Poll: will you buy Apple Watch?


The Apple Watch, the iPhone maker’s foray into wearables, is arriving this Spring starting at $349.

And while we know quite a bit about the anticipated wrist-worn computer, Apple’s left a few important questions hanging in the air.

Among them are important details concerning the Watch’s specific launch date, battery life, a possible killer feature and price points for higher-end models.

Assuming the vast majority of folks who are in the market for an Apple smartwatch opt for the entry-level device, we’re curious to learn whether you’ll be buying one when it comes out. Or maybe you’ve decided to wait for a second-generation model, or pass on the Watch altogether?

Cast your vote below.

Among the 968 U.S. iPhone owners recently polled by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, only seven percent of respondents said they intended to part with their hard-earned cash and purchase the forthcoming device, down from eight percent this past September.

Such “muted” response among iPhone owners is due to the lack of full information about the product, the analyst noted.

“As we get closer to launch of the Watch, which we expect in the Jun-15 quarter, we believe that Apple will begin to highlight more functionality of the product as well as third-party apps, which we note were what eventually helped the iPhone accelerate in adoption,” Munster said.

Assuming the Watch hits store shelves by June, Munster is projecting modest sales of eight million units for all of 2015, adding approximately two percent to Apple’s revenue for 2015, and ten million units for the Watch’s first full year.

Other Wall Street estimates range from twelve to fifteen million Apple Watch units sold throughout all 2015.

So, how likely are you to get an Apple Watch when it releases?