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Apple today added the CBS News channel to the ever-expanding library of content on its Apple TV. The app was pushed OTA and automatically, so users in areas where the channel is available should notice the addition without having to update their software.

The move coincides with the launch of CBS’ new CBSN streaming news network, which is being billed as the “first live anchored news network across all leading digital platforms.” Strangely enough, CBS doesn’t mention the Apple TV in the official press release.

But it’s definitely included in the new CBS News channel. Featuring a 60-minute block of live, updated news content from 9am – 12am every weekday, the service gives viewers the full flexibility within each hour to control what they watch and when they watch it.

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Interestingly enough, unlike most Apple TV channels, I was able to watch every video I launched without having to input any kind of cable credentials. This includes the aforementioned CBSN feed, which is essentially like having access to an all-day news channel.

Additionally, CBS News offers on-demand content from a variety of other sources such as CBS affiliates, CBS Sports, Entertainment Tonight and more. Again, if you want to check it out, simply navigate to your Apple TV’s main menu and locate the CBS News icon.

  • Appletv needs a major interface overhaul! Sure they did a minor change here and there but the whole interface screams ugly and slow.

  • Pedecia

    Guys I want to purchase an apple tv and jailbreak it to use XBMC and the cool free stuff that comes with it like ice…. And 1cha…
    What device should I purchase right now? I read several blogs and got a little confused on what software version it is jail-breakable and will allow all that free content I mentioned earlier. I understood apple tv3 does not jailbreak and need to buy the tv2 but can I buy the latest one brand new or need to find a secondhand one with a specific software version? Also I am in Japan atm and will move around the world a bit… Are all apple tv the same or region coded? Can I use it everywhere in the world with a good internet connection? Thanks in advance!

  • Yeah; but will CBS simply post the Evening News Full Broadcast? You can still get it from the CBS app on an iPad then stream to the set.

  • Pedecia

    Can all ATV2 be software downgraded? I bought one and is arriving tomorrow but dont know what software will have loaded. Anyone???