Fleksy Keyboard (Keyboard shortcusts 001)

Despite not being an avid user of third-party keyboards in iOS 8, I’m always eager to try out any new soft-keyboard that hits the App Store.

Fleksy’s recent update caught my attention by making me realize that I didn’t know everything there is about the scope and limitations of third-party keyboards under iOS 8.

For example, did you know soft-keyboards are allowed to use your typing shortcuts defined in Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts? Fleksy’s latest update has implemented just that and it works like a charm.

Fleksy Keyboard costs $0.99 in the App Store.

As can be seen below and top of post, Fleksy Keyboard has successfully changed my ‘idb’ and ‘idbc’ shortcuts to ‘iDownloadBlog’ and ‘iDownloadBlog.com’.

iOS 8 (Keyboard shortcusts 002)

Pretty neat.

I previously defined my shortcuts in Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts and iCloud keeps them synchronized across my iOS 8 devices and Macs running Yosemite.

I frequently use the ‘idbc’ shortcut to limit the scope of Google Search to our website so instead of ending my search query with ‘site:iDownloadBlog.com’ I’d just type ‘idbc’ and let iOS work its auto-expand magic.

iOS 8 (Keyboard shortcusts 001)

I just think it was really smart of Apple to let soft-keyboards access iOS 8 typing shortcuts. Speaking of which, I wish Apple allowed soft-keyboards to access QuickType’s predictive dictionary and custom terms.

Fleksy Keyboard 4.0.4 changelog

  • Introducing:
    • Brand new layout! Backspace and shift keys have been moved above the spacebar row.
    • Support for more layouts including Dvorak, QWERTZ, AZERTY, Colemak.
    • Typing shortcuts from iOS! Add shortcuts in System Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts.
  • Fixed:
    • Option to delete English (US).
    • Eliminated the double punctuation bug.
    • Labelled keyboard buttons for VoiceOver mode.
    • Additional bug fixes and stability improvements.

Fleksy Keyboard is 99 cents in the App Store.

The app rose to #1 on the App Store in 25 countries. And with two million downloads on Android, little wonder that Fleksy successfully closed a new $2 million funding round. By the way, Swype, my favorite third-party keyboard, is temporarily free until next Thursday as Apple’s latest Free App of the Week.

Speaking of keyboards, were you cognizant that third-party keyboards in iOS 8 are permitted to tap into your custom typing shortcuts?

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  • Fanboy 

    Would be helpful if Swype implemented this so I could use my emoji shortcuts on the Swype keyboard. Only reason I haven’t replaced my stock keyboard with Swype yet.

  • Aditya Rajveer

    So Truly Said,
    “I wish Apple allowed soft-keyboards to access QuickType’s predictive dictionary and users’ custom terms.”

    I’m an Individual Developer and I’m currently developing a keyboard. The Main Problem I’m facing is adding the Predictive Text. Though, I’ve already added the prediction of System Shortcuts very easily.

    I can’t find any good sources to use their Predictive Lexicon dictionary of English as well as other languages.

    If anyone points me a good source I’d be very grateful to him.

    • I don’t think you can. As far as I know every third party keyboard needs to have its own prediction engine of sorts and can’t use Apples…

      • Aditya Rajveer

        That is what’s creating a problem for me that Apple doesn’t give an API.

        I’ll have to find a database of the words myself, and having just the words won’t do it, I must have related word to each word and lots of other stuff to care about.

        And I don’t believe that every developer would be creating the database themselves for all the languages they provide.

        I hope you Understand my point.

  • RarestName

    I love using iOS shortcuts.

  • Chocolope Jailbreakush

    Just recently this update messed up my Keyboard on my jailbroken iPhone 5. I couldn’t retrieve my keyboard from anywhere nor Spotlight.

  • Tim

    SwipeSelection Pro + KeyShortcut Pro unbeatable

    • Ian Leon

      you sir have amazing taste in tweaks

    • Chris Tangler

      is swipeselection pro updated for ios 8?

      • Tim

        It works on iOS 8.1. You just have to download it from a different repo because the default bigboss repo says its incompatible.

      • Chris Tangler

        i downloaded pro from the big boss repo without any problem…working without any problem as well

      • Tim

        Yes with the new cydia now they have updated purchasing tweaks, before you couldn’t

  • Straw hat

    So far i havent seen any decent reviews on any keyboard. All of these keyboards are getting awful reviews. I’m waiting on the dev who’s making the swipeselection keyboard. Other than that i haven’t installed a single keyboard on my iPod touch 5G.

    • Aditya Rajveer

      I’m doing it, sir. Though apple doesn’t provide APIs(Hope you understand what APIs are.) for selecting text from keyboard. I have an alternative way of doing it.

      Just started working on my keyboard last week, having troubles with just predictive text. Which is BTW the only big hurdle for me.

  • Sicheng Xu

    Hah, actually I discussed this with their support team a whole afternoon via email as Fleksy released.

  • Paul

    Using nintype beta. Try it sending your mail to @jormy on twitter. Unbeatable keyboard. there’s nothing like it. Try it.

  • TheFlamingCow

    I imagine most of the other keyboards will follow suit. It’s definitely something I miss when using Swiftkey.

  • nishaan jariwala

    how can i use fleksy in my iphone4s main keyboard

  • Nishan jariwala

    i m using iphone4s and i m instal fleksy crack aap. when i select keyborad but keyboard not open plzzz halp me what sould i do

  • Arne

    Doesn’t work for me (that’s why I came to read this article).