulzz

    Made in toilet ! #OMG #SHIT

  • Dan

    Yeah this looks so much like an iPhone it’s ridiculous, I call BS on this one.

  • Bruce

    Not an samsung fan, but I have to say it’s iPhone 6 that looks like samsung devices.

    • If I were a Samsung fan I’d say the iPhone 6 is a clone of this device because naturally I wouldn’t know any better.

      • Grenger

        The iPhone 6 looks like a clone of the Samsung phones that came before it. But I guess you don’t know any better.

      • An unbiased phone technician for over 5 years.. I know better.

    • igorsky

      No offense, but you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • Rowan09

      Really the iPhone 6 looks like which Samsung device?

      • Grenger

        It looks like Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and S5. The Samsungs has had this look for years.

  • leart

    Hahahaa samsung, masters of rip off

    • Agreed, the copying department is where they innovate the most.

    • Would be really asinine and shameless of them if this were the actual casing. Only time will tell if it was just an Apple fanboy trying to get people hating on Samsung, or it’s Samsung being Shamelessung on a whole new level.

      • We’ve been trying to tell you this or ages. They have been like this for a while.

      • They’ve never been any worse than Apple themselves (bit. ly/1si5DVX), that’s what I’ve been telling you for ages. This on the other hand, now it’s going too far. Only time will tell if it’s actually true.

      • It was too far with the Samesungs Galaxy Tab charging port had a thirty-pin connection that was basically an inverted Apple Connection, the charger itself looked exactly as Apples did. Its not Apple’s fault when they copy its actually better (Most of the time) lol.

      • They created a different tablet design with a similar charging port. Is that what you’ve been mindlessly hating Samsung for the most? If that’s going too far, I wonder what you call this, making it better? Gimme a break dude…

      • Comparing a skype app to a phone call eyy? IMO It does look better on the iPhone, less cluttered and simpler. And no that is not what I hate the most. Its just the simplest thing I thought you could wrap your head around and know they copy even the simple things. Plenty of designs but yet chose to use the Apples port but only upside down lol.

      • All subjective there, still as much of a copy as that connector. Many other ways to make a Phone Call UI but yet Apple chose to use a UI design almost identical to Microsoft’s Windows phone UI.
        That’s just 1 of many others on that website I linked to. Apple is as original as Samsung, just people like you that keep dissing Samsung’s innovative ideas as “gimmicks” until Apple does the same sh*t a few years later…

      • If they are done and fail they are gimmicks there is no getting around that I’m not being biased…

      • Yeah, same thing was said about 7 inch tablets and the Phablet, and same thing is currently being said about digitizer pens on Phablets, and about merging a full-fledged Laptop with a full Tablet. All by the same short-sighted hypocrites you’ll find standing in line when Apple releases the same sh*t a few years later…

      • A few years later when it’s better kinks or worked out*

      • A few years later when it’s dumbed-down back to generation 1 and has an Apple logo*

      • Dumbed down or more useful and uncluttered?

  • diggitydang

    No shame………..

  • Franklin Richards

    Seriously? Samsung really has no shame.

  • AnArcticMonkey

    I was going to say this is just fishing for another reason to bash Samsung but that looks ridiculously similar to the iPhone 6 body!

  • stulaw01

    Definitely not an iphone mid/backplate the mic is on the wrong side (next to the headphone jack on the 6/6 Plus) and too many rows of speaker holes.

    If this is true I hope Apple sues their mobile division out of business, this is the lowest you can get honestly if this leak is true. If this is the best Samsung can do, make an iphone shell clone, then close up shop now.

  • Joey_Z

    LOL This is so much fun!

  • leart

    That toilet, looks way more original

  • Bugs Bunnay

    Not surprising!

  • makubot

    I bet it won’t bend tho!

    • james smith

      Sam-shit bend gate S5 video coming soon

  • Kash Gummaraju

    Funny cuz no other site reports this leak. Not even android authority. Could it be that this isn’t an actual s6 leak?

  • iPodDroid

    While I do think Samsung is responsible for their own failiures, I don’t think it’s fair to accuse them of copying when 1)This is just a leak, we have no confirmation if this is the real deal 2)Apple is just as wrong of copying as any other company. But then again, iSheep just love to make copy claims.

    • Yeah, why wait for the actual device when you can join the herd in mindlessly hating on Samsung…

      • iPodDroid

        Exactly! Thank god there’s at least someone who understand >_>

  • mlee19841

    I dig samsung but i use apple. Hope they fix the lag within touch wiz on the galaxy 6.

  • No Samsung logo on any of the casing, what proof is there that this came from Samsung factory and not Xiomi or Apple themselves for that matter? Will wait for the official renderings before making that conclusion…live the iSheep to do the mindless hating.

    • N&LH

      “Will wait for the official renderings before making that conclusion”…You used to do that MrCrazy

      “live the iSheep to do the mindless hating.”… are the who is mindless, hater and troll

      • Quit trolling me you old doofus…

      • N&LH

        “Quit trolling me you old doofus…”….I am not trolling you Mr Crazy…you are the one who is trolling

    • Cameron

      have you seen iDB post any bad next product leak pictures? i havent. The leaks are always accurate… Of course theres always a first.
      EDIT: from the pictures above, this is more or less 100% NOT from apples factory, they dont make phones with camera in the center like that.

  • Antonio Fonseca


  • Manuel Molina

    Damn! I haven’t come in iDB in awhile and I’m hit with Samsung taking every single piece of the iPhone case for their phone. Glad to see I didn’t miss anything new from Samsung – copying is still the norm from them.

  • Andres

    How do you bathe in that tiny bathtub?

  • Nicks

    Of course they will tell us how great phone is it 12 cores 5 gb ram 50 megapixel camera 4k resolution all this fu**in useless and so on but still android will have lag like always does on any samsung phone.
    For god sake people go buy a wonderful, phone from HTC,Motorola,LG even from Apple let them sink with copy paste “technology”!

  • jack

    Damn dog eaters

    • George


  • Mohammed Khaled

    ok, so apple should be cautious now. since now people wont complain about their phones, made of plastic. this has… in most if not all cases better hardware and nowadays many use cyanogenmod which is fast.

  • Donovan
  • Guest

    Now say its not Sameshung….

  • George Yfantopoulos

    Now say it’s not Samesung… FGS.

  • George Yfantopoulos

    This is a whole new level of Copy. xD

  • Sohail Wahab

    Breaking news! Gallaxy S6 Toilet is out

  • Tommy

    At first the antenna lines were supposed to be ugly. But ever since Apple made it fashionable, everyone is incorporating it onto their devices. Damn.

  • George

    So when apple releases the iPad surface tablet everyone is gonna be like “omg apple is so innovative”, apple wouldn’t make shit if other companies didn’t keep inventing new things for apple to make a year later.

  • Mikko

    Apple invented rounded corners and everything else in mobilephones ?