MusiXmatch isn’t a new application by any means, although I must admit I had never heard of it until this past week when I read about it on French blog iGen. The app has been around for quite some time but it was recently updated to bring its lyrics engine to Notification Center, where it displays the lyrics of your currently playing songs so you can sing along or just try to finally understand what the heck this song is all about once for all.

Assuming you have an internet connection, musiXmatch allows you to have direct access to the exact lyrics that are being sung in virtually any song in your library. This works from the musiXmatch app, or from its Notification Center widget. 

Some of you are probably already rushing to the comments to argue that this isn’t new, and you’re right, but I’m still hoping you’ll resist the urge to do that because it doesn’t really matter whether this is new or not. What matters is that the app works great at what it does.

I was able to successfully be served the lyrics of pretty much everything I played, from Bad Religion to the more popular Imagine Dragons. Only more obscure bands like Asian Dub Foundation or STRFKR wouldn’t return any lyrics.

What’s great about this is that you don’t necessarily need to use the musiXmatch app at all. Just add its widget to the Today tab of Notification Center, and start playing your songs from the Music app. The lyrics will show up right in Notification Center and the words will appear as they are sung in the song, kinda like karaoke. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with music streaming apps such as Spotify.

Speaking of karaoke, the app has a “sing along” mode where you can turn down the vocals volume and sing over the music track. I actually found myself spending more time than I would have thought just singing along some of my favorite tunes.

MusiXmatch does much more than what I just mentioned here but the Notification Center widget is by far my favorite feature of this app. If you want to give it a try, you can download musiXmatch in the App Store for free.

  • Logan

    It will show the lyrics for a split second and then say “unable to load”.

  • Tim

    Although iOS widgets are not on par with android, they are pretty cool and useful

    • R4

      they arent on par with android? more major apps have iOS widgets than android widgets already. iOS widgets look similar to the rest of the OS. Hows are android widgets better?

      • Tim

        The way they are implemented, on android you can have 10 or more widgets on one screen, swipe to the next screen and it’s 10 more. On iOS you will be scrolling the notification centre for days man. It’s only practical if you have a few

      • Both have their flaws. Personally I believe widgets could be useful, but are not, they take up just way to much screen space. And that’s just one reason they suck. Not to mention on iOS there’s 0 options for widgets.. You get whatever the app dev thought be good. Not taking into account not everyone wants to have all they have to offer in a widget, maybe just one part. Odd example: Countdown, but has a button to add a new counter taking up more space than the text of the countdown.. The Evernote one is alright but takes up way too much space, that thing has an extreme amount of padding (seems to be defined by Apple though) (and doesn’t center on my 5s..) I can rant for days about these widgets.

        Apple should have implented Pro Widget like functionality. The extensions system is a step towards that though, at least we have that.

  • Andy

    no spotify? no point then.

    • HouserM.D

      i cant wait til flex 2 works again, cant wait to crack 1.9.0 again

      • Walter White

        flex 2 works for me

  • Thomas Hopkins


  • Nick

    Killer BR track!

  • sriram varadarajulu

    if only the default music player had a UI like this app provides then it would be totally awesome!!

  • Guest

    Cool! I hadn’t heard of it before either. I was worried it would only work for English music,

  • MacGuru17

    Cool! I hadn’t heard of it before either. I was worried it would only work for English-language music, but it even works with Icelandic!

  • Walter White

    Cool app.Works really well

  • SpiXel

    Well, I don’t know but does it support offline lyrics too ? I’m like a music lover and about all my 120 Gb iphone music library has their lyrics already synced via itunes. I just want a widget to show those lyrics for me in notification center, musiXmatch needs an internet connection right ? It’s not well suited for car or on the road when I mostly checkout song lyrics …