Cydia iPhone 6

With the release of the Pangu jailbreak for both Windows and Mac users, developers have been busy updating their tweaks for iOS 8 and iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, but also releasing new tweaks featuring new features.

Admittedly, we haven’t been on top of our game covering all these new updates and releases. The sheer volume of these tweaks makes it very hard to have a proper look at everything that us being pushed to Cydia, but we don’t want you to be left out either, so we’ve compiled a list of tweaks that were recently released or updated.

There are probably some tweaks missing, because again, it’s really hard to keep track of everything that makes its way to Cydia, but that should give you a good starting point if you’re looking for tweaks to add to your arsenal.

New tweaks recently released

betterFiveIconDock – Add a fifth icon to your dock (free)

DoubleCheck – Add your messages’s recipient’s name in the text placeholder (free)

CCQuick Pro for iOS8 – Customize Control Center and add several Status Bar gestures ($2.99)

HideMe8 – Hide a multitude of UI elements ($2.00)

LocationFaker8 – Easily fake your location ($2.99)

LockGlyph – Add Apple Pay animation to the Lock screen (free)

Nested Folders (iOS 8) – Put folders inside folders (free)

SafariRefresh – Add a pull to refresh gesture to Safari (free)

Slide2Kill8 – Slide down in the switcher to kill all running applications (free)

User Agent Changer – Change your browser’s User Agent (free)

VolumeNotifier – Makes a sound every time you increase/decrease the volume (free)

WhatsApp Read Receipt Disabler– Disable read receipt in WhatsApp (free)

Tweaks recently updated

AdBlocker 2 – Blocks add from appearing in web browsers ($2.19)

AppLocker – Lock apps, folders, and more ($0.99)

CCNowPlaying – Quickly tweet your currently playing song info from Control Center (free)

Eclipse 2 – Add night mode system-wide ($0.99)

exKey – Add another row of keys to the stock keyboard ($0.99)

f.lux – Changes the screen color temperature to match ambient lighting (free)

Flex 2 – an app that allows you to create your own tweaks ($3.99)

FlipControlCenter – Add customizable switches to Control Center (free)

handyDialer – enhances the iPhone dialer by adding a search function ($3.99)

iScheduler – A powerful automation tool for iPhone ($7.99)

LastApp – Quickly and easily return to the last used application (free)

LSWeather – Replace the Slide to Unlock text with weather info ($1.99)

NCFold – Show or hide the content of notification groups in Notification Center ($1.00)

NCSingleTapClear – Tap the “x” button in Notification Center to clear all notifications (free)

Portrait Lock – Automatically locks screen rotation in selected apps (free)

QuickActivator – Add customizable shortcuts and toggles to the Quick Launch and App Shortcuts in Control Center to trigger any Activator action ($0.99)

Springtomize 3 – customize various aspect of your Lock and Home screens ($2.99)

Tage – a very worthy Zephyr replacement ($1.99)

As always, feel free to discuss your favorite new or updated tweaks in the comment section.

  • klumsytone

    Jailbroken iPad with Restrictions turned on freezes on reboot.

    • Marcus

      If you didn’t brick the iPad just repeat the entire jailbreak process with restrictions turned off.

      • klumsytone

        Rebooted into safe mode and turned off Restrictions. Boots up normal.

      • klumsytone

        Looks like the Jailbreak and Restrictions don’t mix. Might be something the Pangu team could look into.

  • Alberto Espinal

    Is there a way to access control center with TAGE enable?

    • Hani Akil

      Yeah put switcher to left and remove entire page

      • Alberto Espinal

        Hani I didn’t quite get you, can you be more specific? And thanks for responding

      • Hani Akil

        In tage there are options to set how to activate the switcher. You either put swipe from entire page or the left side of the screen. When you set it to the left side you could use the control center by swiping from mid

      • Alberto Espinal

        Got you, thanks

  • Isaac

    Is there any way to enable native tethering on iOS 8?

    • Josh H

      yeah with the mywi app or my personal favorite tetherme

      • Isaac

        TetherMe is compatible with iOS8?

      • Wolfer

        Yes..tetherme 8…

  • notewar

    anyone experienced slow wifi performance on IOS8.1?

    • Chris

      Nope, nice and fast for me on 5GHz

  • port87

    typo for lastapp, “quickly”

  • Baber Hanif

    Virtual home. iPhone 5s iOS 8.1 Touch sensor Not work wen screen black

  • Abdullah Safdar

    Please someone help im receiving this error while jailbreaking..

    • bigbird

      is find my iPhone turned off? and do u have a passcode on it ?

      • Toon

        do you have a clean install? no OTA or you have this error

      • Abdullah Safdar

        Yes. I donot have OTA, i have restored and installed ios 8 from itunes about a month ago..

      • Abdullah Safdar

        Yes. My fing my iphone is turned off and also my ipad is in airplane mode… Does airplane mode require wifi to be turned off for jailbreak or not?


      • Marcus

        Make sure ur passcode is off and log out of iCloud. That’s what I had to do

      • Abdullah Safdar

        Thanks for replying! Please guide me through the process that you did, help please!!


      • Marcus

        Also when I did mine I had it restored. Then after the jailbreak put the backup on

      • Abdullah Safdar

        Thanks. Success :p

      • Abdullah Safdar

        Thanks for quick replying! Please guide me through the whole process that you had done … please!
        I would be greatly thankful!

  • Zeyad Kambouris

    Here below are some of my best tweaks that used to work on

    Anybody could advise me whether these tweaks are compatible
    yet with iOS 8 or any alternative ones.



    Apex 2

    Ayeris (Theme)


    CallBar for iOS 7




    Random Icon Flip

    Solstice alt Wi-Fi dots


    Thanks a lot inadvance

    • Chris

      ActiveBoard – No
      Aloud – Yes
      Apex 2 – No

      Ayeris – Yes but needs to be updated as icons are missing and other features such as the dock have no effect.

      BiteSMS – No
      CallBar for iOS 7 – No
      CCLoader – No
      Copic – Works but the text alignment is incorrect in the messages app
      Forecast – Yes, triggers safe mode on the iPhone 6/6+
      Random Icon Flip – No
      Solstice Wi-Fi dots – No, may need a Winterboard update first
      Veency – No

      • Zeyad Kambouris

        Thanks a lot . I will try the working ones on my iPhone 5 and tell the results …

        Thanks Bro.

  • Zeyad Kambouris

    List of my working tweaks on iOS 8 (iPhone 5)
    BetterWiFi7 (iOS 7 & iOS 8)
    Disable Frequently Visitied Sites
    HideMe8 (iOS8)
    iCleaner Pro
    Power Tap
    Shy Page Dots
    Slide2Kill8 Lite
    Speak Notification
    Springtomize 3 (iOS7 & 8)
    WhatsApp Read Receipt Disable
    3G Unrestrictor 5 (iOS 8 & 7)

  • Paul Reich

    Anyone know from whom I could request a specific tweak?

  • Marcus

    Anyone know of a tweak like gridlock (allows you to place apps anywhere on your springboard) that is compatible with iOS 8

  • Marcus

    Great tweak for me, jellylock7. AnYone know when the update will be released. Also if u have jelly lock u would know that annoying little bounce you get when you slide the circle. If u wanna get rid of it get f*ck that bounce.

  • Marcus

    One tweak I miss showing off. Graviboard ;(

  • Robson Jr S

    Where’s display out ?

  • Flid

    StatusHUD 2 & PowerBanners are the last few tweaks I am waiting for…
    Depending on your usage, I prefer slideback to LastApp (both working on IOS8).

    • Chris Akers

      status hud you have to get from biteyourapple or it doesn’t work on any ios without an imediate respring while trying to use it

  • Luis Perez

    when is asphaleia going to be compatible with ios 8? I was able to install it but I cant set any settings so I cant codeblock any app :/

    • Chris

      A3 Tweaks have yet to update any of their tweaks.

  • GadgetQueenn

    This document lists the compatibility status of hundreds of jailbreak tweaks/apps for the iOS 8 jailbreak.

    https ://docs.zoho. com/sheet/published. do?rid=z1v909ff833ece6824400b4d4095ac3a277ac

  • Andrieux Querido

    For me the best Tweaks are Asphaleia, Itouchsecure, Multiiconmover, Springtomize, Flex2, FbNoMessenger, Flipcontrolcenter, Icleaner Pro, Instashancer, ManualCorrect Pro, Noslowanimations, Pandoraskips, SwipeSelection Pro, Virtual Home, wifi Passwords, Zeppelin. and others.

  • White Michael Jackson

    I still till this day why ischeduler is 7.99. There are tweak that do more and way cost less.

  • Tarun Kakumanu

    In springtomize, if I hide the icons for camera, contacts, calculator etc…they all disappear from the control center as well. Any fix around this? I just what to hide these because I already have access to them through control center…but don’t want to get rid of both. Thanks

    • Tarun Kakumanu

      Nvm found a fix. Just use flipcontrolcenter and it’s working great! 🙂

  • Elxlr

    Can someone tell me any tweak having the same capability as “kbshortcuts” that works on iOS 8…?

  • Rigs101

    Is there an alternative to listlauncher?


    Missing already:(……. StatusPeek, bars, SpeedIntensifier, Preference Organizer 2, AltKeyboard 2, Slidecut, Cybernetic, Notifymeagain, StatusVol, SmartTap, BackgroundManager, InfinityTask, AccountChangerTS, AsktoCall, Sleipnizer for Safari, RestoreTab for Safari, SafariTabCount, Appsync… etc

    Hope these tweaks get updated soon…..

  • Marcus

    Anyone know how to use appdye or any other tweak to change the dock color on the springboard.

  • Abdullah Safdar

    Can anyone tell me if appsync is updated for ios 8. If yes, where can i get it from?

    • Marcus

      Yes it is. Also get appcake to download the apps. Got both from hack your iPhone

  • ifan

    Did anyone try User Agent Changer or Tage yet?

    • Chris

      Both User Agent Changer and Tage have full support for iOS 8.

  • Melma

    Its working ,Thank you for your Help.

  • NeftyCorrea

    When will auki be updatedb

  • Alexis Estrada

    Hello! I am trying to figure out why isn’t the app store not displaying app images!!! Ever since Ios8.1 it’s been like that. I have restore my device and the problems is still there. HELP ME:(

  • Dante

    am looking for an app where i can download movies, is there any app that i can do this with??

    • Forrest Sims

      did you try Movie Box

      • Dante

        Yeah I checked it out, but it kept freezing for me like it would freeze every 15-20 minutes sometimes less, then I would have to close the app then reopen it for it to start playing again

      • Forrest Sims

        was it movie box v3

      • Dante

        Yeah it was it, have been using it today and it hasn’t froze so far so am wondering wether it’s my internet

      • Dante

        Well it said 3.1 now does that makes any different

      • Forrest Sims

        that’s the correct one

      • Dante

        Thank you, now I am looking for something where I can have pictures in my iMessage convo like on the iPad ? Any suggestions

      • Forrest Sims

        check out ConvoPics

  • Матт Реякіпѕ

    Right now only Slide2Kill8 Lite is out. I’m hoping the full version will be out soon.

  • TonyC

    Waiting for slide2kill pro. Need to have the ability to exclude apps from shutting down.

  • Marcus

    Don’t install the craked version of slide weather. It locks u out of your phone and u can’t touch the screen n then u have to restore ur phone.

  • Joan

    Does someone know when auxo 2, lockscreen launcher, rocketlauncher or dock&roll are going to get updated for ios 8?

    • Chris Akers

      auxo 3 is what you are looking for

  • Adhy Bae

    do you know tweak GridLock ? it doesn’t work on Ipad Mini 2 ios 8.1 I always got crashed when I moved my Icon to everywhere I want to put it. pls is there any tweak seems like this to move icon on springbroad ?

  • Toon

    Just installed photoalbums+ 8 and discover that its not possible to move photos just copy

  • Toon

    Tage is a great tweak

  • Kari V

    tweaks to color keyboard? help im new to cydia

    • Marcus

      Appdye. Changes color of keyboard, status bar and many more things

  • Forrest Sims

    waiting for Bitesms, ringer and tones, subtle lock and instagram sound fix to be updsted for IOS 8.1

  • Mazahir Hashim

    plz update whata app last seen time as its not working properly first it was good when we activate it only i was hiding but now whn we enable it no one can c me online but i also can’t c anyone

  • Soccy Rivas

    what repos are these on? i have a newly jailbroken ipad and can’t find some of these.