Tylt Syncable-Duo splash

Tired of carrying around multiple cables? Of course you are! Lots of gadgets pile up around iOS devices. There are battery cases, portable Bluetooth speakers, powered headphones, and the like. Unfortunately, none of them use Lightning cables for charging as they instead require a micro USB.

I keep both a Lightning cable and micro USB cable in my daypack at all times. Actually, I keep two Lightning and two micro USB cables in my pack. My forgetfulness only proves the challenge of keeping enough cords around. If only there was a cable to satisfy both standards. Thanks to accessory maker TYLT, the Syncable-Duo is just the solution.

Dual weilding

The Syncable-Duo is a two-in-one charging cable. The primary cable is a USB to micro USB cable. A tethered 2″ attachment piece incorporates a micro USB to Lightning adapter. Perfect! Ruggedly coated, the cable feels very sturdy and a flat design prevents tangled messes. Three feet of length also gives a little wiggle room from the outlet.

The tip components fit very snuggly into one another. A rigid housing will keep things protected as well. Thick coating and a sturdy cable should keep the Syncable-Duo from fraying behind the tips, unlike many Apple OEM cables.

Tylt Syncable-duo

Shockingly, the cable is certified MFi. I am quite surprised to see a micro USB to Lightning adapter with Apple’s MFi seal of approval. Certainly, I could not recommend the purchase without the certification, but I am glad to see TYLT went the extra mile. My iPhone 6 Plus had no trouble charging or syncing on the cable.


What isn’t to love about the Syncable-Duo? The only drawback is the inability to charge both a micro USB device and a Lightning device simultaneously. While the Duo may eliminate the need to carry two separate cables, if you were hoping to charge devices at the same time, you are still left with a need for two. However, I typically only charge my micro USB devices infrequently.

Syncable-Duo cables are available in 1′, 2′, and 3.3′ (1m) designs and black, blue, green and red color options. You can grab a red cable starting at $22 via Amazon. It is a little expensive for a 1′ cable, considering a 3.3′ Lightning cable by Apple is $19. However, the TYLT cable is really two-in-one and is much more rigid than Apple’s OEM versions.

What do you think about the two-in-one option? Would you stop carrying two cables?

  • Tim

    Neat cable, colorful too. Though I don’t really have a use for a micro

    • Garry

      never say never

      • Rehny

        he didn’t. 🙂

      • Mohammed

        He didn’t say never!!!!!!

  • Indian Observer

    I am not sure but what is special in this cable apart from being certified?
    Such alternatives are already available.. I got this Micro USB to lightning adapter in around 150 Rs that is around 2.5$ from ebay.. Have been using this small cable with my power bank and am able to sync phone with iTunes as well!
    Don’t see an sense in spending 22$ for this functionality!

    • At $2.5, I highly doubt your cable is MFi certified. There is always a cheaper alternative on eBay for everything but experience has taught me that you usually get what you pay for.

      • Indian Observer

        I agree Seb.. It is not MFi Certified.. but 22$ vs 2.5$ that too for an adapter…I am using this since 3 months and works like a charm…never got an error message that the cable might not be authorized..

        So we need to also see is it really worth what we are paying for!

        I would rather spend this much money in good quality headphone rather than an accessory like this!

      • Achy

        You can get good quality headphones for $22? HA. Good luck with that mate.

        To each his own, but I’d rather go with an MFI certified than not. I had two cables break on me two months ago at the most inconvenient times, so no more non-certified cables.

      • Indian Observer

        Well apple’s own earpods are available in 25-26$ after discount.. We can get decent enough headphone or earphone in 20-30$..
        Point was in headphones you can’t compromise with quality..
        There the main requirement is functionality..
        You are right everyone is entitled to his opinion and may be you have had twice bitter experience, that is why you would want to overspend..
        Apple’s own Lightning to Micro USB Adapter just comes comes for 19$ (listed price)…
        So my comment was an adapter is GENERALLY not having issue of certification.. any original micro-usb cable which are available in bulk at cheap price with this adapter can be a better alternative than this 22$ nice looking cable 🙂
        Nothing against the cable or post though 🙂