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Last year is so 2014! All sarcasm apart, last year was pretty fruitful in terms of tweak releases that were powered by not only the complete makeover of iOS 7, but also by the fact that 2014 saw the release of several different jailbreaks for two different software versions. It was a busy year indeed, which made it even harder for us to handpick the best jailbreak apps and tweaks of 2014.

If this first week of 2015 is any indication of the future, we might have another good year ahead of us in terms of tweaks. Of course, we’ll be there to highlight some of our favorites as they are released and updated, starting with these 26 new tweaks that were released on the default repos this week.

Actual Battery: shows actual battery percentage (free)

BMWNotifier: enables mail notifications in BMW’s iDrive (free)

Clap: easily find your iPhone around your house by clapping your hands ($0.99)

Confero: organizes app badges notifications in one convenient place ($1.50 – review)

Drunk Clock: an iWidget that tests your sobriety by displaying an analog clock (free)

GDUploadAny: upload any file to Google Drive ($1.49)

HideSensitive: hides the content of notifications on your Lock screen based on apps or words of your choice (free)

HoverNotifications: offers a new style of notifications on iPad ($1.49)

iKeywi 3: adds an extra row of keys to your keyboard, and more ($1.99)

LockHTML4: a powerful tweak to customize the Lock screen ($1 – old review)

MFAnyFile: allows you to upload any file to MediaFire ($1.49)

MoreTimer: supercharges the timer feature of the Camera app (free)

MSGAutoSave8: automatically saves photos and videos received via Messages app (free)

NoPhotoGestures: lets you edit the behavior of pinch to zoom gesture in the grids of Photos app (free)

NoSquare: disables the square mode of the Camera app (free)

NotificationKeeper: a powerful tweak to filter and enhance notifications ($0.99)

Notification Killer: removes all your notifications at once in Notification Center (free)

panicLock: locks pretty much everything on your iPhone with a simple gesture (free)

PrivatePlus7: automatically enables Private Mode when visiting specific websites (free)

ScreenShotterAlert: gives you the option to Save or Delete when taking a screenshot (free)

Searchlight: adds Recent and Favorites apps, and more to Spotlight ($1.99)

SimpleSwitcher: offers simple modifications to the App Switcher (free)

SpringResearch: changes the color of the Status Bar and icon labels (free)

SteamOldEnough: removes the Steam age verification (free)

Switchability: brings app switching to Reachability ($1.99 – review)

TWBEnhancer: brings several enhancements to Tweetbot ($2.49)

Did I miss anything? Sound off in the comments section below.

  • Mazen

    what was the tweak that let you sign in with multiple user
    Thank you

    • Fernando Matias

      May be ‘SLICE’ tweak?

      • John

        Slice doesn’t work with iOS 8.1.2

      • ins0mniac1

        yes it does. Its only the pirated version that crashes springboard. I’m running the paid version on my iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.1.2 with no problems at all.

    • therealjjohnson


    • iamzaidan


    • Fouad Ab

      the tweak that let you sign in with multiple user in app store is accountchanger

    • Svs


    • TetraGames

      IDBox was just released today and does exactly that.

    • Zachary Kratochwill

      IDBox was just released today and does the exact same thing.

    • Justin Mahone

      Did you mean GuestMode?

  • Guest


    • Mazen

      Does it work with iOS 8.1.2 ?

      • ins0mniac1

        yes. I’m using it on 8.1.2 with no problems.

  • Rares

    The third tweak has an unfortunate name.

    • Guest


      • Rares


      • Buzz { Light:Year; }

        Haha he doesn’t get it.

  • Gabriel Anaya

    You missed subtlelock8.
    That is a really sleek tweak for the lock screen and a must have for minimalists

  • Itzkhaoz

    Are these 3GS compatible?

    • iamzaidan

      its really time u should upgrade…
      i cant imagine myself using even a 4s right now

    • DroidDoesnt_2

      3GS??? Please don’t tell me you are still using that

      • Itzkhaoz

        I’m using a 6 Plus. Just curious, that’s all 🙂

      • elvinjoy

        liar. why would you ask that if you didn’t have the device? if you’re trying to make a joke, it’s not funny.

      • rockdude094

        Just relax .. It’s cool either way. I’d still say the 3GS is kicking ass to this day.

      • iamzaidan

        Maybe he has both and wants to first test the tweaks out on his 3gs and then on his 6+

  • Rafa García

    Does anybody know a tweak similar to “tinybar”… I tried download it as it is but it crash every notification, I really hate big notifications in every app 🙁 … I have iOS 8.1 … Thanks in advance !

    • Buzz { Light:Year; }


      • Rafa García

        Thank you, but that only reduce banners height, I want to shrink the notifications like tiny bar does…

      • Try TinyBar version 0.1.1-1
        Get it from other repos.

      • Rafa García

        Thank you, I already got it from alexzieliensky repo and works fine! the bigboss repo is not updated!! Thanks jesterlloyd.

  • jay

    Reach app is missing

    • Brian Brown

      certainly and protean

  • Brian Brown

    proteans update is nice

  • Zach low

    Is private plus 7 compatible with ios8?

  • blastingbigairs

    I can’t JB, my company uses the Good For Enterprise app. Sucks!!!

  • eboy leveriza

    im waiting for ask to call to upgrade?

  • CyPh3r

    Sebastien: Please check to legitimacy (and honesty) of the developers before you recommend tweaks. I think you have a responsibility to vet these developers before recommending their tweaks. MaJun (Tage’s developer) turned out to be a thief (I use the word carefully–I did not receive what I paid for and the developer has failed to respond to my inquiries). I wish I knew this before spending money (yes it’s only a couple of dollars). I’m beginning to understand (though I don’t condone it) why people pirate.

    • khmi

      Mind telling us what happened? I’ve had tage since I’ve jailbroken ios8 no problems. I’ve used Ma Jun’s tweaks in the past and even have contacted him about licencing issues, I don’t think he is that great with English but he is prompt with helping me out.

      • CyPh3r

        Thanks for taking an interest in my plight. I used the tweak on a friend’s JB phone and loved it. So, I opted to buy it since I found it useful.

        Though I found the payment process (using PayPal) somewhat convoluted, I managed to complete it successfully and promptly received an email confirming my purchase. Although I followed the instructions (entering the email address I used for purchase–I did not receive a code) included in the email, I was not able to activate the tweak.

        I added the Clezz repo, hoping to download the latest copy, but Tage was not listed. I downloaded v1.1 from the BigBoss repo.

        I contacted Ma Jun and explained, in detail, what occurred. Several emails later, I’ve received no reply.

        While I’ll agree that my choice of words may be poor, I do believe developers ought to respect those who choose to support their hard work. I’m sure, without any more effort than entering a pirate repo, I could have gotten this for free. I respect the devs too much to go that route.

        I truly appreciate your taking an interest. Apologies for the length of my post.

  • Mazen

    Every time I install Slice the phone crashes

  • Varun Soi

    Is there any alternative to infinidock? because its not working on ios8.1.2!

    • iPhone Hrvatska

      it does work, install it from “biteyourapple” repo, I’m on iphone 5 ios 8.1.2 and it works, my friend uses it on iphone 6

      • Varun Soi

        Yeah man its working now thanks bro! I thought its not compatible.!:)

  • Optimus Prime

    what are some good photo moving tweaks, i imported all my photos from iphoto on my mac to my 6+ but they are in folders how do i get them back in camera roll?

    Thanks in advance!!

  • Gabriel Diaz

    Should update the review for new lockhtml.. Has nothing changed?

  • piyush binwani

    Hasn’t Bridge released for ios 8.1.2 or Whn will it release?

  • Pmpdady

    What about ICaughtU Pro? thats a great app doesn’t work with IOS8, unless there is another app similar to it

  • when is someone going to fix airplay server?

  • Selena Cantu

    After jailbreaking my phone, a lot of my apps disappeared. my camera, app store and I’m not sure about the others but 5 apps are missing 🙁 how could I fix this? please help