iMods demo

In the six years that I’ve been part of the jailbreak community, I can count on the fingers of one hand how many so-called “Cydia alternatives” have come to fruition. The result is pretty simple. Zero. None. Well, there was RockYourPhone at one time, which was later purchased by saurikIT, but besides that, none of the several attempts ever made their way to the public. Who knows, maybe iMods will be the first.

A beta version of iMods has been showed on video, and while it looks beautiful, the video fell short of showing the installer actually install anything.

Yes, as you might have guessed, I’m a bit skeptical, mainly because I’ve seen this happen several times before, and as noted above, it never went anywhere. Hopefully I will be proven wrong this time around and maybe iMods will be everyone’s go-to installer in the near future.

What do you think?

  • Scope

    If it drops I’m gone. Cydia been looking outdated for years.

    • Danny Rios

      Amen! me too.

    • Annie Leonhardt

      Cydia sucks. 😀

    • McBobson

      Not me, because:
      -It doesn’t have repos. It is just a walled garden inside another walled garden.
      -Most alternate Cydia stores die out because they barely make any money.
      -iMods are sort of jerks on reddit.

    • Unfortunately, I can’t see it working. Almost all tweaks run on Mobile Substrate, and themes run on Winterboard, both of which are owned by Saurik. There is also a huge amount of system level stuff that I don’t even understand. Saurik has spent years learning about the best ways to set up the filesystem, and I doubt he would share his experience so someone else can take down his business.

      • Stay Alive

        agreed …

      • Midou35000

        Agreed too.

    • If it drops unless they have good servers it’ll drop too. Cydia might look outdated but at least tweaks are contained on multiple repos and custom repos can be added. This ensures that there’s no single monopoly in charge of the entire jailbreak community…

    • Jeroen Claassens

      Er.. do you even have the latest Cydia? Ever since somewhere on iOS 7 it got a huge make over courtesy of, iirc, Sentry….

      Ever since it hasn’t seemed outdated to me at all..

    • mrgerbik

      kids today seem so vain

    • Antzboogie

      Sorry not me Cydia has been good to me. Although a little competition is good for all of us.

  • Gooner49

    thumbs up if you’d have this as your primary jailbreak store – dunno about you guys but this looks exceptional, cydia has the same old feel to it, nothing so much as a top charts list in how many years now?

    • Tyler Smith

      if it transfers my purchases then i am so gone.

      • Gooner49

        worth noting it is 1 giant repo they control, no pirated tweaks, which as a believer in rewarding devs for their time and effort is brilliant! Also by adding the video previews and ratings system, users can buy with confidence

      • Матт Реякіпѕ

        To replace Cydia it would have to offer the default repos people are used to. Since Cydia doesn’t have cracked apps by default nor could it’s replacement. But it would have to allow for third-party repos just like Cydia does.

      • Gooner49

        just referencing the video, it says there will only be one repo, don’t know how it will work, but i like how its being different.

      • Mr.Coolfreak

        Unfortunately, I think that’s why it will never take off as a full replacement. Pirates run cydia

      • Gooner49

        no they don’t, anybody who’s not broke and can afford an average of $0.99 buys tweaks, anybody who pirates from devs is basically a dick, they spend time money and effort to bring people what those guys want and then these people refuse to even pay for it, great logic by them, i think this is a refreshing new chapter for Jailbreaking if it takes off

      • Mr.Coolfreak

        Why do you think cydia always allowed pirated stuff to be on cydia? The said truth is even tho most can afford tweaks they choose to pirate

      • DogeCoin

        Because Cydia is simply a gui front end for apt-get

      • Mr.Coolfreak

        No, you know cydia goes the warning. If saurik truly wanted to block pirated stuff he would, but that would decrease the interest in a JB. Sad truth

      • DogeCoin

        Then people would manually add it via apt, and never get the warning

      • Mr.Coolfreak

        Saurik didn’t allow Imods to do that, so I would assume that you would want both cydia and Imods instaleld

    • Gooner49

      what just occurred to me is Substrate, it’s closed sourced and heavily guarded by Saurik, near to all tweaks need it to run, are we going to see an iMods version of Substrate too? #JailbreakPowerStruggle

      • Dogarooski

        I think maybe you will just have to have iMods alongside Cydia. Cydia could be the big boss, controlling it all so your tweaks will run. iMods will just fill in the part where buying tweaks and whatnot will be a better experience.

  • 0ʇılouɐɯ

    Yes, Cydia needs an urgent facelift!!

    • Fanboy 

      Facelift, reorganization, add a rating system, better repo approvals, etc.! I hadn’t realized how much Cydia has NOT changed since it first came out, wow.

      • Jeroen Claassens

        Cydia got a huge make over somewhere along the line of iOS 7.x … If you still got the UI seen here you’re terribly outdated.

      • Endriu Andrei

        make over in design….so what ? there is a difference in better option and new design….use your brain

      • Jeroen Claassens

        New functions such as? Because I don’t feel like there is anything missing in Cydia.

        Also concernjng the “use your brain” statement; just the fact that you reply is such a presumbly irritated way doesn’t add any value to what you are saying.

        I was hoping that people here could be treated as and aswell act like adults.

  • Hotrod

    Cydia is the bomb but definitely needs a facelift, let’s get rid of that doo doo brown icon

  • Tyler Smith

    If the devs allow the transfer of purchases then i will switch in a heart beat. Maybe this will make saurik redesign cydia

    • Jeffrey

      I don’t think so, Cydia will stay how it is right now until it’s death… Unfortunately…

      • As long as Cydia keeps coming installed with jailbreaks it’ll never die…

      • Jeffrey

        Ofcourse but as we see in this article, there will be other alternatives in the future which could take Cydia’s place, then it could die.

  • MereUser


  • Ali

    Why not both? *Mexican music*

  • pnh

    Would just like to be able to look at tweaks that work with iOS 8 on iPhone 6 and not have to see anything else.

  • Casey

    Lol yeah right. Cydia is a basic interface on top of an extremely solid, well-tested, distributed architecture. This is some guy’s idea for a UI that could be cooked up rather quickly, but there’s no good foundation there. That’s why Installer died when Cydia came along, and no UI alone can replace Cydia. The Cydia UI could certainly stand an update, but lipstick on a pig won’t displace it.

  • Rock Lee

    To be fair, there was an alternative that was WAY better than Cydia. It was Rock Your Phone. Cydia purchased that Store however, because they were splitting up the jailbreak scene cause of their huge succes. I liked Rock Your Phone a lot more though… And it’s definitely possible this will get a lot of users like Rock Your Phone did, just takes time and content.

    • Fanboy 

      Guess who didn’t read the article! YOU sir! 😀

      • Tommy Gumbs

        HAHAHAH,,,,,,so true.

  • Merman123

    I love cydia. But I very much dislike that everytime we ask Saurik for change, he responds with an essay long answer as to why change is not possible or too expensive. He seems too close minded when it comes to changes in cydia, and all around he seems like he’s not willing to try. I would love to stick with cydia and continue offering my business to SaurikIT, but he has to understand that change is good. Also, he basically threatened to leave the community if we used cydia alternatives. That to me alone was an extremely disappointing sign of selfish character, one that no leading business man should ever expose.

    • Sheppyshepherd

      Well, without him no tweak will ever work. If Jay Freeman leaves, no Mobile Substrate, the single thing nearly all you can buy from Cydia relies upon. Good luck jail breaking! By the way, I’ve read the same essay, but I can’t find it anymore. Would like to link to it. Maybe Jeff or Sébastien still have the link??? Just my 2 cents…

      • XZavier

        “without him no tweak will ever work.” Somehow I do not believe this, we have tons of developers who make tweaks everyday, and we have developers who find the vulnerabilities, and we have some who are smart enough to code anything they want. I’m pretty sure we could find someone else to make a Mobile Substrate alternative.

      • Merman123

        That’s partly true. iModz must have a working alternative to MobileSubstrate. Also, the very fact that he knows we are dependent of it, and he threatens to leave, is precisely what I’m referring to. It’s cheap blackmail.

      • iMods

        iMods will have its own Substrate

      • archer14

        Cheap blackmail for an idiot like you who has no life. I bet you refresh cydia every hour.

      • ✯Mike✯

        Not sure why but this made me laugh

    • archer14

      “essay long answer” – Not his fault that you are mentally challenged to understand what his point is about. Everything should be binary to you disgraceful idiots. He’s the creator of Cydia and he reserves the right to do whatever he wants with it. Cydia been running fine since the very first jailbreak and people like you have not spent a red cent on the upkeep of it and yet have the gall to write that he ‘threatens’ and ‘unwilling to try’. Are you willing enough to even understand what he writes in the first place? He is not a ‘business man’, he’s simply doing it all completely for free and that too since inception. You must be ashamed of yourself, you ignorant imbecile.

      • Me

        Leave…. Seriously.

        Take your name calling with you.

      • archer14

        faack you and the horse you rode on

      • Me

        Look at you plastered everywhere in these comments like a little internet comment whore you are.

        People don’t ride to websites on horses.

      • archer14

        Thanks for letting me know people don’t ride to websites on horses, you stupid little cuntttt

      • Me

        Only 1 “t” in cunt.

        *Rides away on a horse apparently*

      • Casey

        Not quite true – Cydia wasn’t there with the first jailbreaks – Installer was. I was an early jailbreaker that saw Cydia come into being and oust Installer, which was no easy feat as it had a nicer UI and all packages needed ported to APT. But the foundation of Installer sucked and was ridden with issues unlike APT which Cydia uses, like one package potentially overwriting the same file another package installed, lousy dependency management, etc. The Installer / App Store model only is only appropriate for fully self-contained applications, not tweaks that need to write files outside of a single app-specific directory. Cydia wins because of APT, and always will, even if some people moan about the UI (which they could always offer help to improve). You can’t win developers with a lousy packagement system underneath a pretty UI, and you can’t win users without developers being willing to port their packages.

  • Sandro Michailidis

    Jailbreaking it about the freedom to customize your device the way you want.
    Paid tweaks just take some of that away.
    I realize developers put lots of time into their tweaks,
    but, again, making them paid just worsens the freedom situation,
    and sometimes even your reputation if the tweak or its DRM is bad or not
    worth the price.
    The jailbreak itself and tweak installing client may be free themselves,
    but if you want them to actually do what you want them to do, you may have to pay for that,
    which is unfair.
    so yes, I pirate tweaks,
    not because I don’t want to support the developers (many have become my idols for their skills),
    not because I want to hurt anyone,
    and definitely not to support piracy in general cough everyone who pirates music cough.
    I do it because jailbreaking is about breaking free from the jail that is apple’s limitations,
    and if there’s limitations on your freedom, then what kind of freedom is that?

    • Carlos Medina

      I read what you said and I somehow ended up getting cancer.

      • ✯Mike✯
    • XZavier

      Copied from youtube video : don’t know if same person, but how in the world does making some tweaks not even all paid for, lessen your freedom?

      • XZavier

        I’d be more concerned about your freedom in real life than your phone…

    • iMods

      Pirating tweaks is the same as pirating music. Jailbreaking is about the freedom to customize your phone, that is correct. That means, allowing the phone to be customized, not getting paid things for free. Some of the customizations are paid and if you do not pay to obtain the tweak/theme, it is piracy.

      • coLin

        I agree! He’s probably 16 and he lives with his parents lol

      • He actually has a point when talking about DRM and freedom. Technology is moving forward while the industries responsible for using technology to create content are going backwards. For example:

        I can pick up any paper book and share it with a friend. Heck I could even quote some passages and share that with a friend. I could even should I desire make an exact duplicate of the book and share that with a friend. Good luck doing any of the above with an ebook that’s full of DRM though…

      • coLin

        You work, you should get rewarded. As simple as that. Just like any other job.

      • I couldn’t agree more but people shipping limited products should not get rewarded. Shipping a product with DRM implies that you do not trust your customers and if you don’t trust your customers then why should they deserve our money? Luckily in Cydia there are many great tweaks most of which do not heavily employ DRM.

      • ✯Mike✯

        If you’re comparing Pirating tweaks to pirating music, you’re not exaclty on the same level.. a developer depends on his work a lot more then an artist. Especially artists that’ve made it big. They won’t notice a wits difference if you get their album a week early and free then if you paid for it. A dev, on the other hand, is a much smaller scale and every dollar counts just like a real paycheck

  • Denis

    Does somebody know the name of theme on the video?

    • Capirexz


      • Denis


  • how about transfaring bought tweaks from cydia to iMod?

  • Jen doe

    i’ll stay with cydia 4e

  • James Bailey


  • Manjot Singh

    cydia wont be going anywhere soon bc sooo many tweaks rely on cydia substrate

    • Fanboy 

      Introducing: iMods Substrate

      • Whose to say iMods Substrate will be as stable and efficient as Cydia Substrate? Cydia Substrate has had years of development and works on iOS 1? All the way to iOS 8…

      • Manjot Singh

        watch it be just a copied substrate or a “pirated name changed” package

    • Narbeh Malekian

      I’m pretty sure literally any tweak (functionality modification) to a jailbroken device relies on cydia substrate.

  • DWayne Robinson

    I do believe Cydia needs a cleaner UI that would improve on some of the negative reactions people are having now. iModz will basically be like RockYourPhone. Hopefully it will do well but we shall see.

  • Buzz { Light:Year; }

    Cydia 2.0 eh huge overhaul. ?? Anyone???

  • Matta Fakt

    Literally everything about this is superior to Cydia. All it needs are repos and packages.

    • Tyler Smith

      No repos is the point of it….

    • DogeCoin

      So then it’s not superior in everyway

  • Shaun Conway

    Yes Cydia needs to offer ratings, sort by device and show last update. I could care less what the look is I just want function. Nothing is added to Cydia for years as far as function. Developers do need to be paid as I do buy my tweaks but developers also need to update if they sell it. I’m frustrated with tweaks that are never updated and I pay for them. If it can’t be updated then it should say that it won’t be. It’s such a guessing game with the current system.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    this is gonna be just as popular as the cydia on android! ha ha ha. come at me.

  • Alex Rodriguez

    Cydia is a big mess.

  • Alex Rodriguez

    Cydia is a big mess!

  • Ben Marion

    I’m sticking with cydia. New doesnt always mean that it’s better. I like the way cydia works. Also I pay for all of my tweaks anyway. Only time I use the pirate repositories is to test out a new tweek if it works before I actually buy it. I want to see if I like it first. But I purchases after I test some, just cause you can not get a trail run of all the tweeks in cydia before fully purchasing. But I always pay. The developers put in hard work and time to create their works of art. So if I like what is created, it’s worth paying for it. Some of you are either cheap skates, or just want free stuff

  • Wooj

    Whatever happened to web-based Cydia-like store? I can’t remember the name of it but didn’t it promise to “revolutionize” jailbreak or something???

  • deepdvd

    It looks nice, but If iMods thinks people would pay for the same tweaks again from their App or want two simultaneously running Substrates, they are dreaming. I liked RockYourPhone quite a bit, but never enough to pay for any tweaks from it. Cydia has a solid foundation and SaurikIT has enough trust that people are willing to do that. You can tell he isn’t in it mostly for the money. On the other hand, iMods probably mostly is. Its definitely a controversial topic though.

  • Mark Kramer

    Screw ’em all. Bring back Nullriver’s Installer.

  • TK421

    The problem with ratings for a tweak is what happens if one tweak is incompatible with another tweak.? Which tweak gets the bad rating even if it’s discoverable which are incompatible. Unless they intend to test every tweak and combo of tweaks to make sure it works, I can see this will be a total mess. Just my opinion.

  • Tim

    iMods doesn’t support 3rd party repos, only tweaks that they control. Besides the devs behind this were criticizing Saurik, that’s not good for the community. Anyway he owns substrate on which most tweaks run on so we will see how this pans out.

  • Tim

    I would like to see how the rating system would work because most users install conflicting binaries and end up complaining that the tweak crushes all the time. Good tweaks would get low rating because of this.

  • Eikast

    I’m happy. Will I switch? Probably not. But competition is always good.

  • Sleetui

    Or we can just do a huge re-make of Cydia that simply has better functionality.

  • Jordan Lewis

    As long as it isn’t AD crazy and loads quickly, I’m gone.

  • Oscar Perez

    Cydia til infinity.

  • Narbeh Malekian

    I think it will be used as an additional source for packages, just like adding a source in cydia. Many packages will be from it but personal repos and piracy repos will be used in cydia just as often. I really like the rating system and direct contact of developers through the tweak, it’ll make it a lot easier to troubleshoot. I also definitely like the sorted themes.

  • Dan

    This won’t fly, won’t bother enumerating all of the good points made in other comments.

  • JoshuaHulgan

    Wow. This completely blows Cydia away in terms of UI.

  • Antzboogie

    Competition is good just hope they know what their doing.

  • Starfall88

    cydia is totally outdated. It is running on a WebView. Ratings, comments would be nice.

  • DrPeril

    Cydia has been outdated for a long time in it’s UI, experience and feature set. At this point virtually anything would be a welcome change. If nothing else a bit of competition might spur Cydia to claw its way out of the sad state it’s been in for years.

  • Brandon Miranda


  • Alberto Espinal

    I will never leave Cydia, Jay Freeman had always been there for us, human beings are the most ungrateful, I do not care who brings whatever out, I will stick to Cydia until there’s no jailbreak

  • iTw3aks

    Before Cydia there was AppTapp Installer which was the original Jailbreak Appstore which was available on OS 1.0.1 – OS 2.2.1.
    Jailbreaking with AppTapp Installer was around way before the Appstore or Cydia were introduced back on OS 2.0 when iPhone 3G was introduced back in 2008. I been jailbreaking since OS 1.0.1 so I know all about it. You had to actually do some hacking back then in order to Jailbreak. It wasn’t as easy it is now. All the jailbreakers now have it made. Now a noob can learn how to jailbreak by watching a youtube video.

  • iTw3aks

    Best Cydia source for the best tweaks, themes and apps is still “cydiasource, n e t” (replace coma for a dot in url)

  • Raechel Mclain

    while it looks pretty and i like the idea of the wish list (wish cydia had one) I’ll probably check it out but like most i’ve seen it will fall like the rest of them.

  • Midou35000

    Most of the tweaks requires Mobile Substrate and Winterboard and Preference Loader to work, All those Stuffs that made tweaking your IOS system possible has been created by Saurik and is a result of years of hard working.
    I don’t think so that some developers who think that the journey will be easy for them will attract us and make us forget Cydia with some new features and a cool UI.