Cydia 1.1.15 bug fixes

For those of you who were excited about the landscape mode in Cydia, I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that landscape mode works gloriously on iPads and the iPhone 6 Plus. The bad news is that landscape mode has been removed from all other devices.

Landscape inclusion in unsupported devices was apparently a bug, not a feature, and Saurik has fixed it accordingly with Cydia Installer 1.1.15. But that’s not all the latest installer fixes, check inside for the full change log.

Cydia 1.1.15 change log

Fix incompatibility with cache wipers (such as iCleaner) that cause Cydia to crash when you try to run it after.

Correct rotation to only on tablets to match Apple’s UI style guidelines.

Make Installed tab icon consistent.

Saurik’s comment on /r/jailbreak indicates that the landscape support on all devices outside of iPads and the iPhone 6 Plus was a mistake in the 1.1.14 build of Cydia Installer:

Cydia is not supposed to work in landscape mode on any devices other than iPads and the iPhone 6+. This was a bug :(. (What is confusing me is that the code looks like it would fail to rotate on the 6+, not succeed in rotating on everything else.)

Yes, some may deem it to be unfortunate to have lost landscape support on smaller devices, but for usability and to remain in step with Apple’s UI guidelines, it’s likely a good decision. For the record, here’s what landscape support looked like on my iPhone 5s:

Cydia Landscape iPhone 5s

What do you think? Have you updated to 1.1.15 yet?

  • David Gitman

    why did they removed it from the iphone was kinda cool

    • Chris

      It says why in the change log.

      Correct rotation to only on tablets to match Apple’s UI style guidelines.

      • David Gitman


      • sNick

        What is the point. You jailbreak to be not in Apples guidelines. 😀

      • Mr.Coolfreak

        Ya this made absolutely no sense, if you want to follow apple’s guidelines don’t jailbreak lol

      • Blip dude

        So am I the only one with an iPhone 6 who still rotates to landscape in Cydia even after the update??

      • Jorge Gonzalez

        I can also on my iPhone 5

  • Jad Boukai

    All that’s left is to be able to use Find My iPhone

    • M L

      My Find my Iphone is turned on….no issues. What issues are you having?

      • Jad Boukai

        Yes you can turn it on, however, if your phone reboots at all or dies, it will be stuck on an endless boot loop. There was a similar problem with having a passcode, but that was fixed in this version

      • M L

        Hmmmm I have it turned on. Have installed tweaks where it needs to reboot, and no issues with a boot loop.
        I have a 6plus

      • Vidro

        Mine reboots just fine as well with Find My Iphone on

      • David Gitman

        reboots fine with find my iphone

      • Mondo

        My phone also reboots just fine.

      • Nuno123

        On my iPad 3 with find my iPad on I reeboted the device and didn’t find any issues… (Cydia 1.1.14)

  • Conanap

    why is it that cydia needs to follow apple guidelines? LOL

    • Arthur Geron

      Nerd stuff

    • NekoMichi Kobayashi

      For the sake of maintaining a consistent user experience.

      • SoylentGreen

        For the sake of throwing out a baited hook. fishing for compliments outside the mythical “community”

  • mhobb

    Any eta for the mac version?

  • James G

    Still hoping for a tweak that adds the rotation of the 6+ to the 6. Not just home screen, but Messages, Settings, Mail, etc.

  • jebelius

    any one getting error 14 while restoring to iOS 8 ?

  • riazbapoo

    so what are the must have tweaks to install … besides UntetheredHeySiri??

    • NekoMichi Kobayashi

      For iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, I highly recommend ForceGoodFit, which forces unsupported/non-updated apps to run at full resolution of the new screens. It works perfectly 90% of the time.

      • riazbapoo

        thank you kind sir

  • Sachka

    This installer crashed on me, then I had empty sources… Now since I wanted to re-add the sources, can’t add them and I don’t have any more sources. great.

  • Carlos Neira

    And what if, I’m in the 1.1.14 and use I cleaner, now cydia crashes and I can upgrade to the new version 1.1.15
    Even in safe mode, someone know how to fix it

    • NekoMichi Kobayashi

      Log into root on your device via SSH, and run the following commands:

      apt-get update
      apt-get –reinstall install cydia

      • Joaquin

        What if open SSH wasnt downloaded?

      • Don Walker II

        Download through the Pangu app.

  • Pawel Nowak

    how is the battery life after jailbreak?Mine stinks 100 to 0 in less than 4 hours.Goes back to normal after deleting jail break.done it twice to the same effect.

    • Walter White

      Can you list the tweaks you’ve installed?

      • Pawel Nowak

        the first time i installed activator.second time i did not install tweaks to see how it will behave but the battery drain is the same as with the activator

  • Pawel Nowak

    no tweak at all

  • NeftyCorrea

    It’s dumb thats one of the reason I wanted to jailbreak to have landscape mode on my 6

    • Norbi Whitney

      You still can, just not in Cydia.

  • Manuel Molina

    Something off topic and curious to ask if anyone knows, why does the jailbreak come with two apps of Pangu?

    • NeftyCorrea

      The other is a 3rd party app that you can get free paid apps that are in the app store I use to use it way before pangu brought it out its called pp25 it’s useful in some situations

    • NekoMichi Kobayashi

      One of them isn’t Pangu, it’s PP Mobile Manager which is an application associated with software piracy. It’s an optional package and if you didn’t uncheck the checkbox in Pangu when jailbreaking, it gets automatically installed onto your device. You can remove it via Pangu > Manage > Remove.

      • Walter White

        Appcake works on ios 8 without appsync.

      • NekoMichi Kobayashi

        Software piracy isn’t such a good idea…

      • titi

        ᗯᕼIᑕᕼ ᖇEᑭO?

    • f96lrs

      yo forget to unheck the box on pangu

      • Manuel Molina

        I did uncheck it but it kept coming up after I jailbroke. I just deleted the app in the end.

  • ali

    i installed some apps like bridge and universal video downloader but they dont appear on my homescreen and not even in my settings app

    • NeftyCorrea


      • ali

        thank you i just planned to do that before posting this and it worked. anyways thank you for your help

      • titi

        ᖇOOYE ᑕᕼE ᗪᗩᔕTGᗩᕼI ᑎᗩᔕᗷ KᗩᖇᗪI?

  • yungcinnabun

    I can’t install any Apple Store apps anyone having this problem? They load most of the way and then stop

  • Kattman

    Who cares we have a jailbreak dammit!

  • Antonio JcRM

    I just jailbroken and I only see version 1.1.14. Do I have to wait until it reaches my phone? Also with the current 1.1.14 and the new 1.1.15 version, is it OK to toggle back on “Find my iPhone”. I know passcode and touch ID has been fixed already to avoid bootloops.

    • Chinh

      Iphone 6
      Yes mine is on and have rebooted a few times without issues.

      • Antonio JcRM

        OK, thanks, just tried it, works as advertised.

  • Hakiim Mislam

    reachability in iphone 6 is not working after jailbreak. anyone know how to fix it?

  • JV

    cydia 1.1.16 still crashing on ios 7 iphone 5,5c,5s while downloading tweaks
    some jailbreak tweaks are not working correctly on ios 7
    plz help and update cydia and cydia substrate

    • kacy

      1.1.15 or 1.1.16??? lol

      • Bugs Bunnay

        yea iono here either. cydia 1.1.17 isn’t working for me. wait what??

      • kacy

        till now it’s only cydia installer 1.1.15

  • ClaudieX X

    Now Pangu Cydia installer is v1.1.15…

  • Giovanni Belletti

    anyone know any iconoclasm or springtomize alternatives to put more columns or rows on springboard?

  • Ivan Macinas

    Is APTBackup compatible with Cydia running on iOS 8?

  • Charles Rijken

    Just installed latest springtomize 3 on jailbreaked ipad, seems to work just fine!
    Now using 8 icons on row on my dock 😉

  • Manohar Guptha

    hey guys! i tried pangu jailbreak for my ipad mini(Wifi only) . i’ve tried it many times but always stuck on boot logo with a loading bar below it. please help me

    • kacy

      put your device in DFU mode… restore it with itune…after its done…remove the passcode and re-jaibreak it again…
      update cydia installer to 1.1.15 and then set the passcode!! CHEERS

      • Manohar Guptha

        I’ve already tried it with no luck

      • Try the + volume trick bro restart

      • Manohar Guptha

        Thank you

  • GMUSIK805 .

    Im All Up to Date But Still Having safari Crash Well Reloading pages and not showing anything

  • ZeD

    Didn’t go that well for me. jailbreak went fine, I installed Cydia, updated Pangu-untether from within Cydia, the phone rebooted and all I saw was the apple logo.

    Next time I’m going to be sure not to use any passwords no matter how perfect everybody says Cydia works with passwords and touch id.

    • kacy

      true….use Androidlock XT

  • mad6man

    is anyone else having a problem with the missing icons when installing a tweak like ProTube, iCleaner or any other tweaks that adds an icon to your home screen? I restored my iPhone 5 (iOS 8.1) and still the same problem but it says it’s installed in Cydia.

    • kacy


      • mad6man

        awkward… thanks it worked haha

      • kacy

        always my pleasure

      • kacy

        try this repo..ios8 compatible tweaks…tried all working……

  • Tim

    So ere there bugs now anymore?
    Or are they all fixed now?

  • R4


  • rokemz

    cydia Substrate 0.9.5016 stuck my ipad air on apple logo !!

  • Hesam Irani

    why iPhone 4s warming up after jailbreak ios8?

  • Saulo Benigno

    I’m unable to open any photo, crashing the official pictures app.

    Any error for you guys?

    Thanks 🙂

    • VITICO

      no issues here..

      • Saulo Benigno

        So, probably one bugged tweak.

        Going to search for it.


  • Dominik Renz

    i have a problem icant update or install packages it says “Sub process/ur/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)

    please HElp 🙁


    I am big Fan of BiteSMS. Can anyone please tell me when i can expect the bitesms support for ios 8.1.

    Thanks in advance

    • crs353

      I have installed the newest build off of the beta repo and it was a no go. Phone still worked fine just didnt show up /replaces messages. I read somewhere to reinstall cydia subst and that would fix it but in my testing it did not. So now im just waiting for them to do an update to it of some sort. if it works for you please let me know what you have done.

    • Chris

      Don’t expect a release any time soon, the messages app is vastly different in iOS 8 compared to iOS 7, Martin will announce when a BETA version is available.

  • Dhruv

    How do I fix this.

  • Dhruv

    How do I fix this

    • Chris

      Change back to the default font, if it still occurs restore the default settings via Bytefont.

  • VWH

    I am having reachability issues on my 6plus. It works once after a reboot then stops. I am guessing it’s activator. Anyone else?

  • LJ Dixon

    every time i exit out of cydia, my iPhone 5c reboots in safe mode…

  • Stephen O’Neill

    anyway to turn it back up by editing .plist files with file? 😀

  • Cardell Jones

    How to fix reachability bug on iPhone 6 plus?