For those of you who are fans of Auxo, one of the most popular and well-regarded jailbreak tweaks of all time, you can now rest easy. Last night, the folks at a3tweaks confirmed that an Auxo update is in the works for the latest jailbreak releases. That means that, yes, you’ll soon be able to enjoy the Auxo experience on iOS 8 and the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus’ glorious screens. 

For those of you who aren’t as familiar with Auxo, let me refresh your memory briefly. Auxo is a jailbreak tweak that launched two years ago to improve the App Switcher experience. Back then, the App Switcher wasn’t as full-featured as it is today, so it was a huge upgrade.

Auxo, to me, still is a significant upgrade over the stock App Switcher, but the impact felt back then was like the perfect storm: Apple’s UI lacked functionality, and Auxo scratched a prolonged itch that iOS users were dealing with since the iPhone’s arrival. Not to mention that Auxo was one of the best looking tweaks at the time.

Of course, not everyone sings the praises of Auxo, including our own Sebastien Page. It’s not a tweak for everyone, but it’s definitely the sort of tweak that I think everyone should try once.

The latest version of Auxo, Auxo 2 brought some new design concepts to the table, and additional functionality. That, too, was well-received, though after some retrospect, I don’t think anything will ever compete from top to bottom with classic Auxo. At the time, it was the perfect tweak and an absolute must-have.

What we can expect from the new version of Auxo? The jury is still out, and it’ll probably take some time before I can get my hands on a beta build. But if the past is any indication, I’d say we have a very good tweak to look forward to.

What do you think?

  • Anthony Gilera
  • Jonathan


  • Merman123

    Also, spotify is finally updated for the iPhone 6/6+

  • Mr.Coolfreak

    The tweak is going to be the same as ios 7 just compatibility for ios 8

    • Ismail ‘marco’ Azeem

      sentry has mentioned in a tweet that there is going to be new functions 😀

  • Rodney Coleman

    I may jailbreak for this

  • Toon

    Tage is a great switcher

    • Tim

      I guess you haven’t used Auxo before. Tage isn’t as smooth, I couldn’t stand it

      • Damian

        Tage is much better

      • Endriu Andrei

        tage is better

    • Inseltraeumer

      It is an okay alternative while Auxo isn’t compatible 😛

  • Levent Korkmaz

    First Auxo was way better than Auxo 2. I hope they return to first’s concept or make an side tweak called something like Auxo Legacy

  • Vvbreaker

    This is a freaking AWESOME Christmas gift

  • Ferit Birinci

    Make way the KING!! Hail mihty A3tweaks!!

  • Aviorrok

    Auxo 1 was amazing,Auxo 2 is bad tweak with much bugs and lags and much UI in apps switcher.
    I want to show a new multitasking concept,In all platforms the multitasking is not god and boring.

    • Ran perfect on my 5s, maybe devices “older” than this can have certain issiues with rendering

  • Initiation

    Hurry up with Alt keyboard tho

    • Diego Milano

      I never liked what they did with AltKeyboard 2, so I switched to a better solution: Swipe Expander. Never looking back!

    • XZavier

      Nintype is way better :

  • Fevostone

    Been waiting for this tweak to make my iPhone 6+ complete

  • The Fluffy Alpaca

    If you pay good attention to the reflection in the logo, you can see that it says “APRIL”(upside down and backwards). Hmm…

    • Matthew

      April was when Auxo 2 came out originally. This update will be out by the end of the year.

    • David Buenrostro

      They’re just using an old graphic from when Auxo 2 was being developed.

  • Jamessmooth

    I would love to see app previews on this…

  • Supafly_Boy

    The problem with A3Tweaks is that their stuff always looks good, but is riddled with bugs! It just makes the whole thing unusable.

    • Diego Milano

      Poor QA, if they are even aware of such a thing themselves, but once the clean up their own mess, some of their tweaks are very worthy!

  • Kei_Oz


  • Matheus Lisboa

    I was going to buy Tage now… But I guess i’ll wait a few days to see which i’ll like more

    • Nesly Lacroix

      Tage is better.

    • archer14

      Tage is a hundred times better than Auxo and yes, Ive used both. Tage is very less flashy but its sensitivity is miles better than Auxo. So quit waiting for these idiots, who’ve been teasing their great tweak for far too long.

      • Matheus Lisboa

        Really? Well guess i’ll buy Tage then

  • john diaz

    About time, for a second i thought this was going to be another dead project.

  • Tim

    I’m glad that I own this tweak, they deserve every cent.

    • Will be buying it if the update comes. Bought Apex too!

      • Diego Milano

        Apex is enough reason to jailbreak! 🙂

  • Been missing this tweak so much! Was so flawless on my 5s 7.1

  • Ian Leon

    Coming in April?

  • Diego Milano

    Quick Switch is the best feature and the only one I truly used in Auxo on iOS 7. They never fixed the blurry images of the switcher on iOS 7.1 although it was reported. Let’s see what they have to offer now.

    • Gabriel Anaya

      That isn’t a bug on their part.That was actually a change made by Apple as part of their way of optimizing performance in devices.Wasnt really much they could do to “fix” that,and personally I’ve never even noticed or cared about that.

  • Ala Eddine BenMokhtar

    Now we are talking 😀 .. wainting for Cctoggles for ios 8 and my phone will be perfect 😀

  • Nesly Lacroix

    I think they have missed the boat. I have purchased Tage which is better designed and has more functionality.

  • Inseltraeumer

    Can’t wait 🙂

  • archer14

    Tage is a hundred times better than Auxo and yes, Ive used both. Tage is very less flashy but its sensitivity is miles better than Auxo. So quit waiting for these idiots, who’ve been teasing their great tweak for far too long…

  • jay

    That’s pretty cool

  • Sohail Wahab

    Love this tweak! Can’t wait to get it on my iPad

  • Thomas Hopkins

    Funny how about half the crowd has been arguing that this Tage tweak is better. I swear Auxo is about 3 and half thousand times more popular? 😀

  • Antzboogie

    Can’t wait for Auxo it was always awesome!!

  • Guest

    Does no one realize that the reflection says April?

  • Đào Quang Chiến

    how can i install? i cant find it in cydia.