iTunes Notification Center widget

Apple this evening posted the first notable update for iTunes 12 since the music management app was refreshed for OS X Yosemite back in October of last year. The release comes labeled as iTunes 12.1, and it includes a new media control widget for Notification Center.

The widget includes back, forward and pause buttons, much like the buttons on the Lock screen and in Control Center of iOS, as well as track information. And, when playing iTunes Radio, the widget allows you to favorite songs and purchase the currently playing song.

The 12.1 update is for both Windows and Mac, and Apple says that in addition to the new widget, it also improves performances when syncing with iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You can find it either in the Updates tab of the Mac App Store or in the Menu Bar > iTunes >Check for Updates.

Today’s release comes just a day after Apple pushed out OS X Yosemite 10.10.2. The long-awaited maintenance update brought about a number of improvements, including major fixes for a well-known Spotlight security issue, Wi-Fi connectivity, and Bluetooth headphone syncing.

  • Leandro Romano

    Great update!

    • Dan

      Exactly! And apart from the Notification widget this post mentioned, there are many other new improvements that I read in another article, like “quick tour” and Info windows. It is very helpful. You can go and see the details.

  • RubberDuckZilla

    This update is cool, but when will the music app on the idevices get the “play next & add to up next” feature? I’ve been waiting for this for some time now. Apple please integrate.

    • Tobiyes

      Do you mean something like a queue? Yeah, that would be nice! But for „next“ „previous“ and so on… you have Control Center.
      This „iTunes controls“ feature in the Notification Center is just blowing up everything again. You have keyboard shortcuts with „Fn“! Why putting features in every little corner? I wish, they would do another Snow Leopard like update, rewrite the Finder or fix other buggy stuff. I think that we have enough features for one year!

    • Knyw413

      If you’re jailbroken, I would recommend trying out Aria which adds the ability to queue songs!!

      • There it is! I couldn’t think of the tweak that did that but Aria is one great tweak and not only for queue either!

      • RubberDuckZilla

        I couldn’t find the name of the tweak. You my friend are awesome, thank you.

      • CR£4T3

        Upnext is better, because aria is really buggy and slow.

      • RubberDuckZilla

        That’s good to know. Though I’ve been using it all day and haven’t had any problems. But I’ll try Upnext on my iPad and let you know what I think of it. Thank you for the heads up.

  • Nice; but no repeat controls???? And if you are lucky maybe; just maybe you can find the repeat controls somewhere buried way deep in iTunes

    • Tobiyes

      Menubar -> Controls -> Repeat?

      • yeah but why not put in the little circular icons permanantly into the player

      • Sam Romeo

        This frustrates me so much! Why only have shuffle and not repeat?!

      • There is a better widget out there called Widgetunes for 99 cents on the app store. It at least gives playlists and pics.

  • Ben

    Apple seriously needs to add in more stock widgets for iOS 8, or allow more third party widgets to control and view system stuffs. And one things I still don’t get is why didn’t they add cellular data toggle to control center. That pisses me off. Whenever I have to enable cellular, I have to go into the settings. Other than that everything is good

    • Christian Mejía


      • Yeah, what a very tiny issue that is easily solved with a jailbreak! ha

      • Christian Mejía

        Don’t complian when there’s viable solutions to this.

      • Not always a “viable solution” because each person’s situation maybe different and I do get what he meant in his response.

        I do find humor in his comment though because it was posted on a jailbreak blog.

      • Ben

        It’s not a matter of jailbreaking or not. It’s a matter of what’s the reason Apple didn’t add a data toggle. Yes there are many more things you can do with jailbreaking. But wouldn’t it be easier for the general public when Apple implemented cellular data toggle when introducing control center in ios 7 in th me first place? Cause not everyone knows how to jailbreak and not everyone wants to as well. I mean they have airplane mode and wifi. So why not data?

      • Ben

        Yea but jailbreaking is an extra process needed to get these features. I wished they would put it in stock ios. And how hard could it be to add a data toggle. I can’t find a reason why they would not do it.

      • I just went on a rant myself about Apple and their shady tactics. Sure I will get bashed but I do totally understand what you are saying.

      • jake kneller

        Jailbreaking is not at all hard and is very worth it and unless your on iOS 8.1.3 I highly suggest you jailbreak

  • This kinda shows how little Apple seems to care about it’s old flagship app. First update since 12 was released?! WTF!
    Also, I love Apple but so sick of their tactics to make their products run poorly on anything they want you to upgrade, with a new Apple product of course… iTunes has and always will run like garbage on a Windows machine. Used to think maybe it was my large media collection or slow computer, NOPE! My friend has a brand new, expensive Windows laptop. Guess what? iTunes runs like complete garbage!
    Don’t even think about upgrading an iPhone 5S to iOS 9 when it comes out. It will most certainly barely be able to handle it at all.

    ERRRR I love Apple products, but their “What have you done for me lately?” tactics are shady as F!

    • Nathan

      Yeah it sucks…iTunes takes like 5 minutes to open on my computer. Internet Explorer is faster haha.

  • James G

    Give us Handoff for iTunes. Thanks.

    Used to use an app called Seamless for this. But it hasn’t been updated in years.

  • iltas

    i got error plz hlep i updated to latest version i got error
    faild to load itune liberary please install the latest version of itunes on your computer ialready ahve plz help im n windows 8.1 64bit

  • ana

    Still doesn’t repair the “repeat button” problem. We want it back and without disappearing!