Video shows iPad Air 2 being subjected to non-scientific drop test

iPad Air 2 (drop test 001)

Every time a new Apple mobile product comes along, you can bet that prolific YouTubers will be first out of the gate with those silly, non-scientific drop test videos. As you may have guessed, the iPad Air 2 is no exception.

Courtesy of YouTuber TechRax, we now know that the latest 9.7-inch Apple tablet’s screen won’t survive being dropped on the front glass panel from approximately five feet high. Watch the video embedded right after the break.

He also dropped it on a side.

In addition to dings and scratches on the chassis stemming from the drop and ugly cracks on the front glass, the screen still works which is remarkable, really.

Not sure about you, but these drop test videos are always painful to watch.

[YouTube via iPhoneinCanada]