Apple has been granted a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office that covers a camera system like the popular GoPro action camera, Patently Apple first reported.

The patent notes that the new camera system could be secured to various objects, such as a bike helmet or scuba mask, or mounted to the handlebars of a motorcycle or the front of a surfboard, like a GoPro.

The patent for the camera system covers multiple uses, like having two lenses, a remote control as an accessory, and could even record sound underwater.

“In some embodiments, the microphone is capable of recording sounds in air and also in an underwater environment when the digital camera is used to record underwater images. In other embodiments, the digital camera includes both a conventional air microphone as well as an underwater microphone (hydrophone) capable of recording underwater sounds.”

The remote control has the additional advantage that it can enter in a reduced power mode after a period of inactivity in order to conserve battery power.

GoPro practically has a monopoly extreme-action video photography front, with many sports stars and amateurs using the rugged camera to record themselves performing tricks and stunts. It’d be an interesting market for Apple to take on.

GoPro’s stock was down 7 percent on Tuesday, perhaps reacting to Apple’s patent filing, when the rest of the market was seeing a positive day. Update: Now 12 percent. 

The patent was filed Q1 2012 and incorporates a patent previously acquired from Kodak. Apple often files patents for products that never come to fruition, but it gives an interesting look into what the engineers and lawyers  within the Cupertino-based company are cooking up.

gopro patent 2
gopro patent

Source: Patently Apple

  • Slifur

    And Apple Watch as a remote..

    • Fanboy 

      The Apple GoPro will require an Apple Watch to use as a remote, which btw the Watch requires an iPhone to function. This is getting expensive guys 🙂

      • Ángel Javier Esquivel

        Indeed :$

      • AlanAudio

        Much depends on whether you already own an iPhone and Apple Watch. If you do, then such a camera might be a relatively affordable accessory for what you already have.

      • Soon they’ll make it so that you need to buy a Retina 4K iMac in order for the iPhone to work, in order for the Apple Watch to work, in order for the Apple GoPro to work 😛

  • Starfall88

    maybe Apple will buy GoPro

  • Stephen

    Think about the apple watch as a go pro remote