Ahead of October 20’s public launch of iOS 8.1, Apple has released iCloud Photos to users running the iOS 8.1 beta on their devices. Qualifying accounts will be able to access iCloud Photos to view their iCloud Photo Library on the web through the beta version of iCloud.com.

Reports indicate that iCloud Photos looks and functions much like the stock Photos app on iOS, with the ability to view photos and select them to download to your computer.


Image via Amit Kalra

Users who don’t yet have iOS 8.1 installed on a device will be prompted to update upon attempting to access iCloud Photos, meaning non-developers won’t receive access until Monday.

iCloud Photos on the web is part of Apple’s plan to offer a system of synchronizing all of a user’s photos amongst all the devices connected to an account, with web access available from any internet-enabled location upon signing in to iCloud.com.

[iCloud Beta via 9to5mac]

  • Does it have any form of editing capabilities?

    • Nick

      no. you can’t evan upload photos just view and download 🙁

      • Realighsh

        And then that is where my friends we all wait for an iOS 8 jailbreak and some genius to develop and release a tweak.

  • édith Dupont

    And I’m here refreshing iDB till a i see a post about ios 8 jailbreak

    • You’ll be waiting a bit.

      • NeftyCorrea

        thats won’t be out till maybe late December depending if 8.1 patches the exploit and if it doesn’t might get it early December MONDAY we will find out an idea when it will be released

    • John

      Still refreshing Edith?

  • David Gitman

    pretty cool

  • Markus Hudobnik

    What about pics I have on my Mac, that I want on my phone?

    • John

      Sync via iTunes?
      That process hasn’t changed.

      • Markus Hudobnik

        It wants to delete all my iTunes synced photos. And I’ve read that when you plug your phone into iTunes, it won’t let you sync

      • John

        At this stage, it’s one option or the other.
        There doesn’t seem to be an ability to upload photos from the beta page of iCloud… I assume the idea is that you keep your photos/videos taken from the device rather then something you import from a digital SLR or your desktop.

      • raodysseus

        That’s incorrect, John. The new Photos app, in combination with an update to OS X (targeted for Q1), will allow exactly this. A simple Google search would have let you know that. C’mon, John. Sorry for nitpicking.

      • John

        Wrong again.
        You seem to miss the first sentence of my posts, don’t you… There’s a point of “At this stage, it’s one option to the other”

        There was no mention of anything that is happening in the future.

    • Matt Dowdy

      upload them via icloud control panel photo sync?

  • Diego Milano

    I can’t believe they’ve waited so many years till they finally realize this is a much wanted feature instead of having to plug the phone to view pictures, at least for Windows users.

  • iname

    One question. iCloud Photos will help me to save memory space? I mean, this will get me transfer all my photos from the iPhone/iPad/iPod to iCloud?

    • iname

      Let me*

  • Dan

    Once we have the ability to edit/upload I’ll consider it. Right now I’m staying on 7.1.2 and using Google drive.

    • Khalid Tahhan

      same… but i use pogo plug’s unlimited cloud storage for $50 a year mainly because it allows you to stream your content not just download them (very useful for videos and music)

  • Is there anyway to upload to an iCloud photo sharing stream from your Mac?

  • AndyDontCare

    Maybe a bit offtopic, but is it safe to use iCloud Drive yet? I was a little scared to convert to it after hearing people’s data missing in the conversion.

  • dpacemaker

    I’m not running iOS 8.1 and I logged in and my photos were there.

  • Techsticles

    I’m confused. Besides the .com and new Mac app, how is this any different than PhotoStream which didn’t count against the puny iCloud space Apple gives?

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Sometimes i get an error saying it cant download a photo. I’m like wtf! these are my damn photos.

  • FrankJL

    Not in the 8.1 beta my iphone 6 is running 8..0.2 and i am able to access photos on the web.

    Nothing major to see dont know why the fuss but i guess is nice to have?

  • parappanangadi shibu

    Photos for iCloud live now with out iOS8.1 update

  • Gary LE

    So what this icloud photos mean? Still confused. Also photo stream is coming back?…