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Camrix is an upcoming jailbreak tweak that allows you to compose and take photos and videos from anywhere on your iPhone. The tweak, which is enabled by means of an Activator gesture, places a camera viewfinder overlay on screen that allows you to capture photos and video from the front or rear-facing camera at any time. Needless to say, Camrix is an impressive upcoming tweak that holds lots of promise.

After installing Camrix, you’ll need to configure the tweak via its preference panel in the stock Settings app. The first thing that you’ll need to do is establish an Activator gesture. Like I always tend to do, I used a simple double-tap status bar gesture, but you can use any gesture that works for you.

Once the Activator gesture is configured, you may begin using Camrix. Invoke the tweak via Activator, and you’ll see a round viewfinder appear on screen. The viewfinder can be moved around the screen using a drag gesture, and you can still interface with the content underneath the viewfinder. You can even launch, close, and interact with apps while you use Camrix. It’s a tweak that lends true multitasking ability to the iPhone’s camera interface.


Since there are no buttons associated with the Camrix viewfinder, you’ll need to use gesture to take photos, switch between the front and rear-facing camera, and capture video. Fortunately, the gestures used make sense and come naturally. For example, to take a video, simply tap and hold on the viewfinder; the viewfinder’s border will turn red to indicate that a video is now in progress. Or, you can use a two finger tap gesture to switch between the cameras. The most used gesture, the gesture to take a photo, is just a single tap gesture on the viewfinder.

Camerix prefs

Inside of Camrix’s preferences, you’ll find many opportunities to customize the look and feel of the interface. Under the appearance heading, you can change the shape of the viewfinder, size of the camera, and border color. You can also do things like adjust media quality, flash mode, and set the default camera (rear or front-facing).

To dismiss Camrix, you can use the Home button or drag the interface down towards the bottom of the screen and release while it’s hovering over the ‘x’ icon. This, too, can be customized within the tweak’s preferences.

  • iPodDroid

    But that Battery life doh……..

    • You wouldn’t use it any more than you would your normal camera. With that in mind, I don’t see how it hurts battery life much more than normal. Maybe a bit, but it shouldn’t be insanely bad.

      • Chocolatewe

        thanks jeff 🙂

      • iPodDroid

        Apologizes for the assumption, I was under the impression that with BOTH Camera and whatever app your using for multitasking, I thought the battery would take a hit.

      • DWayne Robinson

        when you went to the app store what was the 3g thing that opened in the left hand corner?

  • Chocolatewe

    snapchat 😀

  • InfinitePlusOne

    Is 8.1.2 jailbreakable iPhone 6 plus?

    • Melma

      Even your Question is Jailbkeakable lol, yea I got 8.1.2 in my iphone 6 plus

  • David Hvilivitzki

    Looks cool but ….. when will you use it, I mean, really ?

    • Merman123

      Yeah I’m still trying to think of a scenario. Hmm…

    • coLin

      probably for taking videos

    • sorrento

      Exactly, useless tweak and no need to add another one that I won’t need to use it except for playing with it…. Don’t get me wrong but it’s better to add useful tweaks 😉

  • Shay Shtern


  • HoodFlow
  • Jerry

    Honestly I stopped jail breaking after all the glitches with Taig and my reachability feature working on and off when it wanted it. “Someone” stated here that if miught of been a conflict with activator but when I see something like this , it makes me want to go back to jailbreaking. Jeff you ever had the reachability problem where it stops working unless you disable it and renable it? On a JB device.

    • notewar

      The ver. of activator fixed the bug

      • Jerry

        Oh damn you’ve just done it. I think I’m going back to the dark side!

    • Carlos Medina

      I heard about it and commented when a few users had the problem but if i’m not mistaken i do believe the dev has fixed it. don’t quote me on that but activator has had a few updates.

  • Saulo Benigno


    • Shingo


  • Looks cool; but whats a usage scenario? I guess if you are Maxwell Smart Agent 86…

    • nonchalont

      Would be awesome if FaceTime had this feature. Multitasking and FT should go hand in hand. No dev created this yet?

  • john diaz

    Great idea for a quick photo.

  • gittlopctbi

    Seems like a few tweaks these days are of a “because we can do it” type rather than a “this increases your productivity” or “this makes your iPhone even better” type. You’re left with a tweak trying to find a problem to solve. Not sure what this tweak accomplishes.

    • Wa1t

      Great Point! couldnt have said it better myself. I also noticed that

  • useless..u can’t see the whole pic ur taking at the moment..and all that other apps accessibility during the photo shoot? because i wouldn’t know what to do if i couldn’t browse safari while taking a pic..blah