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Aaron Ash, the creator of the legendary jailbreak tweak called Barrel, is back with a brand new creation called WatchBoard. WatchBoard is based off of the Apple Watch UI, and it’s the best implementation of said concept that I’ve seen thus far.

Ash’s expertise in this area is immediately apparent when it comes to design decisions, settings, etc. Not only that, but the tweak works on both the iPhone and the iPad. Have a look at our video walkthrough of WatchBoard after the break to see what makes it so good.

After installing WatchBoard, venture over to the stock Settings apps to find the tweak’s preferences. The thing I really like about WatchBoard is that no resprings are required when enabling or disabling the tweak. Yes, even when you want to fully replace the iPhone’s SpringBoard with the Apple Watch UI, no resprings are required, which is one of the best features of WatchBoard.

WatchBoard’s basics—its animation, pinching to zoom, and app launching are very well implemented, and fairly smooth for the most part. Though, I did notice a second or two of lag and a hiccup when launching some apps. Hopefully the next version of the tweak will smooth out the app launching hiccups that occurred. You can spot them in our video at the 3:00 mark.

Ash states that WatchBoard can accommodate a lots of app icons, and I believe him. I don’t have a ton of apps, but as smooth as the panning and zooming was, I could see this easily scaling up for those who have tons of apps.

I should mention that WatchBoard does eliminate folders, so if you have lots of apps meticulously sorted by folders, you’re going to have to live without them with WatchBoard enabled. With that said, I can’t really put my finger on how apps are arranged and sorted on screen by default. It’s not alphabetical order, and it doesn’t appear to be by frequent usage. It also doesn’t seem to have anything to do with how apps were sorted on the stock SpringBoard. It would be nice if there were some more advanced sorting features in a future update.

WatchBoard Square Icons

Although no “wiggle mode” is present as a way to move or delete apps, you can move apps using a tap, hold and drag gesture. If you need to delete apps, you’ll need to disable WatchBoard via its settings and use the standard SpringBoard interface.

One of the problems that seems to arrises with many of the Apple Watch UI inspired tweaks that we’ve seen over the past month pertains to Spotlight search. More specifically, how do you go about invoking Spotlight when the typical method of doing so is no longer practical with a new UI? WatchBoard answers that question by means of a simple double tap gesture on a blank spot anywhere on the Home screen. Doing so quickly invokes Spotlight Search.

WatchBoard features several options in its preferences. You can enable or disable circle icons, icon labels, and adjust the icon spacing using a simple slider. Again, all of these options can be enabled or disabled on the fly with no resprings required.

WatchBoard settings

WatchBoard has room for improvement when it comes to hiccups when switching between apps, app sorting and arrangement, and perhaps needs a more efficient way to delete apps. I’d also like to see a FlipSwitch toggle for quickly switching between stock SpringBoard and WatchBoard, but that’s more of a want than a need. WatchBoard is also fairly expensive at $3.99 (BigBoss), so that is something that’ll need to be considered as well.

But in WatchBoard’s defense, it works on iPad, has no CPU issues that will cause rapid battery drain, and it’s DRM free. This means that if you purchase once on one device, it works on every other device you own. With those things in mind, the price point doesn’t seem so bad.

All things considered, WatchBoard is the best Apple Watch UI tweak yet. It’s fast, efficient, and it just works. If you’ve been on the fence about trying the Apple Watch UI on your iPhone, this is one of the most compelling reasons to jump off the fence yet.

What do you think about WatchBoard? Sound off down below in the comments.

  • Gabriel Anaya

    So tired of all these apple watch tweaks.Can we please get some new different tweaks now?

    • rockdude094

      Enhanced folders ! I loved iOS 6 type folders but they removed it 🙁

  • czarczarczar

    Needs a Home Dock then it would be perfect . Other than that it’s faster than Aeternum

  • Me

    cool. I’m good with these apple watch things. Theyre all the same. Blue Honda, black Honda. it’s a Honda

  • Fanboy 

    Tried it before I bought it, literally removed it within 2 minutes. No practical use whatsoever, I have a better chance at finding an app on the 5th page inside a folder than using this springboard.

    • Montgomery Tyler

      don’t get me wrong, its nice but don’t serve a purpose…

    • took me 10 minutes to find the setting app lol

  • NP92

    This could be Nice for a kid, but im with Fanboy here, useless and just cool.:)

  • john diaz

    it’s for testing people stop bragging and say thank you developer for your hard work.!!!

  • Slacker

    Don’t like it, or any of these watch like ui implementations.

  • Jose Danilo

    Should mention that it not compatible with iOS 7 only iOS 8

  • Jeep204

    You can actually delete apps by holding on it and then flinging it out of the screen!

  • @dongiuj

    Personally I hate the apple watch and everything I’ve read about it but this guy has pulled this theme off for the iPhone well. I’ll never use it though but good job.

  • Does not make sense to me until one can use folders.

    • Raul Flores

      There are no folders, cause ther more icons you have the cooler it looks, people just need to open their minds and LEARN how to use it. You might not have folders, but you can make groups of icons per area, so its the same thing.

      • If you have lots of Apps installed this will confuse you, would be nice to have Folders…

  • Dũng Dặt Dẹo

    Cool tweak..has anyone tried to use it together with Winterboard’s themes??

    • Dũng Dặt Dẹo

      Wow..I’ve tried to combine with Mocha theme and it works perfectly

  • Uzair Ishaq

    You can delete apps while using watch board, you tap and hold as if you were going to move it, and then swipe the app off to one side as if you were throwing it. And it says would you like to delete aforementioned app. 🙂 found this by accident when trying to move my apps really far

  • Here is my two cents as a paying user:

    I wish it would return to the center of the UI when you press the home button. It would also be nice if you could turn the dock on and off.

    I don’t like that you can scroll past the edge so that there is tons of empty space. I do understand why you can scroll past the edge so that the icon can get big as it reaches the center. I would rather tap on a small icon though. Scrolling past the edge almost seems somewhat sloppy to me.

    I also would like the ability to set the default zoom level.

    I did buy this tweak but I would like it even more if it had these settings. Thanks Jeff for the overview and vid!

    • Guest

      But moving icons individually can make set a cool layout like this

    • Guest

      But moving icons individually can make set a cool layout like this

      • You have too much time on your hands haha! Looks pretty sweet though.

    • Raul Flores

      With Aeternum, you can go back to the center. You decide where the center is, with placing the search icon where u want it… Home button takes u to that icon.

      • I just downloaded Aeternum yesterday. It does do that and it allows you to turn on the dock which I like very much. It changes the transition to the app switcher and does not round the icons in the app switcher. Also you can not change the spacing. It would be nice to be able to change the x and y spacing. Looking at the actual apple watch the spacing is a little different. I like the feel of Aeternum a little better now though. I wish it had some other things though and it would be perfect.

  • Sheeezy

    How to reset the layout ?

  • Multiple crashes on bootup with this one until I took it off….

  • Raul Flores

    Download Aeternum… is WAY better than Watchboard.

  • FacePalmEveryday

    Does this tweak support ios 7? 😀

  • Naquan Smith

    Watchboard keeps crashing when trying to rearrange apps. Anybody knows why?

  • Amanpreet

    i have installed watch board , but it is showing double dialer icon and I aint able to delete it .. Kindly help !!

  • Daniel Alan Stubbs

    Btw to delete apps just flick the app of the side of the screen. it will say delete