WOTW Mountain Splash

Some of the most downloaded Wallpapers of the Week are still photography. Compile that will one of our top preferred genres, mountains. Finally, readers have loved the galaxy images as well. Today, we are going to receive all three and there are iPad versions of each. Step inside for a cross between several reader favorites. The images included are featured for iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Retina. Of course, they are backwards compatible to any smaller iOS device screen sizes.

Mountain wallpapers


Download: iPad; iPhone 6 Plus


Download: iPad; iPhone 6 Plus


Download: iPad; iPhone 6 Plus

coming round the mountain.

Download: iPad; iPhone 6 Plus

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  • Stijn

    hmm the second and last one are quite nice. the other are to dark IMO

    • BoardDWorld

      Dark wallpapers save battery power…

      • mahe

        if it’s an OLED display, which isn’t the case on i*

      • BoardDWorld

        Yes, you’re right, the backlight remains the same. I wasn’t thinking…

  • GuyWithTheThings

    For iPhone 6:

    • NP92

      Bad quality:)

  • TechLove

    Hey guys! Since android lollipop is just a ripoff of iOS 7 design philosophies, the material design wallpapers match perfectly with our iOS devices!

    • TechLove

      Sorry for the duplicates!

    • DeathSlashsr

      Do you have the original wallpaper?

      • TechLove

        Here! There are total 141 of them! πŸ˜€
        Just remove the brackets!

    • johny123

      You dumb apple fanboy, if you had a brain, you’d realize apple copy’s most of it’s features from android. Obviously retards on this site will upvote you. Suck a c0ck j@ckass.

      • Maximβˆ‘

        no hes right “material design” brings everything iOS has had for years. Eg adaptive status bar, transition animations, lighter colors, unified app design language etc..

        Seems like your the one missing the brain

      • Gleesh

        I’m a iPhone user but I agree with johny123 so shut the hell up!

      • lol, somebody who doesn’t agree with you has to shut up?…

      • Gleesh

        Yeah so shut ur fckin trap

      • johny123

        Sure I am. By the way, your avatar pic looks like you’re taking a $hit.

      • Zzz… not again. Just look at Android before it came out (when Google bought it! – yes, they bought it!) and what it looked like… LOL…

      • Cody

        Woah, hang in there buddy! There is really no need for that language. I understand your ideology and what you mean. Apple of course copied most things from Android/Jailbreak tweaks, like how Boeing and Airbus copy technology to make cheaper and more fuel efficient airplanes. One announces a new airplane and the other company does as well. Is a cat and mouse game, really. Why Apple decided to launch a 4.7 inch phone was because Samsung, HTC and others are being very aggressive with those sizes and they are selling like crazy, and of course, Apple devices, specially iPhone are SUPER outdated in terms of specs but it’s Apple’s way of making you buy a new phone every year or two. Again- aggressive marketing. Apple isn’t original at all anymore. And iOS looks childish, also the iPhone 6 looks like an iPod Touch. Other than that, still good phone, but again, outdated.

      • TechLove

        gSheep. ☺️

      • Rodney Coleman

        Johnny your stupid. Android has those features sure. But at what cost??? Battery drain!!! On any android. iOS ans windows perfected it. Sure it’s late but android is still running android 2.0 but with more animations.

      • TeChNoStyLeZ

        LOL, the 4s,5,5s had terrible battery life and they didnt even have the features android has. Of course there are android phones with crapy battery life but there are also devices with awesome battery life.

    • TeChNoStyLeZ

      How dumb can you be to think that android took something of this toyworld faggot made OS. iOS keeps adding features from cydia tweaks that android has been having for years. Ex ? iOS 8 did it again, it brought custom keyboards, android already had it.

  • Guest

    OSX Lion

  • August Ebbesen

    Support for all operating systems, not only OS X Lion

    • Brian May

      Oh, and one more thing…

  • Senze

    Is the 1st & 3rd pics real? What is that in the 1st pic. Clouds? That looks amazing.

  • David Gitman


    • Julio M.

      Love that Evo X! Thanks πŸ˜€

  • Noah

    Yes, thank you for these Jim. I love them!

  • Jonathan Amaral

    i may have posted a couple of these before but for those that missed..

  • Amit Soni


  • Cody

    Oh well. Better than flowers for sure.

  • jack

    dafuq no iPhone6 love??

    • Cody

      Nah bruh

  • ghenoway

    OS X

  • Nick Jones

    if anyone wants full pic just ask πŸ™‚

  • Nick Jones

    need cropping to your taste

  • Andrew Roth

    “Compile that will one of our top preferred genres, mountains.”

    Should be with not will.

  • NP92

    Nice, the last πŸ™‚

    And here is mine:)

  • hkgsulphate

    I jiz*ed in pants…

  • Mitra Singh

    way better than flowers

  • Leon


  • Guest

    What I’m using

  • Leon


  • Giorgos Yfantopoulos

    Here’s my iOS 8 setup.

  • Rodney Coleman

    This is nice!!! Perfect feel when your using the iPhone.

  • BoardDWorld

    Aeternum with logical organisation that even my 4 year old understands (without guidance). The smallest outer icons are hints to the clusters related to the same type of app. Literally 1 swipe to any app I want.

    Status bar autohide using Wink.

  • ghenoway

    for OS X

  • ghenoway

    for OS X Yosemite

    • BoardDWorld

      That’s a nice field, where’s that?

      • TeChNoStyLeZ

        on a mountain

      • BoardDWorld

        That’s a smart way of saying I don’t know…

  • andy

    Hey i need some help.
    This isn’t related to this topic at all, i just bought my mates iphone 4 today, im running optus yes. I started receiving many msg’s from my mates and all. I have a problem, i wanna save money but how do i switch to imessage when im at home messaging people???
    Please provide some tips, steps, make it very clear as possible and simple, thanks for all your help!!!! :).

    • Floris-Jan Willemsen

      Hi Andy,
      Go into the Settings. Scroll down to iMessage, tap on it and select “enable” (or something like that). It’ll now ask you for your Apple-ID. Just log in and complete the enabling-process. From now on, you can sent free messages to anyone with an Apple ID and iMessage enabled.
      Goodbye from Holland

  • Guest

  • Ninos E Dinkha

    What about iPhone 5 ones?

  • Ethan

    Wallax is a great cropping tool for iPad and iPhone. I use it to make matching backgrounds for my tablet and Mac!

  • richv77

    Hello. Could someone please tell me where I can find this wallpaper for my iPhone 6.



  • Kazuto

    Wonderful ^^