Netflix Trailers

Netflix is a wonderful entertainment resource. It’s always good for an obscure move that you’ve never heard of. I highly recommend Funky Monkey.

But one of the most baffling things about Netflix is the lack of trailers and previews. Instead, you have to exit the Netflix app, fire up YouTube, watch your trailer, and then head back to the Netflix app with decision in hand. Yeah, that makes no sense.

Fortunately, jailbreakers no longer have to deal with that nonsense. Netflix++ is a new jailbreak tweak that integrates YouTube trailers directly into the Netflix app. That means that people like our very own Cody can watch a snippet of Justin Bieber’s movie before sitting down to enjoy it. Have a look inside for the video details…

Once you install Netflix++ there are no options to configure. You’ll obviously need to be subscribe to Netflix so that you can log in to the app, but that’s about it. Once you open the app, you’ll see YouTube trailers neatly nestled between the movie information and the recommendations.

If you’re a Netflix user, then Netflix++ is sort of a no-brainer. It brings some definite real-world value to the Netflix experience and can be had absolutely free of charge on Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

What do you think? Are you sold on it?

  • moksh trehan

    nope.That is why we have google

    • CS

      You would rather open up a different app, pull up Google, and search the movie name?

  • Chris

    Tried and tested it, works perfectly, it offers that simple convenience of been able to watch the trailer without needing to leave the app.

  • David Gitman

    pretty good

  • NP92

    Everytime Open browser, Google, youtube. Moksh, u do that. This is great fast and something should be in Netflix normally.

    Wish they soon comes with a tweak that downloads the movies easy and fast, not rec, but download.

  • mlee19841

    Wow. Very convenient. Thanks.

  • Richard Gomez

    I prefer MovieBox has every show and updates on a daily basis and it has tons of movies even recent ones and some movies that leak before relese date plus the quality is great

    • Chris Buck

      is MovieBox a tweak and if so, what repo to get it from?

  • jack

    more like Netflix–

  • InfinitePlusOne

    Is it safe? Just downloaded it

    • Richard Gomez

      Ysea its safe i have had it for a long tim on my ipad and no problems and i have that jailbroken too

  • Abinash Shaw

    Cody & Justin Bieber movies made me crack up!

  • Chris Buck


    • Richard Gomez

      Enjoy it

      • Victor

        Thanks bro

  • Mr.DnQ

    PANGU updated their package in cydia. Version 0.3
    Fixes errors on 32 bit devices , 4S, 5 Ipod.

  • Very nice! I’d definitely want such feature if I were still using Netflix…It’s really cool what you can do with jailbreak on iDevices, I couldn’t even accomplish this in the Netflix app on my Surface Pro.

    • Is there not an add on or extension for Chrome or whatever browser you use? I’ve not looked but there’s probably tons of browser extensions and Addons for Netflix…

      • Hmm, that’s one way of going about it. I was only looking at the local app aspect…my bad.

      • Just out of curiosity is there actually any reason to use the Netflix app on Windows as opposed to a browser? I was under the impression that the only reason it exists is for the Windows RT tablets…

      • My reason for using the app was so that I could scroll through those movie collections using just my finger when in tablet form. In the web browser, I would require my digitizer pen (which isn’t really a big deal) in order to hover over the rows of movies/tv shows and make the arrows appear for scrolling through them. So, a little more convenience won’t hurt, but not a necessity…

        In the case of the Windows RT tablets, it would be a necessity if they don’t have a digitizer pen input.

      • A lot of apps unnecessarily exist like that for Windows tablet mode..

      • True that. Most apps are a necessity on other tablet platforms due to their lack of full-fledged web browser. On the Windows side, just pin the website of such apps to your start-screen and you have an app…

  • ✯Mike✯

    Jeff, can we get an iOS 8 Compatible Tweaks list? Thanks!

  • Slacker

    One word: NO

  • n0ahcruz3

    Popcorn time