Several well-loved tweaks from the jailbreak community have been receiving their iOS 8 updates over the past several weeks, the latest of which being Apex 2. This popular tweak by A3Tweaks allows users to create app stacks, which work similarly to folders and can be used to group similar apps in an attractive bundle.

Apex 2 is a great way to eliminate folders on the Home screen and replace them with stacks of up to five total apps. Check out Jeff’s review of Apex 2 for a look at the features of Apex 2.

There aren’t any new features added to the latest update that weren’t included in the iOS 7 version, and the update is free for previous owners of Apex 2. If you have yet to purchase this tweak, our comprehensive article covering Apex 2 is sure to win you over, as the tweak packs some highly polished functionality.

It’s worth noting that the update provides compatibility with iOS 8.1 only, and excludes devices running iOS 8.0.x. It is, however, compatible with all devices running iOS 8.1, including iPad.

Apex 2 is available for $2.99 in Cydia’s BigBoss repo, a purchase that includes all past versions of Apex, from iOS 6 through iOS 8.1.

  • Jad Boukai

    Yay! Jeff again!

    OT: I’m happy for this tweak

    • Diego Milano

      That isn’t a new video, for the record.

  • Manor

    Any ETA for auxo?

    • Diego Milano

      No, but they are working on it.

  • Buzz { Light:Year; }

    I read auxo. Then I face palmed.

  • Kaka Karakan

    Hey guys 🙂
    Just wanted to ask about if anyone else have the issue issue like me? When watching a video in safari and I put the phone in landscape mode the video lags for 1-2 seconds, am jailbroken with a iphone 6 ios 8.1, I have searched Google but nothing comes up, hope someone have a fix for this, please help!

    • Buzz { Light:Year; }

      Yes I get that too I don’t know why for some reason

      • iNeedANameHere

        Mine pushes the video off screen for 1-2 seconds showing only the top corner of the video. It readjust and goes full screen after that.

      • Okitavio

        Yeah, I hate that! It’s an iOS 8 issue since I’m not jailbroken. Plus some apps won’t go landscape at all anymore, that’s worse

  • Diego Milano

    This tweak is my favorite however it still needs to be fixed as several people are experiencing a Safe Mode loop so I would suggest you stay away from now until a permanent fix is delivered.
    Also, I am happy to see a new voice contributing to the iDB team- great job, Timothy!

    • El Matador

      Just happened to me on my plus. I’m sure they’ll resolve it shortly.

      • Diego Milano

        Apparently they are sending test builds to individuals who still have the issue to try out. I’m not very comfortable with this, but I’ll refrain to emit any opinion.
        Are you running an iPhone or iPod, and if so, what generation? I haven’t yet tried this on my iPhone 5s; so far the issues are on iPhone 5.

      • El Matador

        iPhone 6 Plus on 8.1 with little to no tweaks on it. I’ve been waiting for this tweak for weeks.

      • Diego Milano

        Interesting. Well, for now I will refrain. I am still happy they released an iOS 8.1-compatible version this soon! Good credit to the developer for it (amid the recurring A3tweaks trend of issues upon release).

      • Gleesh

        I’m on 7.1.2 using apex 2 just fine

      • Diego Milano

        The issue is on iOS 8.1 though; I was running Apex absolutely fine on the old version of iOS 7, but it’s recommended to upgrade to the latest while you still can [jailbreak].

      • Diego Milano

        Apex has been fixed on iOS8.

      • Diego Milano

        Apex has been fixed for iOS8, so feel free to grab it. 😉

  • Marcus

    I think everyone is going to be overjoyed when we see a headline titled “Auxo updated for iOS 8” or “WinterBoard updated for iOS 8.”

    • FYI Winterboard works on iOS 8 or is there some functionality still missing?

      • Marcus

        There hasn’t been an official update pushed to Cydia for it yet. I’ve talked to some people I know and they have all said it partly works, but none of them have gone into detail. I’m going to wait until Saurik says that he has made an official update.

      • Tim

        I have been using winterboard since day 1. All my visual themes work. It works flawlessly, try it and see

      • iPodDroid

        Not for me it isn’t

      • Chris

        Winterboard needs an update to integrate with some newer features within iOS 8, saurik has said that once he’s happy with Cydia Substrate he will push out an update.

    • Nesly Lacroix

      I am currently using Tage. I am afraid I will not go back to Auxo once it’s updated..

    • Diego Milano

      I like the Quick Switcher of Auxo, the rest is overrated and I never used.

  • El Matador

    and MY jailbreak is complete.

  • thaSa1nt

    Apex is so buggy right now it’s ridiculous! The “fix” they pushed last night makes it even worse. They never fixed the bugs on iOS 7. I wouldn’t hold my breath (see: purchase) that the iOS 8 version will be any better.

    • Paul Meneshian

      yea i love this tweak but it doesnt play nice when you resize your icons via Springtimizer

    • Diego Milano

      I cannot even make it work on iOS 8.1 as it is- it keeps taking my device to Safe Mode. The developer said the latest version fixed the issue for “some” but not for all; I think there is some confusion as to what was “fixed” for “some” users, as I haven’t seen anyone acknowledging the safe mode issue was solved, rather the layout of the icons after respringing.
      What device are you running?

  • Hmm now I really do have a dilemma on my hands. To stick with Aeternum or put my home screen back like it was before and use Apex 2…

    • Marcus

      You might as well keep Aeternum for a while until you get bored of it and then switch back to the classic home screen. That’s what I plan on doing and I think I’ll get bored of Aeternum in a few weeks or less.

      • Adam

        Use shake gesture to activate aeternum and keep both

  • Lordrootman

    Quick question does anyone knows tweak to delete iTunes sync pictures on iOS 8.1

    • coLin


      • Lordrootman

        I don’t no more about ifile but thanks anyway

  • Chocolatewe

    ETA for bitesms?

    • Chris

      BiteSMS might not be out for a while, their lead developer resigned last week.

      • Chocolatewe


  • john diaz

    Convenient and time saving.

  • Abdullah Safdar

    I downloaded it but is crashes my springboard right after the tweak requires respring after installation…. Please help!

    • Chris

      Reboot your iPhone by holding the power and home button for a few seconds then hold the volume up button until the lock screen, this boots into substrate safe mode which doesn’t load any tweaks.

      • Abdullah Safdar

        Yeah. It crashes and brings me to safe mode… As you mentioned, what should I do next?
        Thanks for replying!

      • Diego Milano

        Uninstall Apex and wait for a fix. Email the developers as they have acknowledged there is a bug and they are “trying” to fix it.
        Out of curiosity, what device are you running?

      • Abdullah Safdar


      • Diego Milano

        This should be fixed by now.

      • Abdullah Safdar

        Yes it is . Im using it! 🙂

  • gama joshi

    gama joshi

  • diggitydang

    Sorry that this question doesn’t go with this article but is anyone having problems with f.lux not coming on automatically, always being on or coming on at different times? Also, Activator is killing Reachabikity for me and I wanted to make sure that I’m not the only one. I don’t hear much talk about either of the above issues so thought I’d pose the question myself. Thanks guys!

    • diggitydang

      Looks like Actorator is playing nice with Reachability today after reinstalling it yesterday. Maybe it has been updated recently?

  • iTw3aks

    Awesome news!

  • Eric Young

    I’m not having any luck with this on a 6+. Constantly resprings. Even uninstalled all my other springboard tweaks (springtomize, etc.)

    anyone else having issues on 6+ devices? Running 8.1.1