Cydia iPhone 6

After an incredibly prolific amount of releases last week, things seem to have calmed down again in Cydia, with 30 new tweaks released during the last 7 days. If you haven’t had time to launch Cydia lately, make sure to take a couple minutes to peruse this list of tweaks, and catch up on what’s new and interesting.

BannerBuddy: allows notification banners to be lowered with Reachability (free)

Better HUD: move the volume HUD around (free)

BimmerNotifierPro: shows all notifications on BMW iDrive (free)

CacheClearer: clear app caches from the Usage section of the stock Settings app (free – review)

CircleIcons: makes all icons in the Settings app round (free – review)

CleanLock: hide notifications on the Lock screen ($0.99)

Cobalia: places FlipSwitch toggles in the App Switcher (free – review)

Date In StatusBar: shows the date in the Status Bar (free)

Deepcove: replaces battery percentage with Roman numerals (free)

Disable Camera Grabber: hides the Camera grabber on the Lock screen (free)

Dynamics: brings new dynamic wallpaper options to the iPhone ($0.99 – review)

EasySpring2: adds Respring, Reboot, Shutdown, and more toggles (free)

EditPasteboard: edit your clipboard content from anywhere with an Activator gesture (free)

FaceTime Picker: pick what specific number or email address you want to FaceTime contacts at (free)

GIFPaper8: set animated GIFs as wallpaper ($1)

iCaughtU Pro: a great tweak to increase the security of your device ($2.50)

KeyCommands: execute Activator actions from keyboard shortcuts ($1.99 – review)

MagicColors: color and customize both the Lock and Home screens (free)

MEFacetimeiOS8: brings FaceTime to unsupported devices (free)

OopsLock: create a short timeframe where passcode won’t be necessary to unlock the device (free)

Sleeper: change the alarm snooze time ($0.99)

SphereView: replaced the Home screen with a 3D sphere ($3.99)

SpotlightGoogle: quickly search Google or Wikipedia from Spotlight Search (free)

Switcher Navigation Actions: offers Activator actions to mimic the iPad four finger swipes (free)

SwitcherDND: use the iPhone’s mute switch as a Do Not Disturb switch (free – review)

Tintch: colorize the toggle switches throughout iOS (free – review)

TitleHider: hides folder names (free)

Tweet Analytics: enable tweet analytics in the official Twitter app (free)

UninstallNever: locks specific apps from being accidentally deleted (free)

Wallmart: cycle through wallpaper on iOS 8 (free – review)

As always, if you feel we forgot something, make sure to make a note of it in the comments.

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  • Thomas Hopkins

    Love these lists!!
    Helps me catch up on everything I’ve missed. For me, the Auxo 3 update was my highlight 😛

  • bob mcinnes

    anybody know what ‘so happening with bite sms for ios 8

    • iNeedANameHere

      One of the main developers quit. They’re looking to hire someone to replace him then they said they’d start updating for iOS 8. But they said it could be months.

  • paul

    any one know if there is a jailbreak tweak for changing the colour of the stock keyboard on ios 8

    • iNeedANameHere

      I saw something awhile back called ColorY0urBoard8. Make sure the “o” in Your is actually the number Zero.

    • Chris Buck

      Eclipse is night mode tweak as well as different colors for keyboard. blueboard is another one and just a nice blue.

    • L J


  • Keith S


  • anyone have any issues with Location Services resetting to “off” and thus causing a few freezes….?

  • makedonii

    Date In StatusBar is one of the most important tweak in my jailbroken iphone, i cant belive apple dont include this in the iOS.

    i want to know the Date every time i remember something os have something planned, and just to ba able to Glance and the Date is a MUST!

    the problem with this tweak is that its glitchy, at the lockscreen it freeses the time, so if the time is 12.03, the next time i want to glance its still 12.03 but is actully is 12.10. this is a BIG flaw some time is crutial in some cases. Its just a bug but i wont uste this until they fix it.

    • Ryan

      StatusTime+ is awesome & free. Has an extra feature of showing free ram. Whether or not that’s useful to you I don’t know. But it’s very customizable many many different ways of setting it up. Its a stable tweak that’s been out for a long while now.

      • makedonii

        Thanks Ryan i will try that

    • Sin

      In addition to numerous other possibilities I think springtomize will let you add the date to your status bar.

      • makedonii

        It does not 🙁

      • Sin

        Bummer. How about statusmodifier. I’m pretty sure I have something that does that but I don’t use that particular function so I’m having a hard time nailing down which it is.

    • TorqueWizard

      HideMe8 includes a customizable string for date/time/zone, among other functions.

  • Francisco Thrashmetal

    EasySpring2 sends me safe mode when tap the icon, not when hold the sleep/awake Button….

  • Briggamortis

    How do i get the iphone 6+ keyboard on my iphone 6?

    • Ryan

      I’m not sure what you mean? Are you maybe talking about the landscape keyboard?

  • Chris

    I’m new to this. Anyone know of a tweak that changes messages colors? All the ones I’ve tried don’t work with 8.1.2

    • Cameron David Chapman Crawford

      Try CustomMessages

      • Chris

        I tried it but didn’t work with 8.1.2 does it work for you?

      • Cameron David Chapman Crawford

        Yes it works on mine, my messages are red and black. I didn’t update to 8.1.2 yet but all the tweak lists say that it works for 8.1.2

  • Kilroy672

    What tweak allows the current weather in the status bar? I’m talking about having the current conditions such as the sun, clouds, rain ect in the middle of the status bar.. I had it on my iPhone 5s and now I lost it and can’t remember what tweak it was. I think it was a feww tweak. I’m using iPhone 6.

    • Cameron David Chapman Crawford

      LSWeather allows you to have the weather where the slide to unlock is..haven’t seen one for the status bar

    • Cameron David Chapman Crawford

      Forecast+ is also a good one, puts the info in your Notification Center

      • Kilroy672

        Thanks I tried that. It doesn’t update the weather. Its had the same temp for the past 3 days. I dont think this works for iOS 8.

  • Prolific? Some of these are pretty cool, but I certainly wouldn’t go as far as to call any of them “prolific”.

  • Nakimuro

    SpotilightGoogle on what repo?