iPad Air 2 (drop test 001)

Every time a new Apple mobile product comes along, you can bet that prolific YouTubers will be first out of the gate with those silly, non-scientific drop test videos. As you may have guessed, the iPad Air 2 is no exception.

Courtesy of YouTuber TechRax, we now know that the latest 9.7-inch Apple tablet’s screen won’t survive being dropped on the front glass panel from approximately five feet high. Watch the video embedded right after the break.

He also dropped it on a side.

In addition to dings and scratches on the chassis stemming from the drop and ugly cracks on the front glass, the screen still works which is remarkable, really.

Not sure about you, but these drop test videos are always painful to watch.

[YouTube via iPhoneinCanada]

  • Rowan09

    Tablets in my opinion are not meant to be durable.

    • Ali

      And it bends pretty well too!

      • Martin

        Just shut up.

      • Ali

        Truth really does hurt. I am not a fanboy for either sides. I own an iPhone and iPad Mini. So calm down!

      • Cameron

        truth is that theres problem with every phone. #bendgate #gapgate. Most of them overblown. #bendgate isnt likely to happen to most people. Most people still use cases making it near impossible for a bend.

    • Guest

      That’s obviously just stupid fanboy opinion…

      • Rowan09

        What does that have to do with being a fanboy? I’ve fixed Galaxy, laptops, etc and they are not meant to deal with drops. Would you drop a laptop and expect it to be ok, no. This is just a dumb reply trying to make it seem as I’m making this is defense because of the iPad breaking. The iPad is not durable and can easily break from a fall and so is the Surface, Galaxy tab, etc. My daughter dropped my iPad 3rd gen on concrete on the sides and it’s didn’t break even though I thought it would.

  • Tyler Smith

    who buys a $600 (just taking the average) iPad and drops it on the ground…. like we all know its made of metal… we all know that its a glass screen.. of course it will shatter… stop the idevice abuse!

    • Rowan09


      • Tyler Smith
      • Saxy

        Hah not really

    • Brandon

      As long as AppleCare exists, these videos will just keep on coming. He’ll just spend the $100 or whatever it costs to replace under warranty.

      • Nuno123

        Apple Care is valid for broken screens? I believe is not… We’re paying the guy just by seeing the video!

      • Brandon

        Applecare+ includes 2 accidental damage replacements for $80-$100 , i forget how much it is. Yes, that includes completely busted devices.

    • Steve Norris

      Apparently these guys get paid by youtube for add sharing(?) for millions of views so they end up in the green….,

  • yermum

    Haven’t we gotten past the point of realization that if you drop a tablet (or any other device containing a glass display) it will most likely break, if not on the first go then on a subsequent try? I mean, this has gotten so old its not funny.

  • Zach Krase

    i flinch when i watch these vids.

  • BigVinnieG

    I don’t understand why they continue to drop them after they’ve broken the glass. Of course it is going to shatter even more and look worse. You could push on the glass after it has fractured and make it worse. I appreciate the tests but I think we all know all devices need a case and AppleCare or you risk having to replace or repair you device at your cost. (Obviously common sence)

    • Jamessmooth

      I was just thinking the same thing! Lets see a REAL drop test… buy 5 ipads, drop them 5 different ways.

    • Umut Bilgiç

      Techrax channel only on breaking and torturing consumer devices. He makes a living out of this. So it is not that he doesnt understand that it will break anyways, he knows that it will gain views

      • BigVinnieG

        I understand that. But like James said why don’t you drop test it properly. The additional drops do nothing to prove anything we don’t already know.

  • Rares

    It cracked, wow, I am shocked.

  • derkunde

    I like these videos, just don’t be sensational. I can understand being upset at all those idiots bending iphones because I’m still waiting on mine to arrive, but I don’t care what people do with what they paid for… now if people are stealing them just for this, or breaking demo units, horrible. Also, theres no need to defend apple.. they’re doing just fine.
    TLDR: my original ipads glass seems indestructible.

    • DopamineAddicted

      guarantee 100%

    • Bugs Bunnay

      I agree. the techrex guy (tech recks) does a more uncommon approach on seeing how your device will looks if say you strap a nice fire cracker on it and lighting it up to gluing a Samsung product and an apple product together to have best of both worlds to whacking a device with a thor hammer. I liked a video where he whacked a galaxy phone and the battery literally plumped up and exploded, inhaling all the goodies that’s inside the battery.

      • John Smith

        I was kind of hoping he’d get cancer from inhaling that and die, but apparently God wants us to suffer with this twerp on the planet for a bit longer. 🙁

  • John Smith

    Does anyone other than me really hate that ‘TechRax’ guy? He’s such a complete idiot, and I don’t mean because he simply breaks things for YouTube hits. He’s just genuinely a moron.

    Is there any way to block youtube channels? I don’t ever want to see his stupid videos.

    • Bugs Bunnay

      I’ve always wanted a way to filter or block specific channels too. there are channels that are just plagiarizing other channels and just showing a duplicate on the search results.

    • Dillon Sharer

      He makes $$$ off the videos so he not really a moron…

      • John Smith

        No, making money from the videos is irrelevant. He’s a moron. He has no common sense, you can tell by the way he talks about things he’s kind of stupid. There’s more to life than ‘$$$’, kid.

      • Dillon Sharer

        How is it irrelevant? He gets paid money to drop things! The more stuff he drops, the more money he can make. its simple. I don’t know what fantasy you’re living…i’m assuming your moms house but money is everything. Nothing is life is free.

  • Ali

    And it bends pretty well too!

  • Jon20

    Glass breaking upon impact with ground…. SHOCKING!!!!

    • Oh, there’s much stronger glass than that…but why would Apple need to implement such when people will buy it regardless.

  • Umut Bilgiç

    Aghh painful :ooo

  • iNeedANameHere

    I will never understand why people immediately feel the need to break things like this after buying them.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Omg u should watch the bend test lol

  • Chris Gilmore

    Where is a good comparison video of iPad air 1 and 2 on speed?

  • regkilla

    That spoiled kid TechRax always dropping new iDevices to get views on Youtube.

  • Guest

    That’s just freaking kills me. I have to wait before I can buy the same exact iPad that he’s been in the crap out of. Must be nice to have the money to buy a brand-new iPad air to Ingold and then beat the hell out of it for nothing more than YouTube video hits. But YouTube really compensates it’s top YouTube personalities. No matter how asinine they are if they’re popular enough they make some bank. They get a lot of products sent to them from big companies too. I wouldn’t doubt that YouTube sent this Chester this iPad to smash up on this video

  • That just makes me cringe. I have to wait until November or December to buy the same exact iPad air 2 that this Chester is beating the hell out of on YouTube.
    When these popular YouTube personalities get a lot of hits they start getting money and endorsements from companies and YouTube itself.
    There’s one girl here on YouTube that does reviews on all of those as seen on TV products and now all of these companies just send her a crap load of stuff to review on her channel because she gets millions of views per review.
    She makes you want to puncture your eardrums and poke your eyeballs out, but she gets the hits so YouTube and all of these companies send her money and products to endorse for them.

  • I am personally shocked that Apple made a tablet that will be broken when you drop it. I thought Apple was supposed to be king shit?

  • Hahaha, look at all the ignoramus butthurt fanboys, proudly supporting Apple’s pathetic move to making devices more fragile…typical.