Predix Screen 2

Predix is a new jailbreak tweak that presents the time until your device’s battery is scheduled to die or fully charge. It does so by means of a heads up display in the center of the iPhone’s screen.

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep tabs on battery life, including handy predictions on charging and discharging remaining time, then you’ll want to look into this thoughtful jailbreak tweak.

After installing Predix, you’ll need to venture into the stock Settings app in order to configure the tweak. Configuration involves setting up an Activator gesture, and changing the options on several display properties. These display properties include a battery percentage, background color for the heads up display, and text label color.

Predix Screen

If you’re the type of person that always worries about your device’s battery life, then Predix can add some additional peace of mind to your day. It’s hard to judge exactly how accurate it is with its predictions, because device life varies so much depending on how it is used. That said, it at least appears to be within the ballpark range of its predictions.

You can find Predix on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $1.49. What do you think about it?

  • Jesse

    This will be very nice. Wish apple would have this feature in the notification center by default similar to OS X in the menu bar.

  • Todd Sorensen

    This program sucks as far as predicting. 11 hours ago it told me that I had about 8 hours of life left. 11 hours later, it tells me I have 3 and 1/2 hours left (at 41%).

    • eXoguti093

      That’s because I assume it divides the total battery capacity (~1500mAh 5S, ~1800 6, ~3000 6+) by how many mAh you’re currently using. If your battery is draining at 300mAh on the 6+ then it’s gonna last you 10 hours so that’s what it would say, but you’re not always using 300mAh. You might play a game which will decrease the battery life predicted of if you’re on idle and it’s using 30mAh then it’ll go up like crazy. So it’s only a prediction of how long you have left with the current amount of usage.. Yeah it’s kinda bad when you think about it, but if you’re watching a movie it should be accurate to check if you have enough battery to finish it because it’s using almost constant power

    • Eikast

      It’s not that it sucks, it’s that your usage changed throughout the time period which would then change the prediction. Think of it like the estimated time on a Macbook’s battery. If you’re just browsing with the screen at 25% brightness with backlight (keyboard) off on websites that do not use flash, you’ll probably get some nice estimates. But if you were to suddenly watch videos or browse websites that have a lot of flash content, your battery life estimates would dramatically drop.

      Edit: I have not used the tweak mentioned in this article since it’s pointless in my opinion. Power consumption on iPhones are somewhat chaotic. In a way such as auto brightness can suddenly change brightness to 100% as you walk outdoor.

      • Umut Bilgiç

        Isn’t that what auto brightness supposed to do?

      • Eikast

        Yes. My point was that power consumption can radically change within seconds on a mobile device such as an iPhone that would make a tweak like this seem inaccurate to some.

        If your usage was consistent then such a tweak would give you accurate results.

      • Todd Sorensen

        I still think it kinda sucks. I charge to 100% and it never estimates my battery life over 8 hours. I always get over 8 hours, so it is no good at predicting battery life.

      • M3rcenary

        I’d have to agree. Whether or not there are ‘technical reasons’ as to why the prediction is wrong (e.g. you have the screen on, power usage is therefore higher, and the estimation shown on the screen probably equates to how much time you’d have left if you left the screen on constantly until the phone dies) it still makes this app inaccurate and useless.

  • Fanboy 

    Nothing could ever predict how much time you have left on your battery, because its impossible to predict such a thing. Leaving your phone on standby, or using it to text, or using it to watch a video all use a different amount of battery and drain it at different percentages. Unless the program can predict how you’re going to use your phone in the next 24 hours it’s pointless

    • john diaz

      To predict is to give an “estimate” not a concrete conclusion.

      • M3rcenary

        Nevertheless, when I pull my phone out of my pocket and activate Predix, I’d like to see how much time I have left if I left the phone in my pocket doing nothing, as opposed to a completely inaccurate estimation that serves no purpose at all.

  • diggitydang

    I liken this to the estimated arrival time on Maps. While it gives you an estimated time, changes in speed, traffic, stopping for gas etc, could change the actual arrival time. It depends on how the phone is being used. I think its unfair to say it’s inaccurate when usage from the time you got one estimate could change from the time you get another one. Just sayin… I didn’t actually get this tweak.

  • Ian Leon

    I smell iOS 9 feature

  • DeMario Moore

    For whatever reason this app isn’t working for me

  • AnoNymouz

    Looks like a battery drainer.

  • MrVids132

    Hey Guys,

    This is off topic but does anyone know why I cant use my iPhone 6 Plus while its charging after I turn off the screen? It happens everytime I plug it in. Once i put it to sleep I am unable to turn on the screen until i restart the phone, however once I do and put the screen back to sleep it happens again. I believe its a tweak or something thats causing this. But any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • solai

      try to boot with substrate safe mode by pressing volume down while booting.

  • singhay559

    Another dumbass tweak. Y do u need something to predict ur battery life when you can jus look at the % jus gona drain it faster.

  • Akmal Muhamad

    is it iOS 7 available or just iOS 8?

  • Looks ugly.

    • HoodFlow

      You can change the theme

  • ProSzakal Aszakal

    Would be better if don’t need activator, someone like me don’t like to installing activator.

  • Comnet Cpps

    Is acute coming to ios 8?

    • Comnet Cpps

      The voice assistant that lets you create voice commands.

  • Andrew

    Drained my battery sooo quick

  • Ranger341

    Is there a way to change the battery color?