Ford Is First to Launch Spotify in the Car; Streaming Music Serv

Spotify is getting in the holiday spirit, announcing Wednesday that users can grab its Premium offering at only $0.99 for the first three months. Not a shabby deal. 

While a free version of Spotify is available with advertisements, the Premium version truly unlocks all of the music streaming service’s power. Premium lets you play any song at anytime, listen when you’re offline, and hear music without advertisements.

Spotify is offering the deal until December 31, and it only applies to users who have never signed up for Premium before. Following the first three months, users can pay the $9.99/month fee to continue. Students with a .edu email get a break, only having to pay $4.99.


  • Blip dude

    Okay, Since I’m canceling my Netflix Subscription and it’s only $5/month with my .edu address after 3 months, I’ll sign up. I’ll invest my time with this after Finals are over and will create playlist for my uber rides.

  • Jesse

    Well that pretty much screws over all of the existing users.

    • Loke1988

      Yeah having been a long time Premium user it’s kinda like Pha Q

  • Dovydas

    It sucks! In Europe its 6.99 euro. Its like 9$. I want 0.99$ too 🙁

    • timoever

      We deserve that student discount too. I have an .edu address, I’m just not enrolled at a U.S. university…

    • Guest

      In sweden its euro.. xD

    • Kim Olsson

      Well in sweden its 11 euro.. xD

    • Can’t believe in my country is just $4

      • Dovydas

        In Lithuania its 6.99 euro

    • SkyFall

      In Greece its 10 Euro, but some carriers drop the price to 5 euro per month and free for the first thee months.

  • Dani Hayes

    Flex patch for all of this by Sinfool. Use that.

  • Anil Özkan

    I’m spotify Premium User in Germany and bought a Malaysian gift card 1 month for 3,57€ and redeem it in my german Spotify Account :). So its much cheapter on this way as to pay 9,99€ or 4,99€. Get a Proxy and go on!

    • Marvin

      wo hast du die giftcard her :O

  • Abi Manyu

    taylor swift had this premonition…