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In the past I’ve wondered why Apple seems to neglect its dynamic theme options, yet every year there are new static themes available for iOS. Unfortunately, for those of us who like them, dynamic themes seem to have been placed permanently on the shelf.

An upcoming jailbreak package looks to change this by offering several new well-designed dynamic themes to jailbroken iOS users. It’s aptly entitled Dynamics, and it will be released once the teaser version receives 500 downloads.

Open the Cydia Store, search for Dynamics Teaser, and you should find the package from designer Polar Hacker. The teaser package, like the full sized version, requires WinterBoard to run. Once you have the Dynamics Teaser package installed, head over to the WinterBoard preferences, enable the theme, and respring.

Dynamics WinterBoard

Next, you’ll need to select a dynamic wallpaper from Settings → Wallpapers. It doesn’t matter which theme you select, as long as it is of the dynamic variety. The developer recommends installing HiddenWallpapers, which presents five additional dynamic wallpaper options to the user, and I definitely agree. The rainbow black wallpaper that HiddenWallpapers adds to the mix is second to none.

Once you have everything configured, you should see the Dynamics Teaser wallpaper. While this teaser is nice, the full package, which is not yet available on Cydia, is really great. With the full Dynamics theme, you get the following dynamic wallpapers:

  • Apple
  • Triforce
  • Android
  • Heart
  • Reddit
  • MacCiti
  • Happy Mac

All of the above themes add some definite variety to the iOS wallpaper, especially when mixed in with HiddenWallpapers. Although you can’t have the full package now, you can still try the Dynamic Teaser theme for a real glimpse into what this theme will do once available. In fact, if you want Dynamics sooner, then you should download the Dynamic Teaser, since MacCiti repo won’t release the full $0.99 package until the teaser has 500 downloads.

As a bonus, designer Polar Hacker will be giving away 10 free copies of Dynamics once released. Want one? Leave a comment along with your Cydia ID down below, and he will chose 10 fortunate readers at random once released.

What do you think about Dynamics? Do you think it will revitalize the stagnant dynamic wallpapers on iOS?

  • Xee

    Because they drain the battery.

    • Yes, but they surely new that when initially including them.

      • Brian Brown

        Exactly, as well as probably implementing it compatible with flip switch

    • Dan

      Funny how android phones do just fine with live wallpapers. Battery only drains slightly faster when the screen is on, don’t know about you, but I rarely stare at my home screen for extended periods of time.

      Another example of big brother Apple not giving us the choice.

      • Android phones also tend to have bigger batteries. What’s likely happening is the drain is still there and happening on Android devices only it’s less notable due to the larger battery.

      • Dan

        Oddly enough, I’ve tested it with my Note 4 and my wife’s Galaxy S3 (battery similar to iPhone if I’m not mistaken), there was no significant drainage in the battery stats. Obviously if you stare at the home screen all day that’s another matter.

        I see no reason why Apple refuses to allow them.

      • Same here, I have been using live wall papers since I ever got my OnePlus One 2 months ago, and battery has never been a problem. It’s probably just due to the fact that it’s properly optimized in Android, whereas the jailbreak tweaks are trying to make iOS do what it wasn’t optimized for.

      • Ottawa Gamerz

        if apple want to be android make an android stop copying them 1 big phone 2 live wallpapers whats next removable battery wtf!! i have the note 3 i can game and live wallpaper i get 2 3 days!! 🙂

      • Dan

        Know any good ones? I get tired of them pretty fast. Right now I’m using ‘Wave’.

      • I haven’t really had the time to search around for great ones, just been using the few that came with CyanogenMod on my OnePlus One. Mostly been using the Black Hole and Nexus live wallpapers.

  • Anmol Malhotra

    Happy owner of the Cydia account #465166420 . 🙂
    Already downloaded the Dynamic Teaser. 😉

  • Ricardo Quijas

    look good, I want a copy cydia #3505047

  • jeremiahekow


  • jeremiahekow

    I want one cydia account #3033432

  • Eni

    This is my cydia ID 464988373
    It’s an easy ID so it’s more easy for the dev to Chose me

  • Mini Apple Genius

    Very nice review. Also, I may add, for people interested, I am open for suggestions on shapes. If you have a shape idea, tell me about it!

  • Siannath

    Looks nice! My Cydia account ID is #1327756. Thanks!

  • James G

    THANKS FOR DOING THE TRIFORCE ONE! Zelda fanatic over here (I’m the guy who did the Triforce LockGlyph).

  • Dominick Lennard

    Looks absolutely awesome!
    Cydia ID – 5048736

  • Justin Linnell

    Very cool. Would also be cool if you could use these with a user background as well. Cydia account # 1898676

  • Lucus Bendzsa

    Finally, as a faithful user of dynamic wallpapers I am really glad somebody has finally updated them. It should have been Apple, but high five to Polar Hacker!!

    Cydia ID:463837813

    Can’t wait to try this out!

  • Vorboid

    Would love a copy of this: #464464606

  • Brian Brown

    Super sweet. Can’t wait for the full build !!!

    Cydia# 465941695

  • Cal J

    Hope I win a copy!


  • Chuck

    I downloaded the teaser last week, so the rest of you 499 folks better get moving! #5512615

  • Ottawa Gamerz

    if the iphone battery cant last a day with live wallpaper on time to fix battery and 2 turn down screen to simi bright apple u love android just come out and say it all ready

  • Jody

    Cool idea
    Cydia ID 5701254

  • Jam

    Ok, it’s nearly at 1000 downloads, release release release! #465949630 🙂