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Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S6 flagship smartphone will include a much-improved fingerprint sensor which takes cues from Apple’s Touch ID in that it will recognize a fingerprint when a user places their fingertip on the Home button, according to an unverified report last week by SamMobile.

The Galaxy S5 made some noise by adding a fingerprint sensor that requires users to swipe their finger on the sensor. It didn’t win praise for quality or innovation as reviewers were quick to pan it due to inaccurate and unreliable performance, which ultimately frustrated the users.

Citing “highly credible sources,” the publication claims that a touch-based sensor for Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy S device will work in the same manner as on the Huawei Ascend Mate 7 and the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

One of the benefits of Apple’s Touch ID sensor is that you can enroll an entire fingerprint, unlike its swipe-based counterpart on Samsung devices that only allows for partial fingerprint enrollment.

Samsung’s improved sensor is built into a slightly enlarged Home button compared to the Galaxy S5 and Note 4. Like Touch ID, the experience should be “flawless” because the sensors would recognize your fingertip at any angle.

Like before, supported software features apparently include phone unlocking, signing into websites, approving PayPal payments and verifying a user’s identity when purchasing content in Samsung services.

According to the latest reports from Korea, rather than adopt a full metal unibody construction as previously expected, the S6 has reportedly taken a different design route by sandwiching glass panels on both the front and the rear sides between a metal frame (sounds familiar, doesn’t it?), similar to the Note 4′s.

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According to the same source, the battery on the S6 won’t be removable.

It’s unclear if Samsung will announce the Galaxy S6 at Mobile World Congress, which takes place next month, or hold a special launch event in May or later in the year.

For what it’s worth, another industry insider claims the firm has already begun volume production of the Galaxy S6 in Vietnam as it aims to release the handset globally in early March.

However, chip maker Qualcomm allegedly continues to experience difficulties in mass production of its Snapdragon 810 processor (one of the first non-Apple 64-bit mobile chips) amid a serious overheating problem, which leads to limited performance.

As a result, Samsung is thought to outfit the S6 with its own in-house produced Exynos processor rather than postpone the launch of the device.

In related Samsung news, president of Tangerine, a British design consultancy firm which Apple’s design tzar Jony Ive founded along with two other UK designers, is now in charge of design at the South Korean company.

Pictured top of post: the Galaxy S5’s swipe-based fingerprint sensor.

Source: SamMobile

  • Ahmed Karoui

    Was about time! copy… paste.. SMH!

  • If you can’t beat them your way just do it their way. The button will probably be a square.

    • Chang in Charge

      That’s what i was thinking. Small square similar in size to the iPhone home button.

  • BozzyB

    There is already a 64-Bit mobile CPU available. It’s the Nvidia X1 used in the Nexus 9.

    • sofakingweetodddid

      There’s several actually. Qualcomm makes 2 series of 64bit chips (419&810)…

    • tweaked the wording to reflect that, thanks for the heads-up

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      relevant to Apple fans…..

  • BozzyB

    I don’t like the fingerprint stuff. Too complicated and insecure (personal data stored somewhere). Right now I use a smartwatch for unlocking my phone. When I’m near my phone it detects the connected smartwatch and disables the pattern lock screen. When I leave the phone somewhere it enables the lock. You can use this method for all kinds of authentications in different apps.

    • Chindavon

      Touch ID is one of the best features in an iPhone. You obviously have never used it daily. It’s butta’. I couldn’t imagine not having one, especially when I rely on it all the time.

      • Yeah, I still FanBoy over my TouchID haha. My friend still has the iPhone 4 and whenever I use it, I constantly find myself trying to use the TouchID

    • sofakingweetodddid

      Ignorance is profound with this one ^^^.

    • Fanboy 

      Touch ID (which requires your fingerprint) is “insecure”, but using your smartwatch to unlock your phone isnt? Which do you think would be easier to steal? Your smartphone and smartwatch (voila the thief has access to your phone now!) or your smartphone and your finger….

      • jzack

        totally agreed

      • BozzyB

        The fingerprint is everywhere on the phone, the display and even directly on the touchID. If they got the phone, they have the fingerprint. It’s easy to find one of those youtube-howtos for reproducing it. Stealing my phone AND watch is indeed more difficult. A password or PIN is more secure.

      • Alberto Espinal

        Omg, where this one came from?

      • Fanboy 

        Do you actually have ANY idea what it would take to hack Touch ID? Has it been done? Yes. Could any person with “access to YouTube” do it? No. Just because your “prints” are all over your phone doesnt mean you can lift those. You need a clear, unsmudged print of your entire finger. You need to know how to lift the fingerprint using the right chemicals, at which point you would need about $1,000 worth of equipment including a high resolution camera and laser printer. Not to mention this ALL has to be done within 48 hours of the last time the iDevice was unlocked or Touch ID gets disabled. OR, a thief could just rob you at gunpoint and take your phone and watch.

      • BozzyB

        No, you just put the phone’s display on a scanner and invert the the b/w picture. Then you got the fingerprint. You can try it out yourself. The rest is a little more work – your right. You need a PCB etcher and wood glue.
        The problem I (and others which prove to easily unlock an iphone 6) have is that it is possible because the fingerprint is on the phone itself. This is just not secure. A second device for authentication is therefore more secure.

  • Glenn DolFan Baptista

    I smell a lawsuit cooking up

    • Fanboy 

      You cant patent something like a mobile fingerprint scanner because you were the “first to do it” you can only patent HOW you did it/how it works (the hardware/software). Although Samsung does love to copy Apple, as long as they don’t go copying the way the hardware and software work and file their own patent then unfortunately they’ll be safe from a lawsuit :/

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    Because it works.

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    This flame war article brought to you by Christian Ziberg, the worst writer in iDB history.

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    LMFAO SAMSUNG are so getting desperate!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHA
    So they are going to have a similar finger print scanner to the Iphone 5S and 6 and 6 Plus?
    SERIOUSLY SAMESUNG have the innovation of a lead pipe!!
    The ONLY reason they are doing this is also due to how popular Apple Pay has become and SAMESUNG want to be able to pay the same way on their phones!
    Do SAMESUNG really think a finger print scanner is going to save them?LOL
    How about working on a new design that does not look like it was made in a shed and so cheap plastic looking?

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    AKA Touch ID

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  • Ahh good ol’ Samsung: Hears a rumour, copies the rumour, completely screws up the rumour, copies off the confirmed feature.

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    apples touch ID is very impressive…