Apple's New Big-Screen iPhones Draw Long Lines As Sales Start

KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo issued a new report to investors today with some adjusted predictions for iPhone sales during the all-important holiday quarter. Buoyed by the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the prominent Apple analyst sees the company selling 71.5 million during the 3-month period.

For some context, Apple sold 51 million iPhones during the year-ago holiday quarter. Kuo believes the iPhone 6 will be the leading cause for the dramatic jump, accounting for 41.6 million iPhone sales—nearly 60%. The 6 Plus, he says, is in a distant second due in large part to supply shortages.

Following the blowout holiday quarter, however, Kuo sees iPhone sales dropping down below 50 million units, due mostly to poor off-season demand. He also believes Apple will discontinue both iPhone 5c and 4s models, despite their success in emerging markets, to streamline its handset offerings.

Rounding out his predictions, Kuo expects Apple to introduce refreshed 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhones next fall, pushing the current iPhone 6 and 6 Plus down to the mid-tier price point, and the iPhone 5s to “free.” The move will make the Touch ID security feature ubiquitous across all iPhone models.


  • I think he’s right about everything except about killing the 5c (depending on the timing). The 4s could easily go and Apple could drop the 5c price in emerging markets, along with other the other iPhones. I don’t see them killing the 5c until next fall.

  • Serge Bodin

    Nigga damnnn

  • Cody

    It’s crazy how can Apple sell an outdated phone with the specs on who knows which year.
    You can easily but a laptop with i7 processor, Nvidia 740M graphics, 8GB of RAM and 1TB for that money. ($700~780) Rip off all the way from Apple man.

    • @dongiuj

      I understand what you’re saying and I agree. These phones need to come down somewhat in price. But then you need to think about the user’s values. Maybe a certain user will say something along the lines of “But a smartphone can do most things a laptop can do plus it fits in my jeans pocket”. I know that some ladies fashion accessory laptop can fit (juuuuuust) in a LARGE pocket (Vaio) but that’s about it. Not sure you can compare a computer to a phone, maybe a laptop and tablet but I understand what you’re saying about the price. And this is just my opinion, other people have there’s too.

    • Cameron

      Please, build me a high spec phone for $700-$780, I would then proceed to play battlefield 4 on it, max settings, and in 3D

    • Mozaik

      So note 4 and nexus 6 and Sony Z3 are also ripoff.

    • Totally agree, that’s one of the main easons why I went with the OnePlus One. All these other “flagship” smartphones are just total ripoffs. Never to bought any of them brand new until the OnePlus One.

  • David Gitman

    No wonder. It’s Black Friday this weekend lol

  • Andrew

    I thought they already did discontinue the 4s…?