best touch id extension 2014

I still remember the first time I used Touch ID to unlock my iPhone. It was like magic. I’ve gotten so used to the feature that unlocking my iPad Air just feels like an exhausting experience. Why can’t I just touch the Home button to unlock everything, like my bike lock, my front door, or the trunk of my car? With iOS 8, Apple granted third-party apps the ability to use biometrics to unlock their apps, too. Now, any supported app you have can be set up to require your grubby paw so you don’t have to exhaust yourself by typing in those dang passwords.

The writing team at iDB have taken a few moments to decide which Touch ID-supported apps were worth mentioning. Then, we voted on our favorites. Today, we’ve got a list of the winner and runner-ups. Since Touch ID extensions are only a few months old, we’ve skipped the part about spotlighting the best app ever.

The best app with Touch ID support of 2014


1password best touch id extension 2014

The passwords you create for the dozens of accounts you have signed up for should always be different and complex. 1Password makes it easy for you to create super secure passwords, but only have to remember one of them. Thanks to Touch ID extensions, users don’t even have to remember that (that’s an exaggeration, you still have to remember that one password). Instead of entering your 1Password code to unlock your treasure trove of passwords, you can unlock it with your fingerprint. You can customize how quickly the app locks and whether to require your fingerprint again every time you exit the app. So, instead of having to re-enter a 15-digit code every time you need to grab a password for one of your dozens of accounts, you can just use Touch ID instead. Even better, with the Safari extension, you can login to any website without having to enter your password. Simply use the 1Password extension from Safari, put your finger on the Touch ID sensor to unlock the app, and choose what login credentials to use. The 1Password Touch ID extension didn’t only make the app easier to use, it made the whole web a lot faster to access. This app is available for free.

The runner ups


authy Touch ID

You may think your accounts are secure because you’ve used long, complex passwords, but the only way to truly ensure that your data is safe is with two-step authentication. This app saves the two-step authenticaton information for all of the major supported companies, like Facebook, Dropbox, Gmail, and more. Your codes are stored in cloud-encrypted backup storage so you can access them, even if you lose your iPhone. Plus, it supports offline password generation so you can authenticate when you don’t have a data signal or access to Wi-Fi. With Touch ID support, you are the only person that will be able to unlock Authy, making it more secure than ever before. This app is available for free.

Google Drive

Google Drive 3.3 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 003)

Google makes sharing documents incredibly easy. You can create, store, and share files and folders with the company’s robust productivity program. However, sometimes, you don’t want your documents shared. Personal, private, and confidential files need protection. If one of your business partners gained access to your secret recipes, or the IRS gained access to your financial reports, you might be in deep water. Thanks to Touch ID, you can open the app much quicker by simply holding your finger on your iPhone’s Home button to unlock it. This app is available for free.


OneDrive is Microsoft’s version of Apple’s iCloud or Google Drive. With it, you can store photos, videos, documents, files, and more. You can even automatically sync new photos and videos using the Camera Backup feature. It works seamlessly with Microsoft’s productivity apps, like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can also share files with others by sending a link to the recipient. If you want to set a lengthy password, but don’t want to have to enter it every single time you open the app, you can enable the Touch ID app extension to let your finger do all of the work. This app is available for free.

What is your favorite app with Touch ID support to come out in 2014? Let us know in the comments below.

Best of 2014

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  • Dave

    My favourite app is Scanner Pro that also supports Touch ID.

  • Merman123

    1Password <3

  • Greg Warren

    I’ve become a bigger fan of LastPass than 1Password, and it also supports TouchID.

    • ali_plus

      Want to buy one of these. I’ve heard LastPass is annual subscription and 1password is one time purchase. Other than that please tell me advantages of LastPass over 1password.

      • R N

        Lastpass you don’t have to pay for the desktop/mac version also, its free plugin in your browser, that’s why I switched completely to LastPass, also you can use special USB key to unlock it, and the subscription payment isn’t that high either, I paid for 2 years myself.

      • Annie Leonhardt

        You mentioned no advantages. Sure, you don’t have to pay for the desktop version… but, you’re paying every single year. A Total Cost of Operations report would suggest, Lastpass will essentially cost you more money over its lifetime.

        LastPass 5 year cost: $60
        1Password Lifetime (for all systems Windows + Mac): $69

        Anything over 5 years, Lasspass will be more expensive than 1Password.

        Both are easy to uses with the extension on mobile devices.

        Neither have any advantages over each other except for maybe Design. They both do the same thing, and have pretty much the same features.

        All depends on what you want to pay and which design you like best.

        Hopes this helps people on the fence.

        I have use 1Password — No issues here. I have used both Lasspass and 1Password, but, I went with 1Password for its design.

      • Zzyzxd

        I won’t say 1Password is a lifetime purchase. They have charged existed users several times for major version updates. Every time it happened you needed to pay both desktop version and mobile version.

        Of course they don’t force you to update and you can keep using the older version. But nobody want to.

      • Annie Leonhardt

        Good point. I do see “upgrade license” on the site. But, there are no prices given.

      • Xee

        Msecure is a great little password manager that supports TouchID – and it’s cheaper than Lastpass and 1password.

      • Annie Leonhardt

        Doesn’t look like it has browser extension support — Like Lasspass and 1Password. Cheaper price, less features.

        The App is $9.99
        Desktop solution: $19.99

        If you want both Mac and Windows you will need to pay the $19.99 twice. (I could be wrong, but looks this way from the site)

        Allows Dropbox or iCloud syncing and all the standard stuff. Just missing a browser extension for desktop.

        Msecure: $29.98 | $49.97 for 1 device + Mac & PC
        1Password: $49.99 | $69 for all devices
        Dashlane: $39.99 a year for all devices.

      • Greg Warren

        I switched to LastPass this year when there was an offer for a free year trial. It’s overall easier to use, and with something like software I would prefer to pay incrementally. Who knows if someone else will put out a better option in the future, or if the company will be bought out by someone else, or maybe even Apple will better integrate the services provided by them into iOS/OSX and then I’ve just wasted the $65 (plus upgrade fees) on 1Password. Paying year-to-year feels like the safer option to me. Plus, who knows, you may continue to find free year offers here and there.

  • sadaN

    FingerKey can be used to unlock your computer using TouchID and should be back to App Store next week, just google it.

    Once again thank you iDownloadblog for ignoring my emails!

    • is FingerKey your app?

      • sadaN


    • Robinho Simões 

      I’ve tried FingerKey but it did not work with my iPhone 6 Plus, and now it is gone from the App Store. Will you fix this?

      • sadaN

        It’s been temporarily pulled from the App Store because I failed to change the Notification Center widget in time as Apple wanted me to as I was focusing on fixing the issue you are facing.

        Please visit the app’s website and download version 1.0.2 of FingerLock which includes several stability improvements.

        If that doesn’t help, please make sure to send us an email and I will personally try to diagnose what you are experiencing in order to fix it.


  • Neil Mersh

    Have been using 1Passport for a while. Absolutely love it. Good choice for a winner!

  • Neil Mersh

    ..ha meant 1Password

  • therealjjohnson

    Google Drive for me.

    • Neil Mersh

      Prefer Dropbox and Evernote. They also have touch id. Must-haves.

      • therealjjohnson

        Forgot about Dropbox. Prolly picked Google drive cause I have 15GB vs 3GB. Definitely a good one.

  • Switched from LastPass to 1Password mainly due to LastPass requiring a non-stop subscription to use it on my SmartPhone. So far, just missing the system-wide login support of LastPass on Android.

    Other than that, really like that it doesn’t store the credentials on any third-party’s HDD, it was pretty easy to transfer all my 200+ credentials (just need to reorganize them), and syncing the 1Password database locally between my OnePlus One and my Surface Pro is easy with FolderSync (thanks to Android’s local central file manager).

  • iKhalil

    I like MoneyControl

  • Chin


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