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Apple has posted a support page on the security content of the just-released iOS 8.1.3, confirming fears that the firmware effectively breaks the TaiG jailbreak tool. In the page, the company credits the TaiG Jailbreak Team for discovering four vulnerabilities patched in the update.

Among those vulnerabilities was a hole in the symbolic linking mechanism of AppleFileConduit, which allowed access to protected parts of the filesystem, and a state management issue, which gave local users the ability to execute unsigned code. Keep reading for a full rundown.


Available for: iPhone 4s and later, iPod touch (5th generation) and later, iPad 2 and later

Impact: A maliciously crafted afc command may allow access to protected parts of the filesystem

Description: A vulnerability existed in the symbolic linking mechanism of afc. This issue was addressed by adding additional path checks.


CVE-2014-4480 : TaiG Jailbreak Team


Available for: iPhone 4s and later, iPod touch (5th generation) and later, iPad 2 and later

Impact: A local user may be able to execute unsigned code

Description: A state management issue existed in the handling of Mach-O executable files with overlapping segments. This issue was addressed through improved validation of segment sizes.


CVE-2014-4455 : TaiG Jailbreak Team


Available for: iPhone 4s and later, iPod touch (5th generation) and later, iPad 2 and later

Impact: A malicious application may be able to execute arbitrary code with system privileges

Description: A buffer overflow existed in IOHIDFamily. This issue was addressed through improved size validation.


CVE-2014-4487 : TaiG Jailbreak Team


Available for: iPhone 4s and later, iPod touch (5th generation) and later, iPad 2 and later

Impact: Maliciously crafted or compromised iOS applications may be able to determine addresses in the kernel

Description: The mach_port_kobject kernel interface leaked kernel addresses and heap permutation value, which may aid in bypassing address space layout randomization protection. This was addressed by disabling the mach_port_kobject interface in production configurations.


CVE-2014-4496 : TaiG Jailbreak Team

The TaiG jailbreak for iOS 8.1.1 debuted on November 28 of last year, just a week after iOS 8.1.1 landed. There’s no word yet on when/if it will be updated, but as always, we recommend staying away from iOS 8.1.3 until a working jailbreak for the new firmware is announced.

  • john diaz


  • Merman123

    Time to go easy on the tweaks.

    • Digitalfeind

      I’m glad semi-restore works for iOS 8.

      • XZavier

        At least it works for some… At this point I am tired of coolstar. Thought he was “cool” at first and now he is annoying…

  • Shawn

    Before people complain, and I know they will, these were security holes. Apple is not going around fixing things just to spite us Jailbreakers.

    • im2slick4u

      Nobody ever complains about Apple patching jailbreaks..

      • Shawn

        Yeah they do.

  • Gabriel Anaya

    I give it a week, 2 weeks tops before Pangu/TaiG push out another tool :p

    • Chris

      I doubt it, with iOS 8.2 coming up they will be saving whatever vulnerabilities they still have.

      • Gabriel Anaya

        Doubt it. Ever since China started taking care of the jailbreaks they have been pushing out tools like nobody’s business.

      • Sooner or later it’ll catch up to them and they’ll realise how silly it is wasting vulnerabilities on small updates…

      • XZavier

        2 different jailbreak teams already claim to be able to jailbreak iOS 8.2… I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if someone released one for 8.1.3…

    • Wowzera

      You could be wrong… Pangu and taig used i0n1c kernel exploit to develop the jailbreak tool, that exploit wasnt fixed since iOS 7…

      • Hot12345

        Hmmm i hope realy that theu find a new exploit.. What do you think? They fixed the bug in ios7.

    • iPhoneWINS

      I hope they wait

  • According to ipsw[.]me iOS 8.1.2 is still being signed. It’s time to update now if you haven’t I know I am right now…

  • Andrew

    Is the 8.1.2 signing window still open?

    • Yes. I literally just updated my iPhone 5s from iOS 8.1.1 to 8.1.2 (I was lazy and couldn’t be bothered to do it for a .1 update especially since I was jailbroken but will do it now since the jailbreaks dead…).

    • iPhoneWINS

      I am restring my iPhone 6+ to 8.1.2 right now… then will use taig on mac

  • Poporopo00

    Should i update now?

    Will be worth it if i leave my 7.1.2 and update my 5S to 8.1.2?

    • Digitalfeind

      You should only update if you’re having problems and only if you need to update your apps. I see no point in updating from 7.1.2 to 8.1.2. I wish I would have stayed on iOS 7.1.2.

      • Poporopo00

        Well, i dont need to update apps and no problems at all.

        Thank you!!

      • Max

        Yes. Do it for the keyboards, the widgets, the native quickreply and for new apps/games that aren’t supported anymore on iOS7 (like 1password). Also Do it for the new tweaks like Nuntius or Rubik. Or do it for the combo iOS8 & Yosemite. I even did it with a 4s and I do not regret it. With 8.1.2 not anymore and your 5S will be flying! Also, if you have a Mac, pp25 jailbreaktool is very easy and fast. Jailbreaking was never that easy.

    • Kenrick Fernandes

      stay on 7.1.2. I went to ios8 a few times and realized how unnecessary it was. Downgraded back and been a happy customer ever since.

      • Shivam Kapoor

        how did you downgrade?

      • Kenrick Fernandes

        hey dude. the signing window for 7.1.2 was still open then. So was able to downgrade. you can’t do it now. which part of india?

    • Tim

      Rather you stay on iOS 7.1.2. After I updated my iPhone 5s to iOS 8.1.2 I have to charge it twice per day and it occasionally heats up when I’m doing light tasks. The battery drain is just horrible.

    • Tom

      Yes! Definately!

  • gittlopctbi

    Thanks for sharing!

  • iPhoneWINS

    Dang I was just about to upgrade and re jailbreak

  • @dongiuj

    Right guys, I’m almost done making my jailbreak so if you donate a load of money to me I should have it done for you by the end of February. Start donatiiiiiiiiing…….now. I spoke to Mr. Cook the other day in the street and he said it was ok to go ahead.

  • sailesh

    Ohh nooo! 🙁
    Dear Apple, whatever you do. We have Pangu, TaiG, Evasion,.. to break your wall, i.e The great wall of Apple!

  • DopamineAddicted

    i have a feeling they will release the jailbreak for this version but i think they should hold it for the major 8.2