Nokia rejoined the world of consumer electronics on Monday, after selling its devices unit to Microsoft last year. The Finnish-based company announced the Nokia N1, an iPad mini-clone featuring a strikingly familiar 7.9-inch screen, 2048×1536 resolution, and aluminum design. The N1 will be released in China early next year for $250, undercutting the iPad mini prices heftily.

It’s almost scary how similar the Nokia N1 is to the iPad mini, matching the headphone, charging, speaker, and button placement perfectly. Even after doing big business with Microsoft, Nokia has opted for Android for its tablet brand. It has an 8-megapixel camera on the back and a 5-megapixel camera on the front, with 32GB of storage. It also features a USB Type-C socket – aka a reversible USB port.

Interestingly, Nokia has Apple narrowly beat on weight and thickness of its tablet. The Nokia N1 has a weight and thickness of 318g and 6.9mm, compared to the iPad mini 3’s 331g and 7.5m specs. Inside the Nokia N1 is a 64-bit, 2.4GHz Intel Atom quad-core processor.

As for rejoining the smartphone world, Nokia isn’t able to do so until 2016, under the terms of agreement with selling its device unit to Microsoft. Nokia hasn’t made it clear if the Nokia N1 will be a China-only product, or see a release worldwide.

What do you think: Is Nokia the next Samsung?

  • DarkTherapy

    Nokia? Who’s Nokia?

    • Nokia connects people

      • Hyr3m

        Apple – connecting people to walls

    • Fanboy 

      I heard they get the best battery life! Thinking about switching over.

  • have_gun_will_travel

    “What do you think: Is Nokia the next Samsung?”

    In what respect? As in stealing other company’s ideas because you have none of your own???

  • Anmol Malhotra

    Now I can say iPad mini is dead for good. Apple already knew that and N1 makes me sure about that.

    • Cristian Kovacs

      my opinion is that it got killed by the 6+

      • George

        The 6+ is a joke and had zero thought put into it.

      • Матт Реякіпѕ

        And the Galaxy Alpha had thought put into it? Come on. It’s an exact copy of the iPhone 5 with a bigger screen.

      • George

        The 5.5 inch screen is a blown up iPhone 5, it does not have any feature to differenciate itself.

    • ClaudieX X

      I hope that the N1 have success… but I think that Nokia time is over

      • Ethan Humphrey

        I’m not being like the first comment when I say, What is Palm? I honestly never heard of them.

    • Dying because Apple wants to kill it off. If it had the same new specs as the Air 2 more people would be buying it. They The only upgrade is the Touch ID. There is no reason it should cost $100 more then the previous model.

  • TJ

    Even the N1 website is a ripoff. I thought Lenovo topped it off recently with their shameless effort at copying the iPhone 6 and with the same marketing materials. I guess the old saying comes to mind, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

    • aizathisyam

      If you can’t beat Apple, copy Apple…

  • “Is Nokia the next Samsung”

    Hahaha Easy there xD

  • Noah Mospan

    That’s pathetic.

  • Cristian Kovacs

    thats a huge iPad mini at 7.5m :L

  • Dan

    Very well priced and may be a good product, the problem is, there are already way too many android tablets out there. If they don’t do anything to differenciate themselves, this will simply be another drop in the ocean.

  • Elias

    It isn’t April fools yet is it?

  • Hyr3m

    Poorly written and biased…

    What do you think: Is Jake Smith the new Christian Zibreg?

    On another note, I would be quite amused if N¤kia were already working on new smartphones to be released as soon as their agreement with Micro$oft allows them to do so. With two good years and no pressure… I can’t wait to see what they come up with 😀

    • Vitaliy Anonymous

      Dang. Haven’t been on this website for a long time and I see someone dissing Christian Zibreg. He was what initially pushed me to stop reading the articles here. He shamelessly disses competition even when they came out with something that is legitimate.

      • Hyr3m

        Sad thing is he’s not the only one doing this. Case in point: this blog entry. (I wouldn’t call them articles…)

  • sosarozay300

    wow yeah they copied it 100% but i think its a pretty good deal for the price, id buy one

  • Benjamin J Schwartz

    Perhaps I’m just confused. I can’t understand how Nokia can sell its hardware business, and yet still have a hardware business, either now or in 2016. Clearly, 2016 doesn’t really matter because they are releasing hardware (this tablet), yet they have no hardware division.

  • ClaudieX X

    Hope that the N1 have success… but I think that Nokia momentum is over

  • Ian Leon

    In terms of getting sued by Apple so hard their head will spin. Yeah Nokia is the next Samsung

  • Jonathan

    Suing in 3…2…1…

  • TechLove

    This proves that apple is the inspiration of other companies! And this is the achievement only handful of companies could get!
    -Nexus 9= iPad Ripoff.
    -Nokia N1= iPad Ripoff.
    -Material design= iOS7/8 Ripoff.
    -Google Player= Apple TV Ripoff.

    -Most of the recent things in tech= Apple Ripoff!
    But sadly though, 90% of people think that apple sucks and is the worst company in the world…

  • Ryan Bartsch

    they will be sued so fast there head will spin, just like that new Lenovo phone thats coming out, looks the same as an iphone 6

  • leart

    Now they should use a fruit logo in the back and everything should be fine

  • Slifur

    Wait til you see the xiaomi mi pad.

  • A clone that’s:

    – 4% lighter
    – 9% thinner
    – Equipped with louder speakers
    – Equipped with 100% more RAM
    – Equipped with 60% higher res back camera
    – Equipped with 316% higher res front camera
    – Equipped with significantly faster 802.11 AC WiFi
    – Significantly cheaper

    Goes to show how Apple is deliberately being greedy bastards milking sheeples to the last drop…but that’s no news.

  • Bob

    Meh, we got another Samsung wannabe’ here guys.

  • Ethan Humphrey