Eager to see how the CarPlay interface looks on your iOS device? If so, you can use a new jailbreak tweak to preview the look of the CarPlay interface right on your iPhone or iPad.

CarPlay iOS is a new jailbreak tweak, available free on the BigBoss repo, that makes the CarPlay head unit interface accessible without the need of an external display.

After installing CarPlay iOS, there are no options or settings to configure. You’ll see a new standalone CarPlay iOS app on the Home screen. Launch the app to open the CarPlay interface right on your iOS device.

As of now, the interface is fairly lacking. It does feature the large, easy to tap buttons, which is a hallmark of the CarPlay interface, but outside of the Music app and the Now Playing app, there’s not much else to be found.

CarPlay iOS b

You can interact with the two available apps simply by tapping on them. You can use the virtual Home button in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen to go back to the CarPlay interface’s Home screen.

You’ll also notice that the app is in French, which isn’t really a big deal, as it’s just a demo of the Music app. I found the app to be very buggy, crashing when trying to launch any of the tabs in the Music app. I was able to get some music to play, but it was limited to just a song or two.

Despite this app’s shortcomings, one must remember that this is nothing more than a proof of concept tech demo. It bodes well for the future of CarPlay interface tweaks, and it works very much like I expected something like this to work this early in the game.

CarPlay iOS d

And remember, Adam Bell, a very well-respected developer, is working on his own version of the CarPlay interface for jailbroken iOS devices. This may end up being a great alternative for those who would rather mount an iPad or an iPhone in the car and avoid shelling out hard-earned money for a CarPlay compatible head unit.

What do you think about CarPlay iOS? Of course it’s rudimentary, but can you see the potential behind the concept?

  • Keabsy

    Awkward silence at the end of the video..

  • This is exactly what CarPlay should have been (although more refined), but as always, greed is a higher priority…

    • Brandon

      or because this method is still illegal in places where you aren’t allowed to touch your phone behind the wheel…

      • Manuel Molina

        You shouldn’t be on a phone behind the wheel where ever you go. Shits annoying to be stuck at a green light in back of some idiot who still sending a message or has the highway backed up because a crash from texting

      • Nothing safer with a car mount that does the same thing but just more expensive…

      • Manuel Molina

        At least you said car mount, before or after your comment said texting isn’t as worst as eating food. I question society sometimes.

      • Jordan

        Soo ur telling me you have never picked up your phone while driving? And actually I don’t get mad if I’m stopped for an extra second at a light that just turned green bc I’ve seen ppl go right off the line at green and been hit bc ppl who got the yellow light didn’t slow down and flew through a red light. So waiting that extra 3 seconds is okay with me there are bigger problems then that.
        Secondly, traffic from texting has happened but there are far less accidents from texting then from eating while driving and playing with there stereo. soo you need to really get your info right and realize that even if you take those from the road that shit will never change on the road bc not everybody is a good driver or really capable of being confident while driving and are scared. Yet they have there license and are on the road. So learn to deal with it and don’t just blame everything on cellular use.

      • jesus

      • Manuel Molina

        I’m sorry but you made me really question if you are smart or even drive a car.
        You are an idiot to think less accidents are from eating or messing with a radio than texting. You can eat and still look at the road; the radio changing I’ll give you, but texting takes more time off the road when your head is down.

        I don’t use my phone when driving. My phone sends automatic reply when I’m driving telling them I’m driving if they text me. If they call me, I wave at my phone to answer the call and tell them to call me back since my phone is Bluetooth and on the dash. So, no, I don’t use my phone. I have 5 years driving without a crash, and I plan to keep it that way.

      • Let’s take the good things out of both of your responses. Anything that takes your eyes off the road for more then an acceptable amount of time should be seen as problematic and action should be taken to stop it. End of story.

      • That’s stupidly vague law considering you’re still going to be interacting with the mounted touchscreen the same way you would your phone…good we don’t have that vague shit here in Canada.

  • richard bryant

    I installed this tweak but every time I click on artist or song at the top or even one of my playlists it crashes the app. Anybody having this problem?

  • Sleetui

    Not related but anyone heard of FacePane tweak by Andrewwiik?

  • gijsmans

    Instant crash at startup. Looking forward to a working version.

    • Fajr Lodhi


  • Completely useless.

  • Comnet Cpps

    Does not want to open app

  • Makes me really wish the iPhone 6 (Plus as well) had an OLED display. Would make those blacks looks great and save a bunch of battery. Oh well, there’s always next year.

  • Niclas
    • Adryd