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A new report claims Apple is considering the return of the 4-inch iPhone in 2015. In a note to investors (via AppleInsider), analyst Timothy Arcuri of Cowen and Company said he believes Apple could launch three new versions of its handset next year.

Citing sources in the Asian supply chain, Arcuri calls the 4-inch device the “iPhone 6s mini,” and says it will likely feature specs similar to the iPhone 5s. Additionally, the phone will sport improved internals, and a curved design akin to the iPhone 6.

It’s worth noting that Arcuri has a mixed track record in Apple intel, but this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a possible return for the 4-inch iPhone. Earlier this month, a report came out claiming the 4-inch handset was on track for a H2 2015 release.

If true, such a move would bring one-handed usability back to the popular iPhone line—a benefit that Apple frequently touted in previous years, but essentially abandoned in September when it introduced the new 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch 6 Plus.


  • Anmol Malhotra

    If Apple can give me 6 mini with everything same as 5s and a better battery life , i’m in. 😉

    • regkilla

      and quad core.

      • SIMON

        And Yamaha MT-09 2015 black. – Then I’m in.

      • Mike

        And a 350 V8

    • Antzboogie

      Not me these tiny iPhones look like toys to me. You can’t even type correctly with a constricted keyboard.

  • Ottawa Gamerz

    they tried and failed next time u try to copy the android note do a better job 🙂

    • Maxim∑


      • Special_Ed

        There’s always one..

    • jacktetero

      Better job huh, It would be shamesung dreams to sell as many notes as 6+’s.

      • Cody

        The difference with Samsung is the OS. Besides that, Apple is just another company selling overpriced products. I can assure you that if Samsung used iOS, Apple would be dead already.
        Apple is really pulling the plug here with a phone with the same specs as last years and just with a bigger screen.
        Don’t come to me saying “who cares about specs” because specs do matter. You wouldn’t buy a BMW with the engine of a Chevy, would you?
        I am not a Samsung/Android fan, neither an Apple fan. I am just a fan of spending my hard earned money on what is really worth it.
        Tell me what does the iPhone 6 does that the iPhone 5 or 5s can’t? All of them can play Candy Crush just fine. Take notes just fine, open apps just fine, update to the latest OS just fine as well. There’s not really a speed improvement anywhere, same RAM and CPU clocked just .10ghz higher than the 5 and 5s.
        The other reason for Apple selling all these overpriced products as well is that the fan base is so huge that they can release a new product, put any price tag on it and it will sell like hot cakes. Let’s go back to 2012 and when the first retina MacBook pro was released. Remember? $1699 for the base model, the 13″ one, a total ripoff.

      • eXoguti093

        With all these “budget” high-end android flagships coming out, Apple might be forced again in the future to follow the crowd and bring down their prices, else they’ll really be screwed.. Even if there will still be some companies pushing the prices higher than everyone else

      • Anmol Malhotra

        Really? Samsung produces a quality hardware like Apple? I’m using iPhone 4s for past 3yrs and still it beats some latest Samsung phones. That’s what i love about Apple. Quality with best iOS. Spending on Samsung and buying a new Samsung after 2 years because they start lagging after 2 years (I’m telling about power users , yes android phones starts lagging after 2 years) equals to Apple iPhone running for as much years you want to. You said Apple fan base is so huge? Do you think all the fans are idiots? That’s why its fan base is so huge right?

        Dont tell me about price. If someone is willing to pay the price he will buy the phone. If someone cant he wont. I’ve seen many people who wanted to buy iPhone but couldnt becoz of low budget. Hard earned money etc etc all are excuses.

        And considering the specs YES WHO CARES ABOUT SPECS?. iOS handles the whole system differently.It doesnt need the quad core 2ghz , 2 GB RAM. And i think none of the app is actually using the true power of A8 chip. Dude if Apple starts producing iPhone with those specs Samsung is gone for good.

      • Dani Hayes

        I have a 4S and it cannot do much of what the latest Samsung devices can even if it is jailbroken.

        How does it beat the latest devices??

      • Danny Rios

        jailbreak it and you will see!

      • Dani Hayes

        I jailbreak all my Apple devices.

      • Mohammed

        Don’t even jailbreak ,i think we are talking about the normal consumer here,the 4S still has one of the best cameras,great build quality and if you are using IOS 8.1.1 or higher,it runs pretty well for a 3 years phone.
        It doesn’t necessary beats the new samsung phones as an overall phone,but it sure has some advantages over them ,specially in the camera department.

      • What are you smoking? The Note 4 beatsnthe iPhone 6 camera in realbworld tests (bit ly/1FUeyoP) yet you think the 4s has the advantage?

      • Mohammed

        Thats one source ,why should i trust 1 source?,there are hundreds of comparisons of the note 4 and iphone 6 camers on the internet,and not all of them agrees to choose to chose one of the other,different comparisons ,different results.
        I am talking as a person who actually used and tried those devices ,i am not commenting based of another person opinions.
        I can give you many internet comparisons where the 6 plus camera is superior to the note’s camera,but I simply don’t judge anything until i use it personally,as in holding it in my hands.

      • That’s 1 source of 6179 people’s opinions. Not 1 individual’s opinion, like yours alone…nice try in making a point though.

      • Mohammed

        I didn’t even bother to open the link to be honest,cuz i knew it would be just another online survey or comparison.
        But if you trust online stuff that much ,go check out MKBHD and cnet reviews,two of the most “trusted” review makers online,they pretty much aggres that the note 4 (samsung phones in general) tend to over sharp the image ,leaving it no where close to real life,unlike the 6’s camera which keeps it realistic.
        Over saturation by no mean means a better image.
        And you mentioned that these are 6179 people opinions,6179 people who may or MAY NOT actually used these phones.
        If you actually used these phones and you found the note’s camera to be superior,well good for you,maybe you like colors to pop out more,that’s PERFECTLY Ok.
        I used these two phones and i like how the 6/6plus camera keeps it real ,though i hate the low resolution TBH.

      • It’s a comparison of photos taken by the phones without any bias. Turns out, most prefer sharper color popping images to “real life” images…MKBHD and CNET, those are just individuals with their own opinions of what is “better”.

      • Hot12345

        You have spoken +5

        You have damm right.

      • Mohammed

        I came here just to say “who cares about specs”
        Tell me what is the speed differnce between the almost 3.0GHz note 4 and the 1.4 IPhone 6/6 plus ,and what is the the difference between the note’s 16 MP camera and the iphone’s 8MP camera (beside 4K and the bigger resolution).
        It sounds like you are another one of those who like to have a bigger number,just for the sake of it being bigger.

      • Danny Rios

        overpriced? the samsungs cost the same as the iphones dude.. they are like 649.. just like the iphone 6 and 6+ lol… get your facts straight!

      • jacktetero

        Except they don’t hold their value that long, price takes a dive after a couple of months.

      • Joey_Z

        Why put OS aside? A large portion of the price you paid is for the OS. Samsung can’t do software, and the quality of plastic can never be as good as metal.

        The BMW example is wrong. People buy performance not numbers on paper. A proper example should be this – people buy BMW because BMW’s 3.0 liter inline 6 performs better than Chevy’s 3.6 liter V6. I would say spec does not matter because on paper 3.6L V6 looks better than 3.0 I6, but in the real world, BMW’s engine is smoother, has more torque, and uses less gas. It comes down to how efficient you can utilize the hardware on hand.

        One thing iPhone 6 can do that other phones can’t is ApplePay.

      • Hot12345

        Nice example’s mate , you have spoken +5

      • Straightshoota

        Apple pay. You asked.

      • jacktetero

        Just to tell you something, in my family plan, there’s a Note 2 and a Note 3 and 2 iPhone 5’s until recently changed to the 6+. Both the note broke down in which it did not turn on at all, not even replacing battery or different charger. We had to ship the phones to samsung (which they covered 2 day shipping) and I had buy cheap phones to use in a meantime for about 2 weeks.
        On the other hand, the times I barely had any issue with the iphone 5’s, I would just walk into a apple store and walk out with a phone right away.

    • Antzboogie

      Tell Shamsung to sell more more phones next time my iPhone 6 Plus is amazing hold that.

    • u havin a giggle there m8

    • Rodney Coleman

      lol loser…. 6 plus out sold note dumb f

    • Ian

      Who would want to copy Samsung and their dreadful Touchwiz?

  • Blip dude

    Return?? Isn’t it still here!!

  • Andy

    So basically an iPhone 6 with a 4 inch screen. I doubt It’ll feature the same specs as iPhone 5s unless they decided to discontinue the 5s. Unless they decide to do some weird hybrid like the iPod touch 5 which had the 4 inch screen of an iPhone 5, A5 chip of an iPhone 4s, 5 megapixel sensor of an iPhone 4.

  • Cameron Nelms

    I can use my 6 one handed just fine, and people consider me to have small hands

    • diggitydang

      Agree… I went 6 Plus for the longer battery life, but one-handed operation is not possible. 6 is totally possible though.

      • blu

        possibly, yes, comfortable and usable, no.

  • Antzboogie

    Please no more tiny iPhones.

    • Rupinder

      Although they may be tiny to us, people still want them. My mom and sister skipped their 5S upgrades and waited for the 6, but it’s too big for them. Only option they had left was the one year old 5S.

    • SIMON

      Why not? You are not alone in this f’cking world, for others people 3,5 still great, they don’t need gigantic f’cking pan like iPhone 6/6 Plus. O_o

  • Don’t, just don’t apple.

  • diggitydang

    Cool, cool… while I’m not into the 4″ size anymore, I know there’s a market for it still. I can’t blame them for tailoring the lineup to satisfy everyone though. BUT, that said, I’m hoping more for refinements to the software more than hardware, as Apple hasn’t been the same (in terms of stability) since iOS6. I still have crashes and weird bugs (e.g. scrubbing a video and it won’t load until I turn it portrait and then back again, or losing my status bar in Mail when I go landscape and back to portrait again). These are annoyances that used to happen on Android, which kept me in the iCamp… iOS7, I can understand being buggy because it’s re-designed, but iOS8 should’ve fixed all of that.

    I still favour the iPhone, but I can actually understand people being less satisfied with it, and giving Android a go.

  • Virus

    Once you start using the iPhone 6 the Iphone 5 looks like a small toy impossible to go back

    • Danny Rios

      yup, ive seen people using the 5 and its ridiculous how small it looks lol cant believe i used to own one.

    • blu

      Every time I get back on my iPhone 5 from my 6 I miss the iPhone 5.
      The 6 is just not usable one handed.

  • Cameron

    i won’t deny that 4 inch phones still probably the most comfortable to use one handed, something that is very important to me, however, the trade off for slightly less comfort to a 4.7 inch screen is justified. The 5.5 inch iphone 6+ however, in which i purchased before swapping it out for the smaller 6, is way too large and bothersome. 4.7 inch is the most ill go. Please do not increase the size anymore in the next iteration or else ill be forced to downgrade to the 4 inch.

  • Diego Milano

    Here’s MY report: this confirms Apple has lost its sense of orientation when it comes to planning. They throw stuff out in the market as in trial-and-error. They should inject each device the best features they have readily available instead of making the 6+ the flagship which -to me at least- doesn’t necessarily need to fit everyone’s hand or choice.
    In raw English: I want a fully featured with full-scale performance akin the iPhone 6 Plus in a smaller device which they certainly can do if they wanted to. I’m not buying a phablet, I want a phone.

    • Danny Rios

      i just want the contact photos on the imessage lol.. looks really neat. 🙂

  • Brandon

    I like my 6, but in day to day use, i just still prefer the size of the 5s. I still watch movies and Netflix on my tablet anyways, something I thought would get phased out.

  • RuddyN

    Oh, great! I don’t like these bigger sizes.

    • Danny Rios

      they coulda kept the lock button on the top for the 6.. and moved it to the side on the 6+.. but thats just my opinion.. i still dont see it sucha big deal though.. lol top bottom or wherver it is its just a lock button dude lol

    • regkilla

      That’s what she said!

  • Sco

    Mate… I still use iPhone 4 iOS 6.1.3 Jailbroken Not switching until i see 2GB RAM iPhone

    • leart

      The same but I own other devices but still I feel more comfortable with the size of 4/4s in hand + ios 6 means for me:
      jailbroken zephyr+ncsettings = I don’t care for ios 7-8 🙂

      • Alberto Espinal

        That makes my

    • Chris

      I have an iPhone 6 and it performs perfectly, one thing most consumers have yet to understand is that iOS is optimised for the device hence why there are different versions for each device, realistically Apple won’t need to add more ram for at least 3-4 years as the hardware used gets better each year.

      • o_O

        No ram upgrade for another 3-4 years? What’s your dealer’s name please?

      • Chris

        Look at it from this perspective, iOS 7 bought Metal to the table which uses the power off the CPU + GPU to output powerful and elegant games to the screen while using low amounts of power and ram, if you’ve ever played a game such as Real Racing 3 and hit your home button you don’t get any delays like you would on other devices.

        At any given time an iPhone 5 and above running iOS 7+ can execute a task without making an impact on the ram itself, optimisation both with the hardware and software is the key reason iOS works so well with just 1GB of ram.

        I’ve used an SG S4 and a HTC One and the performance didn’t compare to my iPhone 5 at the time, running games felt sluggish, opening apps and multitasking was slow if more than 10 apps were open compared to iOS which allowed me to have 25+ apps open.

        At the end of the day Apple upgraded the iPhone’s ram over the years because of advancements in hardware, Apple can keep extending iOS and it will maintain it’s performance if not get better with newer CPU’s.

      • Bugs Bunnay

        you won’t need extra ram unless you’re balling out on the jailbreak tweaks.

  • Chris Buck

    6 is my favorite size by far for my medium sized hands. Would not like a 5s size anymore.

  • Tom

    iphone 6 is way to big looks like a tablet or samsung

  • john diaz

    Make up your mind already Apple! i remember how big phones were back in the 90’s then phones became smaller and now their becoming bigger again and apparently their going back to smaller size. such fluctuations.

  • Not gonna happen.

  • NekoMichi

    “4-inch device the iPhone 6S mini […] with specs similar to the iPhone 5S”
    Wouldn’t that just be an iPhone 5S? (albeit in a differently shaped casing)

  • singhay559

    Iph 5s n 6 hybrid but only glass will be saphire

  • mahe

    So a 5s in a new case?
    I already own a 5s …
    It should have the actual hardware … otherwise is more like the 5c was …

  • George

    How stupid would you people be to buy a phone with 2 year old specs??? There is no reason for not making a 4 inch phone with the same specs as the iPhone 6.

  • springer85

    Awww poor SAMESUNG guzzlers still cannot handle the fact that SAMESUNG has had 4 years in the Phablet market…..Apple comes along with their first and OBLITERATES the Note 4 all over the world!!LMFAO!

  • AAPL is gonna reinvent the mobile phone by releasing the iPhone mini.

  • sosarozay300

    this will be good for consumers if they have 3 different iphone sizes. 4 , 4.7 , 5.5

  • Vygoss

    Of cours 4,2 or 4,5 we’ll be beter 😉
    4,7 much big

  • Matt

    How about you increase only the size of the actual display, and still leave the device the same size it is? Yeah That’ll be great, Apple (talk about innovation )