Steam Broadcasting teaser 001

Video game development and digital distribution company Valve is taking Twitch head on with Steam Broadcasting, its own game streaming platform which went live Tuesday via an updated Steam desktop app.

Currently in beta, Steam Broadcasting lets you watch friends play and show off your best moves in games. Streaming is supported across a range of resolutions, from the low-resolution 480p to HD-ready 720p and all the way up to Full HD 1080p, dependent on the speed and reliability of your Internet connection.

You can also choose a bitrate for audio between 750kb/s to 3500kbit/s. When you see a friend in game, just hit the newly added “Watch Game” option from their profile, or from the Friend’s List, to open a window into their gameplay.

And should someone start watching when you’re playing a game, you’ll start broadcasting, too. The first time a friend asks to watch your game, the Steam client will present you with the broadcast privacy settings.

Selecting the “Anyone can watch my games” option tells the app to make your broadcast visible on that game hub, according to this FAQ. Steam Broadcast was available in beta clients since December, but today it’s become part of the regular Steam app.

As mentioned before, the service is currently in beta and streaming is only supported in the Windows client. Mac and Linux users can watch others gaming, but can’t stream themselves as of yet.

But don’t worry, Steam has confirmed that Broadcasting is coming to the Linux and Mac client in the future. Finally, the Steam Community website allows logged-in users to watch friends play in a browser.

Source: Valve via Engadget

  • 9to5Slavery

    Why not name it, Game Stream or Streamer

    • Franklin Richards

      It might be because Steam has another feature where you can stream a game from your powerful pc to a less powerful pc to play games. And they already called that streaming.

  • A man

    All my friends are dirty peasants, I have no friends on Steam sigh…. *forever alone intensifies*

    • Anthony Nguyen

      It feels good to see another PCMR brother somewhere else, other than Reddit.

    • regkilla

      who cares if you have a PC?

  • SteveJay

    GameSteam and ShadowPlay are too nice features from Nvidia that can stream or record a gameplay without decreasing the FPS (like Fraps does) and the streaming uses Twitch, so Steam to win this game really needs to get something different and innovative, because if they don’t there’s no sell point here.

    • sosarozay300

      the fact that its super simple to broadcast makes it much better than twitch and the other competitors

      • SteveJay

        I think the only thing that Steam has more simple it’s the configuration/share for the average joe but GameStream it is also simple and it’s not for Steam games only.

        It’s not mission impossible but will be hard to get a solid community. Especially when Pro gamers and youtubers that use tools like this for their job, they need something that it’s not sticked to just one service like Steam. Lot of games are not sold on steam…

      • R4

        Lots? Just EA. Steam has around 10 million users online at any given time. Most people won’t be bothered to look up their distant friends twitch channel, but they will just click on a button on their activity feed to look at them play.

  • R4

    Really late… This feature has been around for weeks.

    • Buzz { Light:Year; }

      It was in beta and not officially released