Auxo 3 iOS 8

The highly anticipated update to Auxo 2 is almost here. Yes, Auxo for iOS 8 will be releasing next week—to much fanfare I might add. To celebrate the upcoming release, Sentry has been teasing the update on Vine. If you can remember with the Auxo 2 release, a similar teaser campaign was launched on Vine. This time, the teasers focus on two brand new features.

Indeed, Auxo for iOS 8 is being submitted for release next week. Baring any hiccups, that means it should be released next week as well:

First the new dynamic Multi-Center. Notice how the music panel disappears when music is paused, and then reappears when played:

And then there’s the improved Quick Switcher:

These posts are follow ups to a previous teaser launched on vine earlier this week:

The bottom line is that Auxo for iOS 8, (or will it be called Auxo 3?) is imminent. Prepare yourselves for the release by going back and reliving why Auxo and its sequel, Auxo 2, were such a big deal for the jailbreak community.

From what you’ve seen and heard thus far, how do you think Auxo for iOS 8 is shaping up?

  • Anmol Malhotra

    This is the reason for which i jailbreak my iPhone! Seems much much improved and better. Quick Switcher looks very handy. 😉

    • Aviorrok

      I love Auxo but Auxo 2 is boring it’s merges multitasking and control center and haven’t a new features to iOS multitasking (Apart from quick switcher applications)

      • Dan

        I enjoyed it, improved the iOS experience greatly

      • Cristian B

        Well if you’d ever had the first Auxo then you’ll realize that how Auxo was always like. (remember how you swiped down a multitasking card to remove it and how you swiped to the left and it would bring up the controls like wifi bluetooth, ect?) Thats what Auxo 2 was like as well. Except with iOS 7 style of multitasking. Are you saying to prefer iOS 6 style multitasking?

    • Alexander Gennadievich

      Try Tage, it’s like Zephyr

  • Disappointed

    Can’t wait ……

  • pauleebe

    Seems like the most anticipated tweak for the iOS 8 JB

  • Héctor Viveros

    I hope it’s just an update. Will hate to pay again for it .

  • Merman123

    That small lag always bothered me. I see its still there 🙁

    • mike

      In which animation?

      • Jonathan

        I think in first popping up.

      • mike

        Hm. Never noticed. That’s hard to un-see.

  • Reneiver

    Do i have to pay for it again 🙁

  • Fanboy 

    I actually find Apple’s new multitasking (iOS 7+) extremely inefficient. I’m able to view very limited running apps, and in order to find the one I want to switch to I have to scroll, and scroll and scroll so more.

    Will definitely be purchasing this!

    • You keep that many apps open? Guess I’m OCD about closing my apps. Lol

      • kushagra johri

        I guess you have an android as well. Well that makes me an OCD as well

      • Brandon Miranda


  • Sean

    Dang that is an awesome tweak.

  • Chocolatewe


  • Jeroen Claassens

    I can’t wait 😀 !!

  • Diego Milano

    This looks AWESOME! I’m getting rid of Polus if it doesn’t pair well with the new to-be-released Auxo! RIGHT ON!

  • Straightshoota

    I really hope sentry takes into account the far reach to the top of an iPhone 6 plus and puts AirPlay air drop buttons on the bottom too along with the toggles and shortcuts

  • mike

    1. I would not consider the Multi-Center enhancement gigantic: it’s an improvement to it, that shouldn’t make it considered the “new dynamic” multi-center.
    2. Same with the quick-switcher, as a user of Auxo 2 I do not see any innovation.

    I’m looking forward to this tweak, iOS feels incomplete without it… but please correct me if I’m wrong.

  • xcanX420

    how can i close the running apps?

    • Jonathan

      I believe it’d be the same, just swiping up. Or, swipe up on the home screen, hit the x button, and close them all at once.