The Apple Watch, the iPhone maker’s foray into wearables, is arriving this Spring starting at $349.

And while we know quite a bit about the anticipated wrist-worn computer, Apple’s left a few important questions hanging in the air.

Among them are important details concerning the Watch’s specific launch date, battery life, a possible killer feature and price points for higher-end models.

Assuming the vast majority of folks who are in the market for an Apple smartwatch opt for the entry-level device, we’re curious to learn whether you’ll be buying one when it comes out. Or maybe you’ve decided to wait for a second-generation model, or pass on the Watch altogether?

Cast your vote below.

Among the 968 U.S. iPhone owners recently polled by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, only seven percent of respondents said they intended to part with their hard-earned cash and purchase the forthcoming device, down from eight percent this past September.

Such “muted” response among iPhone owners is due to the lack of full information about the product, the analyst noted.

“As we get closer to launch of the Watch, which we expect in the Jun-15 quarter, we believe that Apple will begin to highlight more functionality of the product as well as third-party apps, which we note were what eventually helped the iPhone accelerate in adoption,” Munster said.

Assuming the Watch hits store shelves by June, Munster is projecting modest sales of eight million units for all of 2015, adding approximately two percent to Apple’s revenue for 2015, and ten million units for the Watch’s first full year.

Other Wall Street estimates range from twelve to fifteen million Apple Watch units sold throughout all 2015.

So, how likely are you to get an Apple Watch when it releases?

  • Wooo

    Will I buy an Apple Watch? Of course not. I’ve never done drugs in my life.

    Will I buy a Bulova watch? Damn straight I will. 🙂

    • talavren

      What the hell is bulova???? I’d understand Rolex

      • Wooo

        Unlike you I actually buy watches not just hear about them, that’s why Rolex is the only brand you know. LMAO

      • Elias

        no need to be disrespectful..

      • talavren

        Well, you can only afford crap that’s why you buy them.

      • Juschan

        well for about 840$ which is the price in germany for one you could really get a daytona

      • talavren

        Well, you can only afford crap.

      • Jeffrey

        Like you can afford Rolex, you must be so cool and rich!

      • talavren

        No, I know brand bulova, which is a pure crap

      • Jeffrey

        You just said ‘What the hell is Bulova????’ so if you’re gonna talk bullshit please don’t talk at all.

      • talavren

        cause this bulova is on every walmart shelf that’s how I know it.

      • Jeffrey

        Lol please shut up, don’t try to cover what you said. You said, I quote AGAIN, ‘What the hell is Bulova????’. This quote OBVIOUSLY indicates that you didn’t know what Bulova was, until you just googled it. By the way, Bulova’s are pretty expensive too, 400$ or so. That’s not Wallmart crap bro.

      • talavren

        You bro just don’t understand what is literal expression and what is not. That’s the problem. “what the hell is bulova” means there’re not so many people, especially outside of US, know this brand or even heard of it at all.

      • Jeffrey

        Oh yeah riiiiight, now you claim it wasn’t meant to be literal! Where do you live then?

      • talavren

        Right now I’m in OH, but I’m from Russia/Ukraine

      • Fact: Russia has some terrible drivers, according to youtube :).

      • Jeffrey

        The reason there are so much video’s of car crashes in Russia is because every car in Russia has to have a dashboard cam in it, if not, you won’t get insurance…

      • Alexander Gennadievich

        You don’t have to have a dash cam, trust me. It’s just a trend that has started a few years back, I got one from Russia too a while ago and now using it in NA.

      • Jeffrey

        Well what I heard is that you won’t be able to get insurance without one in Russia.

      • Alexander Gennadievich

        Man, I’m Russian, c’mon now… C’mon..

      • Jeffrey

        Hahah okay okay, I just heard it… So it’s not true..? Or partially?

      • Lagax

        He’s absolutely Right! It’s like you said McLaren for cars. Just say Porsche.

      • Jeffrey

        Wait what?:P

      • yungcinnabun

        lol ur salty cause he called u out relax ma nigga

      • Jason Masters

        Actually bulova isn’t as expensive as the gentleman is making it out they are rather cheaply made and don’t hold their value long at all if they ever do most stores have them on clearance or reduced price they are not big sellers Nixon watches are more money and hold value better then a bulova when you think bulova you can equate it with the invicta line to a person who knows nothing of watches they assume invictas are nice and flashy and must have value they are fooled when they see the clearance racks at other stores filled with those watches if you want to talk nice good sturdy watches that are costly but have actual value then you would look to classics like Gucci some tag huers movado breitling Cartier hublot these are trusted and stand the test of time bulova is not in this category so sorry.

      • Jeffrey

        I wasn’t saying it’s Rolex or Gucci quality, I was just saying that it isn’t a cheap watch (at least in my eyes). A cheap watch for me is an Ice Watch or a G-Shock, watches within the 50-150 dollar price range. Here in Holland Bulova is sold for 400 euro’s, no reduced prices here.

      • Jason Masters

        Well in the USA bulova is rather cheap and always reduced so that is why I said that fyi g shock is not cheap and there are a lot of them that are actual collectibles for a person that buys watches that hold value 90% of the best watches would be Swiss made or swiss movements

      • Jeffrey

        Alright then. I don’t know what G Shock’s cost in ‘Murica and what you think is expensive but G Shocks here in Holland cost between 100 and 280 euros so I don’t find that really expensive.

      • Josh

        my 10$ walmart watch tells time just your 300$+ POS LMAO

      • Mersc

        Inaccurately. Also, your placement of the POS acronym was put by the wrong watch.

      • Trove•

        I think you’re confused. What you have is not a watch it’s called a baby’s toy.

      • Dani Hayes

        Wow. Sick burn. Your knowledge of outdated technology is noted.

      • rapidwiz

        I agree no one will care about a Bulova Watch .. geesh. I can see these selling like hotcakes. The real question will be, does your Bulova have Siri on it ?

    • Charlie Bravo

      Screw bulova watches. I’ve owned 2 (one was a replacement) and both of them suffered from salt water intake from swimming in 6 feet of ocean depth and as a result complete and thorough corrosion of all interior parts. BOTH of them. Never again.

      • Mersc

        Don’t take watches in the water unless they are diver rated. Not even the bathtub. “WR 200” etc is a lie.

    • springer85

      LMFAO Bulova are a total joke!!!!Bottom of the range cheap turd!
      Yeah lets pay £250 for a Bulova watch that looks like it was made in a shed and can ONLY tell the time and date!!LMFAO!!

  • Merman123

    When it was announced, I was sure it wasn’t going to be so hard to hold back since it didn’t seem like I needed it. Fast forward to today, I can’t wait for it. The more I read about it and hear about wearable potential, the more my wallet weeps!!

  • Alexander Gennadievich

    Too expensive, too unhealthy (radiation), short battery life, easy to scratch, not water proof. I’d need something super durable, waterproof and that I could wear for months without taking off. Oh wait, I already have Misfit Shine…

    • Elias

      Where would the radiation come from? I doesn’t have a sim card or cellular connection only wifi along with bluetooth.

      • Jeroen Claassens

        And to add on that:

        How about that phone that is in the pocket the majority of the day?

        A radiation expert once told me he had to do his work (with gamma radiation) for, literally, 25-26 hours A DAY to get the same radiation an aircraft pilot gets flying from Amsterdam to New York.

        Now try imagine putting that into comparison to what a phone would radiate, peanuts, nothing.

      • Lol

        Well he might want to venture into the field of quantum physics as he seems to have stumbled into another dimension where the earth takes longer to spin on its axis.

      • Jeroen Claassens

        lol that’s the whole point he tried to make, he can never get an equal amount of radiation in 1 day as a pilot gets in 1 flight which takes 11-16 hours iirc.

        Edit: the “lol” was not referring to your name but rather to “laughing out loud”…


      • Alexander Gennadievich

        Trolling confirmed. Nice words though.

      • Guest

        How about my phone that is in my bag or my table and not it direct proximity the whole day? The argument about radiation is not the emitting power, but the exposure time. If you are wearing a WiFi transmitter 24/7 for years, it’s not gonna be too healthy for you, same as having a cell phone in your pocket all day. Some research studies show a decrease in male fertility because of that.

      • Alexander Gennadievich

        How about my phone that is in my bag or my table and not in direct proximity the whole day? The argument about radiation is not the emitting power, but the exposure time. If you are wearing a WiFi transmitter 24/7 for years, it’s not gonna be too healthy for you, same as having a cell phone in your pocket all day. Some research studies show a decrease in male fertility because of that among other funzies you can get… 😉 enjoy

      • Alexander Gennadievich

        You can read some research studies on WiFi and Bluetooth (4.0 is low power tho, so it’s minimal) radiation, therefore WiFi transmitter is what I don’t want to be wearing on me 24/7

      • Alexander Gennadievich

        You can read some research studies on WiFi and Bluetooth (4.0 is low power tho, so it’s minimal) radiation related to cancer. The closer you are to transmitter, worse it is for your body. Therefore WiFi transmitter is what I don’t want to be wearing on me 24/7

    • jack

      you’re pathetic

      • Alexander Gennadievich

        Thank you! You have so much to support your thesis.

    • Jeffrey

      You compare non-smart devices to smart-devices bro, there’s a difference…

      • Alexander Gennadievich

        I’m just comparing wearables. If a device is aimed at helping you be healthy, it probably should not be emitting much. I’m just speculating at this point and could be wrong, but wireless technology has 2 sides of the coin and should not be neglected.

      • Jeffrey

        Of course it does, but so much things do, and most people choose to ignore it, including me. Also, it’s not just aimed at helping you to be healthy, it’s just one of the features it has. And if you’re comparing wearables, you might as well compare a gold necklace with your Misfit Shine…

    • sosarozay300

      good luck scratching the screen its sapphire

      • Charlie Bravo

        Sapphire can be scratched relatively easily. A simple trip to the beach can do it quite nicely im afraid..

      • Stijn

        since sapphire is harder than sand, nope. sand is harder than glass though

      • Charlie Bravo

        Hate to tell ya, but it still scratches. Sand is a mix of different rock forms, and they do scratch sapphire watch faces quite easily. Just like they destroy ALL phones made to date under similar circumstances.

      • Alexander Gennadievich

        Those youtube guys should do a scratch-gate test for a golden version, it would make me laugh.

      • Charlie Bravo

        Sorry, you’re wrong. Ive actually had it happen and not just referenced hardness scales and the interwebs like yourself.

      • Shadowelite123

        Sand doesn’t scratch sapphire you know that right?

      • Charlie Bravo

        Yep, it does. At least at the beaches I’ve been to. Perhaps the sand at my beaches contain diamond specs then…

      • Alexander Gennadievich

        Ha! I was not talking about the screen, and not all of them are sapphire btw, one is tempered glass.

    • Maxim∑

      lol radiation? then goes on to compare a smartwatch to the misfit shine…

      • Alexander Gennadievich

        Misfit Shine is enclosed in aluminum housing, therefore emitting next to nothing in addition to Bluetooth 4.0 that is low power. You literally have to keep shine close to the phone to synch it.

  • Brandon Higgins

    I want to see what developers do with it. If I can turn it my lights and unlock my door with just my watch then I’m buying one. The more Apple pay that rolls out I’ll be more interested.

  • Stefano Polo

    I honestly think they’re pricing themselves out of the market on this. It’s way too expensive for a smartwatch and I think it does way more than what’s needed. Because of that, I recently bought a pebble steel and I couldn’t be more happier with it.

    • Alexander Gennadievich

      Time will tell, we’ll see how well it goes. I’ll just wait this one out on the sidelines.

  • Darren

    I have a Pebble, which lasts me 3 days and does everything I need it to. I’m not into the health sensors and don’t care to talk into my wrist to make it work. I’ll save my $350, the Pebble only costed $80.

    • Warmachine69

      I’m in the exact same situation

    • peto7532159

      me too, except my Pebble Steel lasts whole week and they look like a watch not some rubber watch from Vietnam/China

  • The Zlatan

    To what purpose?

  • Jason Dennery

    As it is now, it really doesn’t bring enough new functionality to the table for me to consider it. Just doesn’t do enough to justify its price.

    If new features are announced, perhaps I would consider it.

  • Joe Ferguson

    I was more certain until I read about the pen patent the other day. That is something I could really use.

  • Derp

    Can’t wait for when smartwatches become mainstream and im walking around town and see everyone moving like spy kids secret agents talking into the wrists. You thought people using Siri oin public looked dumb? Well get ready, you havent seen people using Siri on their smartwatches yet xD

    • Jeffrey

      I don’t think Siri etc. will be widely used but I do think smartwatches will get pretty mainstream. Not smartphone-like mainstream but more like 35% of the people will own one, instead of 4% now (indication).

  • Chang in Charge

    No interest in Gen One, I got a couple watches that I love to wear some cheap some expensive but I can’t see myself replacing all of them with an Apple Watch.

  • Neil Sardesai

    Seeing as most people who read this blog are Apple fans, aren’t the survey results going to be pretty skewed?

  • jack

    while I think a smartwatch is totally redundant, I’ll get one because it looks great and I have the money

  • Josh Venegas

    Oh it’s going to be so funny watching everyone eat their words once the watch comes out. “It does way more than what’s needed.” Really? Is that even a legitimate complaint?! Soon you’re going to drooling over all it’s capabilities and tossing your pebble out the window. I’ve been holding off buying my first watch because I rather buy a watch that does more than just tell time. It’s about time a watch like the apple watch comes out. And I know this isn’t the first smart watch obviously and their are other that can do similar things that the apple watch does but I’m sure they are all second rate.

  • Chetan

    Yes definitely but its second version not first.. First is always so basic of everything.. Sell me a S version the second year..

  • Melma

    Well, uhmmm lets seee…i thinkk…..NOPE <~~simple as da.

  • Vvbreaker

    Was I the only one hoping for an apple watch like this one even though it’s only a concept ??

    • Jonathan


      Sorry, but ew,

    • JulianZH

      it’s ugly

  • TwinSon

    Just got my iPad Air 2 via T-Mobile in the mail today. Own a Mid 2014 RMBP and iPhone 6 Plus so needless to say I’m pretty pro Apple but this different. $350 is ALOT for a watch when I could just continue to rock G-Shocks or go get the Pebble Watch for 1/3 the price. I’d probably wait to 2nd Gen but we’ll see in the Spring I suppose.

    • Ren

      I’m gonna buy a RMBP on Monday, my first MacBook ever. Lol. Do you think a new MacBook is coming soon? (3 months or less) or should I just get the mid 2014?

      • TwinSon

        My RMBP is my first MacBook ever as well and I love it. There’s a possibility a new one might drop since Intel’s Broadwell chip got delayed and didn’t make it into the 2014 RMBP like originally planned. That’s the dilemma I had when I bought my RMBP but I love it anyways. My advice to you is if you have any hesitation at all, then just wait. If not, go for it.

      • Ren

        That’s exactly what I was thinking off lol. I would be pissed if I buy one on Monday and then RMBP’s with Core Ms came out a month and a half later.

      • James G

        Probably no new Macs for a few more months.

    • whodakat

      A RMBP, a Air 2, and a 6 plus? Oh, you know you are going to buy a Apple Watch. LOL

      • TwinSon

        I take no shame in saying im an Apple whore. I came from Windows and never looked back. I got my RMBP back in August for school (IT Student at ASU) and I love it. Haha I don’t want to but im 25, single, no kids and a decent paycheck so I have some mess around money lol. You’re probably right tho.

      • whodakat

        I’m just jealous. I remember being single and child free lol!

  • whodakat

    I have a Pebble now and I love notifications on the wrist. I know it sounds ridiculous, I mean how hard is it to pull out your phone? But there are a lot of times, I’m finding, that just a glance is required, and a smart watch really is more convenient. I might be the only one, at least if you listen to these blogs, but I use Siri all the time and having her on the wrist will be great. I wish my Pebble had that. (Just in case you are wondering, I’m not a 20 year old hipster so I don’t care if someone thinks I look dumb talking to my watch.) I don’t think these are going to fly off the shelves at first (well, other than the one I’m going to buy) but I think after they hit the general public and people get a real world look at them, they are going to be a hot commodity. Give it a couple of years and most iPhone owners will have one.

  • Blip dude

    Yeah, Imma have to pass, especially on a first gen product. My 5.5 inch nano tablet and 9.7 inch tablet already do the same thing and more. What I will do is probably purchase a pebble, and even then I wouldn’t be surprised if I return it within the window.

  • David J Delgado

    I want to buy it, and probably will. But the fact that it’s been months since we heard a peep is turning me off. There is no set launch date, nothing. So while I’m still interested, said interest is waning.

    • James G

      I think we’ll get some updates on Apple Watch and hopefully Photos for Mac this month. Release dates at least.

  • Still waiting for iWatch

    • Jonathan

      It will never come out.
      However, you can get your hands on an Apple Watch in a few months. 😀

  • James G

    I almost want to buy three gen ones. One for me. One for my wife and one I’ll keep sealed in a box and sell on eBay in 7 years that’ll payback the cost of all three plus any upgrades I do over that time.

    Has anyone seen what an original iPhone goes for on eBay these days?!?

    • Xavier du Coudray

      Like $10, even all boxed and all… Kinda sad, maybe in 50 years

    • Charlie Bravo

      Originals sell for 50-75 bucks now if they’re lucky enough to still be working. Not the brightest investment plans I say.

  • QuarterSwede

    I can’t stand watches on my wrist. I’m interested in its functionality but definitely not watch based.

  • Great Scott

    This is just more proof of the sales and marketing team taking over all big decisions at Apple, leaving all the engineers behind…

  • Amr Badr

    Ofcourse not, because I’ve already ordere the kairos T-band

  • credulousgeek

    49% including me said We will buy as soon as its out! why hate man? one or few people can’t always be right!

  • Leslie B

    My family promised me one for a combined Christmas and birthday gift.

    On the other hand, I won’t buy/keep it unless it’s very good quality. It must have: good water resistance (I sweat a lot when exercising), good battery life (at least a full 24 hours), good warranty (at least 1 full year), good pulse sensor (others fail on my wrist), and it must be fun.

  • GuyWithTheThings

    I wish it looked like a Moto 360. Then I MIGHT be interested.

  • Manu Bulteau

    The guy who is going to make me wear a watch was not born yet

  • Andrew

    When it was first announced, I was stoked. But after taking a step back and really looking at it, it’s not that interesting to me. It presents nothing new. It’s not revolutionary. It’s them catching up. I mean, it’ll definitely be a great product, don’t get me wrong. But forking over the unholy amount of money it’ll cost when you can get a Pebble for like $100 doesn’t make much sense to me.

  • I still use a digital watch to this day; just to get a quick glance of the time without reaching into my pocket; so yes I’ll be getting one. Can’t wait a year for version 2.

  • Mark Kramer

    Not buying it. I have an iphone and a mini ipad. They do everything I need already. That watch isn’t even a want for me.

  • MacGuru17

    Yep, I’ve been saving up my birthday and Cheistmas money for it. ;D

  • I always wait for the reviews before buying anything. The smart thing to do is to wait until next gen when they’ve worked all the bugs out, and if you still like the First Gen, it will be a lot cheaper.

  • cd d

    I would just like to say if I were to buy a watch I wouldn’t buy a smart watch , I would buy a watch made just to tell the time and date and had real precision quality that would last a long time, not something that would wear out in a couple years of using it , I love the Movado watches , I love apple products to just not this one :/

  • Jon20

    I agree. I thought it was going to look like this. This seems more futuristic. The Apple watch looks like a regular watch with a black screen. At least these look different and people can tell you had an Apple watch. That’s just my opinion.

  • Macdemon

    All I want from a watch, is to tell the time, NOTHING more………… I’m not at all interested in Apple Watch……… ANY price.

    • George

      I feel like it should be sold in the toy section at walmart, it looks so stupid.

  • iamzaidan

    I’m gona wait for sometime and read the reviews on it…depending on that i’ll think about buying it.

  • I think I’d have to spend some time in the Apple Store when they come out and get the sales pitch as to why I need one in my life before I can make that kind of commitment 😉

  • JulianZH

    i rather buy a real watch…

  • blckaapl

    For that price? I’ll get a Seiko instead. 🙂

  • Jason Masters

    I believe the apple watch sport edition will be waterproof but that still remains to be seen either way the Apple watch does look nice and I’m anxious to get one I will be looking to get the gold one on launch day!

    • Alexander Gennadievich

      If it is waterproof, then it’s one less thing off my dislike list. I’m glad that you can afford 2-3 thousand for the gold version, not sure if it’s worth it though. It’s your money.

  • The killer feature will be swiping your wrist to pay at the store checkout counter

  • Can’t wait to see if it’ll be worth the hype!

  • Scott

    Nope. Not at all interested and nothing to do with the price. I love watches but I’m an automatic guy.

  • VictorMartino

    It has absolutely nothing groundbreaking about it, nothing Android Wear smartwatches don’t already do, and it is HIDEOUS! The moto 360 is so much better looking. The Apple Watch looks like a first gen iPhone.

  • R3D

    Almost sure I will but I won’t be an early bird. I’m gonna wait for the first user impressions.

  • Jack Hodges

    I’ll get one as soon as it is waterproof enough for swimming. I’d like it to be GPS enabled, too, but that isn’t a showstopper for me.

  • Alexander Gennadievich

    I agree that sapphire glass is sturdy, but what about the rest of the unit (aluminum, stainless steel and gold)? Especially gold. It’s a soft metal, easily deformed or scratched. In regards to Android, I still prefer iPhones, however I own OnePlus One and think it is an amazing piece of technology for the price. Yes it is too expensive, the price may go down or may not, but from the rumours that I’ve heard, AW is gonna be pretty pricy. Water resistance and water proof are different things and AW is not water proof, it was mentioned in a lot of places, I like devices with a really small form factor and that are waterproof for swimming and diving. I agree that radiation is most likely going to be less than a smartphone, only the range tests would tell, but the fact that the device stays on your wrist for the most part of the day makes it very questionable to what effects that can bring, it’s the exposure time that’s bugging me. The rest of your comment is very condescending, however I’m open for a civilized discussion.