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ReachAll is a recently released jailbreak tweak that brings one of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus’ flagship features—Reachability—to older devices. Reachability, as you’re likely aware of, allows you to shift down the contents of the iPhone’s interface via a double-tap on the iPhone’s Touch ID sensor. For large devices like the iPhone 6, this feature was added with one-handed usage in mind.

Obviously, a smaller device like the iPhone 5s lacks the need for such a feature out of the box, but don’t tell that to jailbreak developers. ReachAll not only brings Reachability to the most likely candidate, (the iPhone 5s is the only Touch ID enabled iPhone without Reachability) but it also works, thanks to a special “Tap Box” option, on older devices like the iPhone 5.

Want to see how ReachAll functions in action? Step inside and watch the full video walkthrough.

After installing ReachAll, it should be enabled from the start. If you’re using the iPhone 5s, you’ll need to make sure that Touch ID is enabled and that you have at least one fingerprint configured.

If you’re trying to use ReachAll on a non-Touch ID device, such as the iPhone 5, you can use a feature found in the tweak’s settings to enable an on-screen “Tap Box”. It’s not the prettiest thing in the world, but it works for devices lacking Touch ID.

TapBox ReachAll

In my opinion, ReachAll is best used with the iPhone 5s, since its Touch ID sensor helps it closely emulate true Reachability. Even then, it’s not as useful as it is on larger devices like the iPhone 6 (and especially the 6 Plus). The iPhone 5s is fairly “reachable” for all but those with the smallest hands, so most will find the functionality to be generally unnecessary.

What do you think about ReachAll? Would you consider using it?

  • Elliot James

    will it work on the new iPad air 2 or mini?

    • With a name like ReachAll I assume it will work on any device its installed on.

      • Elliot James

        touché, thanks for the heads up, I’m going for it!

  • Jeep204

    The tap box is definitely not the most attractive. Would be nice if you could manually place the tap box, instead of choosing x and y-value from the settings. Cool concept although not really needed on the iPhone 5 unless you have tiny hands.

  • PA Nard

    I’d like to see the home screen landscape mode ported onto the 5S from the iPhone 6…

    • Jeep204


  • avd98

    The question is: should i jailbreak? is it stable?

    • R4

      Nope, imessage and safari are bugged. iPhone 5 gets soft bricked after a few days.

      • Buzz { Light:Year; }

        Umm that was patched already so yeah you should jailbreak

      • R4

        Oh cool.

      • I thought that was sarcasm. I’ve jailbroken my iPhone 5 since iOS 6 and I’ve never had those problem before.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    reachability on the 5s and earlier?? I guess… if you have baby hands. or an actually baby using it! lmao

    • Guest

      Screw you all and your big ass hands, MY HANDS ARE FABULOUS!

      • Bugs Bunnay

        but but but… my hands aren’t big… their normal! lol

    • RarestName


  • Buzz { Light:Year; }

    This is really handy. No pun intended.

  • romeodesigns

    This is a cool tweak, but it’s convenience at its

  • Joey_Z

    I would think this is useful before the 6 plus. Now after some finger yoga training on the 6 plus, my old 5 seems like a very small toy, my finger can now reach anything on the screen, lol.

    • I had the iPhone 4 for four years and was so used to It, when I recently upgraded to the 5S it felt huge to me (and I have pretty big hands) so this feature totally helps me out.

      • Joey_Z

        I thought my 5 was huge too :). Wait until you get used to a 6 plus, then the 5s feels more like a 4.

  • Chetan

    Just think of iPhone 4S with reachability.. I guess that will b for infants or kinder garten kids..